White Dragon Kratom

White Dragon Kratom: A Comprehensive Guide

There is an increased demand for organic supplements. In fact, organic supplements are gaining popularity amongst people more than off-the-counter drugs and Kratom is one of the products that is making waves on the market. In addition, kratom is a great substitute for analgesics and other opiates. Today, our bodies are rejecting all the synthetic drugs that are in the long run are only harmful to the body.

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One of the most sort out strain type is White Dragon Kratom. This strain is one of the recent resurgence hybrids to be introduced into the market. If you are looking for a hybrid strain, then the white dragon should be your best bet.

What is White Dragon Kratom?

Well, white dragon kratom is a combination of two well-known potent strains. The two strains grow in abundance in the Southeast of Asia. The white dragon strain is a combination of:

The White Elephant Kratom and White Maeng Da when laced together produced a hybrid strain. When consumed, the hybrid strain provides increased energy which is produced by the white Maeng da and accompanied by the cool tranquility effect of the white elephant kratom. The effects of this kratom are a well-balanced effect. In fact, if you are trying to cope with anxiety or depression, then we recommend you try out the white dragon kratom.

As mentioned, the white dragon is a hybrid from White Maeng Da and White Elephant, these two strains have different effects. If you take white Maeng da, you will experience an improved energy level, thus it is a morning or afternoon dose strain. You probably will not need the energy when you are going to sleep. Some of the well-known effects of white Maeng include:

  • Euphoria
  • Enhanced mood and,
  • stimulation

White Elephant, on the other hand, offers a more relaxing sensation, while at the same time keeping the brain feeling fresh after a long day ways work. In fact, its ability to give quick and dependable results sets it apart from other strains. Some of the well-known effects of white elephant include:

  • Eased body pain
  • Elevated mood
  • Increased mental focus.

The recipes for making White dragon kratom have different soothing effects, however, all these create a perfect hybrid kratom for most users.

1. Is White Dragon the Best Hybrid Kratom?

While it might be a debatable subject, but by far, consumers who use this product rate it highly, thus it safe to conclude that is one of the best hybrid kratoms. The white dragon has excellent healing properties and does so in a more natural way. You can use the strain to tackle depression, anxiety, and other similar related issues without getting side effects associated with synthetic drugs.

Moreover, given its popularity, the strain is a bit straightforward to use. Besides, it usually works pretty fast. Once you consume it, it takes a few minutes to make you feel more relaxed. It should be taken while at home or when you need that relaxed mood. In addition, due to the bitter nature of most kratom strains, White Dragon included, you can mix the white dragon powder with smoothies, yogurt or shakes.

2. Origin of White Dragon Kratom

Being a blend of White Elephant and White Maeng Da, the two plants have their origin in the South East of Asia. In addition, the plant is abundantly grown in Indonesia and Thailand.

Now that you have a little grasp of what White Dragon kratom is, does this train have some benefits or is it just but another type of kratom to get your earned cash? And should you invest in this product? From a personal point of view, if you are looking for a hybrid strain that has the ability to give you a relaxed mood, then don’t even think twice, head off and make your order.

3. Benefits of White Dragon Kratom

1. Cognitive Support

It is without a doubt that the main merit of this kratom is cognitive support. When taken, white dragon strains have the ability to enhance your alertness. As well, it is worthy to note that it does not overstimulate your mind, but it eases it. With such, you are able to focus more, nonetheless, it can affect your retentive memory.

2. Energy and Stamina

Kratom strains are well-known for their ability to give strengths and extended stamina, and the white dragon is no exception. Additionally, if you are looking for high energy during the day, it is advisable that you take the strain in tea form in the morning hours, it will provide you with the right energy and boost your ability to stay long on your work. Aside, white strains are always known to have the most energizing effects compared to other varieties of strain.

3. White Dragon Boosts the immune system

White dragon kratom has the right and sufficient quantities of alkaloids that can help boost your immune system. Because of this, the strain can help you overcome even the most challenging health issues. The product contains ant-bacterial, ant-oxidant, and antiviral effects that are known to help with a condition such as flu. Besides, the white dragon does not affect your stomach walls as opposed to other types of kratom.

