wicked kratom review

Wicked Kratom Review – Is Wicked Kratom Legit Kratom Vendor?

Kratom is an evergreen plant from the coffee plant family (Rubiaceae spp). It is originated in Southern Asian countries around 1921and has since then spread to almost every part of the world. Due to its demand among users, many vendors have come in place seeking licenses to sell this drug. Among them is the Wicked Kratom vendor authorized to sell this herbal drug after undergoing due legalization process. If you are a beginner in Kratom or have been in this industry of Kratom consumers for a long, you might have heard about Wicked Kratom. If not worry not we will take you through these vendors, how they work and how you can easily order your Kratom from them.

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Who is Wicked Kratom?

Wicked Kratom is a store that offers Kratom in the form of capsules, powder, or liquid. These vendors also provide other products like bath bombs and tinctures. However, they have small kratom powder or capsules packs to sell online. For those who want to buy kratom in large quantities, they need to look into our list of kratom vendors that sell kratom in bulk.

People refer to this company and its stores using the name ‘’Wicked Kratom,” but in the real sense, the company has recently changed its name to Wicked Tea Company. Even after a change in a company name, the original title has remained, and it has become more challenging to adapt to the new name. Regardless of the name change, the company has continued to serve its customers diligently and with honesty a factor that has made them stay relevant in the Kratom business industry.

The products of Wicked Kratom are incredibly beneficial in boosting the overall body mood of its users. Their analgesic ability and energizing effects make them also more preferred by Kratom users. Generally, Kratom Stains gives users a soothing experience, a feeling of mental relaxation and body energy boasts.

People take Kratom either in capsule form or as Kratom tea made from Kratom powder. The method of taking however depends on the user’s taste and prevalence.

1. Strains Sold by Wicked Kratom

Wicked Kratom has different strains for their customers that provide outstanding, unique effects with a collective energy provision, soothing experience, and pain-relieving feeling. When you visit the Wicked Kratom website, you will have a chance to make an order to the following stains this vendor offer to customers.

  1. Green Kratom
  2. Red Kratom
  3. Yellow Kratom
  4. White Kratom
  5. Mixed Kratom

a). Yellow Kratom

Yellow Kratom a product of the Kratom tree sold by Wicked Kratom has features similar to those of Red Kratom. The Red and the Yellow strains are obtained from the same plant leaves, but the Yellow stains are dried for a long time or can be fermented hence the difference. The prolonged drying and fermentation increase the euphoric effects of the Kratom strains.

Apart from the euphoric effects, yellow stains serve to give its users a strong, energetic body experience, body relaxation feeling, pain-relieving encounter, and helps in adjusting the ability of the eye focus.

Types of Yellow Stains from Wicked Kratom

Yellow Kratom strain collectively has a wide range of stains that Wicked Kratom sells to customers. They include

b). Red Kratom Strain for Wicked Kratom

Red strain Kratom is the most robust stain of all the stains. It is characterized by the euphoric effect ever among Kratom users.

Red Kratom Strains are the best for any user who needs an extreme euphoric experience. They offer perfect analgesic effects to users. Further Red Strain is ideal for those individuals looking for a combination of both relaxing feelings with energizing aroma.

Red Strain stands unique in almost all Kratom strains. This is because its leaves receive more sunlight compared to others since their leaves are found on the tallest parts of the Kratom tree.

Red Kratom types sold by Wicked Kratom

Wicked Kratom offers the following classes of Red Kratom Strains to its customers.

  • Red Vietnam
  • Red Thai
  • Red Bali
  • Red Borneo
  • Red Maeng Da
  • Red Malay
  • Red Indo
  • Red Damper
  • Red Riau
  • Red Bantuagie
  • Red Sumatra
  • Red Dragon
  • Red Gold
  • Red Horned Maeng Da

c­­). Green Kratom for Wicked Kratom

Green Kratom offered by Wicked Kratom vendors is ideal for those looking for serenity, clear mental judging, a boost of energy, and a feeling to relieve stress.

Green Kratom enhances brain stimulation by providing energy on brain cells and a euphoric experience to the body. People who therefore use Green Kratom seek to get better brainpower and a sense of concentration. However, the effect of Kratom Stains varies between individuals depending on how long one has been using the Strain and the amount used.

Green Kratom is obtained from less dried leaves of the Kratom plant found on the bottom of the tree.

Among the various types of Green Kratom Strains, we have includes

d). White Kratom for Wicked Kratom

This is yet another type of Kratom Stain sold by Wicked Kratom. Its characteristics are similar to those of the Green Kratom strain. The leaf that manufactures this Stain is located in the middle of the spectrum Kratom plant. Unlike Green Strain, White Kratom Strain receives more sunlight but is never similar to Red Stain. The sunlight effect is less intense or does it scorches the leaves directly.

White Kratom Strain gives its users a clear coup of brain energy and a relaxation feeling on body muscles. It has the ability for a strong analgesic feature making it most preferred for pain-relieving purposes through its effects vary between users. Also, the amount of Strain used and duration of use has a significant role in outcome effects.

Among the different type of White Kratom Strains sold by Wicked Kratom vendors includes:

  • White Borneo
  • White Bali
  • White Dragon
  • White Damper
  • White Maeng Da
  • White Kapuas
  • White Indo
  • White Sumatra
  • White Bantuagie
  • White horned Maeng Da
  • White Gold

e). Mixed Kratom by Wicked Kratom

Lastly among the Strains sold by the Wicked Kratom is the Mixed Kratom Strain. Surprisingly, this Strain is only sold by Wicked Kratom and not any other vendor.

