White Rabbit Kratom Review: Is It Worth It?

Recently a new drug called Kratom has come into the market attracting the attention of many drug-testing agencies across the world. People who have heard about it now call it ‘Ketum’ while others will call it ‘Kakuam.’ It is a herbal drug whose origin is Southern Asian countries and belongs to the Coffee plant family. Its scientific name is Mitragyna speciosa. With an increase in demand for this herbal drug, many suppliers have come in place. Among them is the white rabbit kratom vendor, which sells its kratom products online.

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Who is White Rabbit Kratom?

The white rabbit is a US-based vendor that started operating in 2012. They run a website that is cumbersome to work on and navigate. It is because the government of the US is yet to legalize kratom sales and their use in the whole country. White rabbit kratom, however, is registered and allowed to sell kratom in parts of the US that kratom sell is legal and other nations that have legalized its use.

Properties of White Rabbit Kratom

When you first come across the white rabbit website, you will tend to think that it is a Maeng Da site or it is a strain by it. This vendor sells a variety of kratom strains that are 100% free from chemical and other organic composites. Their kratom is specifically from Southern Asia and a specific kratom plant. That means their kratom is pure.

The white rabbit is committed to ensuring their customers are always satisfied, ready, and willing to buy from them again and again. They strictly adhere to the world drug use and control policy that prohibits the selling of drugs to people aged below eighteen years.

How Can You Order Pack From this Vendor

If you want to order your favorite kratom strains from these vendors, you can always contact them through this number +1-855-241-3200. If you are not in the position to use the contact number, you can ever visit their website to place your order.

The company office runs from Monday to Thursday from 10 up to 6EST and on Friday from 10 to 4EST. These are the most prompt times to make your order.

The mode of payment for products in this company is only through credit cards. Further, if you reside overseas, they use FedEx Company to ship the parcel within 24 hours after the transaction is complete at all customers’ destinations. The shipping process goes on from Monday to Friday.

Shipping Cost

The cost of shipping charged by the white rabbit includes a flat rate of £10 though, with orders that exceed £100, customers receive free shipping. It is, however, important to note that a white rabbit offers only £35 as the minimum package of kratom you can order online.

Products Sold by White Rabbit Kratom Vendors

1. Maeng Da Superior

This strain of kratom is widely sold by white rabbit vendors. It is available in either powder or capsule forms. The capsules are packages in numbers of 5, 10, or 25 pills. Maeng Da is a unique strain believed to be more useful for kratom users compared to almost all kratom strains. It has a strong effect; hence its users are encouraged to take it in small quantities. Some of the noticeable benefits of this strain include the following.

  • Boost memory
  • Activate an individual mood
  • Increase body energy
  • Has a long-lasting effect on the body
  • Has an instant impact on the users’ body

2. Thai Kratom

Thai Kratom has its origin in Thailand hence the name. It is among the second most selling strain with the white rabbit. This vendor sells this kind of strain in capsules only packed in either 30 or 50 pills per pack among other packages.

It is among the top-rated strains of kratom with users pointing positive reviews about it. You only need to take a few capsules of it to make you remain in an active mood for almost the whole day. Its effect is instant. Within five minutes after use, the results take the due process and last for a couple of hours. Some of the benefits you can get from this strain include

  • Body stimulation especially on lower dosages
  • Sedative effect on a higher dose
  • Prolonged sleep in case you take the high dosage
  • Improve body energy to extreme levels
  • Enhances sex libido
  • Has a slight euphoric impact on users

How This Brand Market Its Products?

Marketing is a critical engine is any business that wants to grow and withstand competition. White rabbit kratom vendors maintain their market stand by working on people’s reviews. That is the reason they have established a page that they call White Rabbit Reddit where customers interact and give their feeling about the service and the company product.

They also advertise their products through book publications. On their website, once you land there click on the menu bar, you will see something indicated as publication, click on it and you get a chance to download publications about White rabbit vendors. You will also come across uploaded YouTube videos on their website that gives tutorials about them and their services in general.


White rabbit packs their pills in different packages. An example is in 5, 10, or 25 capsules for Maeng Da superior and 30 or 50 capsules for Thai kratom in a single pack. They also pack their powder products in different grams as we are going to see here below. Though most of their packaging is in capsule form, they acknowledge that many kratom users prefer tablets to powder or liquid form kratom. It is because kratom is exceptionally bitter to take and due to this reason, people go for pills since they do not require you to chew. All you need is a glass of water to swallow them.