4. Sexual Stamina

If you feel you need to boost your libido, then this strain is for you. A low dosage of white dragon kratom can help you increase your sexual endurance and libido. Besides, the stimulant present in this strain will help you improve your sexual performance and drive, it will help you and your partner to take your intimacy to another level.

5. Sociability

If you are an introvert and would want to boost your self-esteem, or wants to prepare for this family meeting and feel part of it and you do not know how you can achieve this, then white dragon strain should be your mate. It will help you be more friendly and confident. Users of white dragon kratom have over time reported that once they consume it, they always have improved conversation and feeling more comfortable in social setups. Also, this effect is crucial if you want to combat depression symptoms that can lead to a negative mood, lethargy, and low motivation. Who never wants to be happy? Being active is fun and enjoyable.

6. Enhances Visual Perception

Some users of this strain have reported that they get a better visual ability when they use this product. This a great benefit to White Dragon Kratom, although we have to admit at this point that, still there is no scientific or clinical test that has supported this claim as reported by some users.

7. Moderate Pain killer

Although the white strain family is not powerful analgesic as the red strains, the concentration of endorphin released when you take a white dragon is not as significant as the one released by red strains, thus the difference in their analgesic potentials. Besides, the presence of the white elephant which is a sedative in white dragon helps promote the peace and well-being of a person. You will always benefit from a positive mind and organized thoughts that come with a feeling of a relaxed mind.

4. White Dragon Kratom Dosage

Even in low doses, the white dragon kratom will trigger a stimulatory response. On the other hand, high doses will make you benefit from painkilling and sedative effects as soon as the white elephant strain starts kicking in. If you are taking this kratom for sexual enhancement, then it is advisable you take in in low dosage between 2-4 grams per serving will always give you the desired result. For normal consumptions, you can keep the average dosage between 1 to 6 grams if you do not want to deal with over-stimulating effects.

Note: Kratom consumptions always depend on an individual’s age and body complexity, hence you need to seek approval from your medic before you embark on kratom consumption. This will always help you understand the right Kratom dosage that you should always take.

5. Side Effects of White Dragon Kratom

White Dragon Kratom does not have any profound side effects. Probably this is why people like this unique strain. In fact, the main effects of white dragon kratom include stamina, energy, and endurance.

White Dragon kratom finds favor among most users who are looking to combat fatigue and lack of focus. This hybrid blend is perfect for an extra boost that will last you the whole day, however, it is worthy to note that even if you use it, you will never feel agitated or hyperactive. The lower amount of alkaloids present in this train helps relax the muscles while at the same time reducing the sedative and painkilling power of the strain.

Nonetheless, the presence of White Maeng da in the blend contributes to counteractive depression and anxiety in the strain. Although these effects are rarely felt. Overall, the white dragon kratom results in improved physical performance and endurance combined with a productive, yet positive mindset. This makes it a perfect morning strain for those who require some good energy for the day.

Where to Buy White Dragon Kratom

While there are numerous shops online and local shops where you can get any type of strain that you are looking for, it is ordered that you carry out a search to determine the best dealers. Luckily for you, we have highlighted some of the best vendors you can trust to offer you quality strains.

1. Gaia Ethnobotanical

Gaia is probably one of the most comprehensive, yet affordable online kratom stores. Most users love the wide variety and quality of products they offer. However, it is worthy to note that if you want to make a purchase, at the moment you do not accept debit, credit or prepaid cards. If you are looking to buy the white dragon kratom, the price starts from $5.

2. Valkyrie Botanicals

This is a high-quality kratom retailer with fast shipping and excellent customer services. Currently, they do not cover shipping to all states.

3. The Herbal Cafe Organics

If you are shopping for Fair Trade products, then the Herbal Cafe is your sure match. With over 13 years of experience, they will deliver the finest herbs to their clients. Besides, you can find your energy blend starting from $19 for 30 grams.

Final Thoughts on White Dragon Kratom

From the above discussion, it is clear that a white dragon Kratom is a good option for Kratom users. If you want to boost your energy levels, sexual performance, improve your focus and performance, then you should start taking White Dragon Kratom. Although, you need to find a reliable vendor who sells quality and has a consistent supply of the strain. White Dragon Kratom is safe for human consumptions and will always give you a feeling that you never get from other types of kratom. The blend has real power and can help you crash through your day with good energy.