Mixed Kratom contains a specific type of Kratom blends making it more special among the Wicked Kratom vendors. To maintain quality and product consistency, a standard formula is used to blends this Strain making it remain special at all times.

Ranging from veterans of Kratom users to beginners, mixed Strain is to those looking for a body energy boost, euphoric feeling, to relieve body pain and a feel for relaxation.

From first-timers to Kratom veterans, Mixed Kratom Strains are perfect for all looking for a pleasant blend of energy, euphoria, pain relief, and relaxation.

Some of the types of Mixed Kratom sold by Wicked Kratom include

  • Mixed Maeng Da
  • Hulu Kapuas Kalimantan
  • Mixed Malay/ silver

2. Pricing and Dosages According to Wicked Kratom

Wicked Kratom vendors sell their products in capsules and powder form for convenience to their customers. They also offer bulk products that require shipping to their customers. Due to their comprehensive wide range of products, it makes them top among many Kratom vendors.

Check out below to see the Wicked Kratom products menu.

We start with the Capsules

Kratom Capsule 10 pack for $7.95

This pack is best for beginners or those who need to try new Strain. It is enough for 2 or 3 servings.

Kratom Capsule 30 Packs For $19.95

This pack is ideal for 6-8 serving through Wicked Kratom split it into three packages of 10 capsules each.

Kratom Capsule 90 Pack For $50.00

This pack is ideal for those who like taking Kratom over working hours. The package is sufficient for a whole month with a serving of 17-20.

Kratom Capsule 120 Pack For $110.00

This is the highest pack among the capsule packing with the most top price tag. It offers 40-45 servings. This pack is best for those who are already addicts to Kratom.

Wicked Kratom Powder Packing available at:

Kratom powder 10g for $9.95

This powder amount is best for a beginner or those willing to try another strain different from what they have been taking. It is enough for 3 or 4 servings.

Kratom powder 30g for $25.00

Gives 7 to 10 serving where the pack is enough for those who refer few Kratom effects yet long-serving. Wicked Kratom offers its customers a chance to split this powder into three different Stains of 10g each.

Kratom powder 75g for $59.95

This packing is for 14 to 19 servings and is enough for those who like taking Kratom during the morning before the working day

Kratom powder 150g for $110.00

This pack is enough for 30 to 50 servings. Due to its large amount, Wicked Kratom spits it in halves 75g each.

Kratom powder 300g for $200.00

This provides 60 to 100 serving with Wicked Kratom offering its customers to split it in half or four times depending on your choice.

Kratom powder 1kg plus 50g for $500.00

This is classified as bulk packing, and therefore Wicked Kratom advises customers who buy this pack to spit it in seven strains each 150 g or three stains each 300g, and a further 150g as per the customers’ prevalence.

Raw Kratom Liquid Extract for $29.95

This extract is for veterans of Kratom. It is made of 10x red strain and is perfect for those looking for the extreme euphoric effect.

3. How to contact Wicked Kratom

When you want to order your Kratom Strain, you can always contact Wicked Kratom to place your order or lodge a complaint about their services. Emails are the most convenient way to reach Wicked Kratom since they check their emails almost every minute. The most convenient email address you can use to contact these vendors is wickedkr@gmail.com. Another channel you can follow to get them is using their phone number found on their website.

To get served well and fast and give room for shipping arrangements, you must place your order within working hours’ failure to that your request might delay in terms of processing.

4. Customers Review about Wicked Kratom

Customers who have had an encounter with Wicked Kratom are always happy with the kind of services they receive. If you log in on Reddit a website, where customers and vendors interact, you will notice positive reviews from customer who proves to be satisfied with Wicked Kratom product and their service. This factor makes Wicked Kratom increase its customer scale.

5. Wicked Kratom Coupon Codes

Many vendors offer coupon codes for Wicked Kratom across the world, and anyone looking for them is free to access. These vendors include

  1. Livelymood.com– This site coupons and discount codes that are later sent directly to its members.
  2. Goldofsunshine.com– This site gives Wicked Kratom customers a straight 60% off coupons to any customer who buys any Strain in bulk.
  3. Speakeasykratom.com- This site gives a chance to Wicked Kratom to register with them, and once they make an order, they receive a free Kratom bag code SPKI5G
  4. Kratommdivine.com- offers customers $5 off once they buy a bulk packing of the capsule from Wicked Kratom.
  5. Coastlinekratom.com- This site gives 8% off coupons to customers who come to buy Red Vein with Wicked Kratom.

Final Thoughts Concerning Wicked Kratom Review

The only thing that makes Wicked Kratom stand unique in the Kratom business is its ability to offer a wide range of Kratom Strain ranging from both powder and capsule. An excellent example of these strains is the capsule that is easy to take, and most of the customers prefer easy means of intake of a drug; hence the reason they go for the tablet.

The positive reviews from customers of Wicked Kratom should, therefore, encourage you to order your Kratom pack from Wicked Kratom vendors since you are guaranteed to get quality strains. So make you choose today and shop with Wicked Kratom to enjoy that strain you are looking for.