If you are not used to the taste of kratom, then the capsule serves you well. Pill removes the bad mouth smell and taste that come with taking powder kratom.

Also with capsules, you can easily control your dose. Chances of abuse are never a case to worry about since you can count the number of tablets to take, unlike powder where you estimate.

Kratom Capsules Prices

Thai Kratom Capsules

  1. 350 capsules package at the cost of £240.00
  2. 40 ½ capsules at £18.80
  3. 50 ½ capsules Maeng Da capsules sold at £38.00
  4. 60 ½ capsules at the cost of £26.90
  5. 30 ½ capsules sod at the cost of £30.00

Kratom Powder Prices

  1. 100 grams of Maeng Da Kratom powder packed cost £79.00
  2. 15 grams of the drug powder cost £1695
  3. 200 grams go for £140.00
  4. 25 grams of this herbal drug that is live well kratom cost £19.90
  5. 30 grams package cost £28.96
  6. 60 grams package cost £52. 00

Dosages Instructions By White Rabbit Kratom Seller

The effect of kratom in the body after an optimal dose can last for up to five hours. White rabbit, however, says that the impact you experience depends on the dosage taken. A low dosage of 1-5 capsules should be able to give you the normal body stimulation and energy effect while a high dosage of 15-20 tablets should give you euphoric and sedative effects. It is, however, essential to consider the following aspects when taking kratom.

  1. Take your kratom in a full stomach and especially during the morning hours. When you do that, it will build your energy to take you for almost the whole day in your work.
  2. Overdose may harm your body
  3. Take your kratom with intervals of 6 and 7 hours. When you follow that it will help focus on energy levels per each dose.
  4. If you are a beginner, you need to focus on starting in a small number of pills like 1 or 2 and monitor the impacts on your body progressively.

How White Rabbit Kratom Sell Their Products

Purchasing kratom in bulk is good. If you buy in bulk, it helps you avoid the chance of getting strain mixtures.

White rabbit in normal circumstances sells their kratom wholesale. Selling in this form, however, depends on the quantity the customer has ordered. They give discounts to customers shipping high bulk parcels and free shipping to cargo beyond £100. There are various reasons why you need to buy kratom wholesale from the white rabbit. These reasons include

  1. Wholesale is less expensive compared to retail and will help you save a lot of money which can contribute to other business investments.
  2. When you buy in bulk from a white rabbit, you get to enjoy the services discount in shipping or utterly free shipping.
  3. Sourcing kratom in wholesale from the white rabbit ensures you become a consistent buyer. It places you in the front line when many orders are already in place, and shipping needs immediate completion. Also, you have the chance to keep your customers who used to buy from your shop.
  4. Buying kratom in wholesale also helps you save time you would otherwise have wasted in traveling to purchase small quantities. You also have the chance to plan how your stock works in terms of input and output.

Users’ Reviews

White rabbit kratom vendors run a website where their customers can visit and make their comments concerning the products sold and the services. This website whiterabbitkratom.com is referred to as the white rabbit kratom Reddit. If you have any queries regarding the white rabbit and their kratom products you can always visit this site for clarification.

Reddish white rabbit accommodates a wide range of customers. That has caused the white rabbit to set some guidelines to customers accessing it. This guideline includes;

  • A customer should be friendly and use a high language level of respect
  • You should always be kind, humble, and generous
  • Always avoid interruptions or sharing misleading information
  • You should never do any transaction in this site like advertising yourself or your services
  • Avoid business promotions adverts in the section

Customers who buy kratom from a white rabbit have reported positive reviews on the quality of service they receive. Also regarding different strains, varying positive reviews are always the order of the day on the Reddit page. Varying reviews are because people react differently upon using kratom strains.

Do They reward their Customers?

When a customer decides to be purchasing from a specific seller of a particular product, he, or she expects quality services in return. Such expectations are what white rabbit kratom vendors are experienced in giving.

Once you make an order with them, in every dollar you spend, you earn 10 points. These points go into a customer’s account, and once they accumulate to a certain level, the customer can redeem them to get his or her favorite kratom.


In summary, the white rabbit is so far among the best vendor in kratom. They have been in this business industry for a long and know customers’ needs. If you are a kratom user, you can decide to be buying your kratom from a white rabbit from today henceforth. Their services are either online or at various shops across the USA.

From customers’ reviews, it tells you white rabbit vendors stick to their commitment to ensuring all customers are satisfied. I hope that the above information will motivate you to start looking for white rabbit kratom vendors immediately.

Shop your kratom today with the white rabbit and take a seat to enjoy.