The Kratom Syndicate Review: Best Products, Strains, and Prices Guide

When we talk about kratom products, it’s always advisable that you consider choosing the best vendor in the market. These vendors are however available in large numbers, and therefore it’s difficult to select the best. In this article, we aim to discuss one of these vendors bringing in highlights of whether they are legit.

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We shall discuss or review the Kratom Syndicate, or the TKS, among the famous brands that are in the market. We shall present a variety of brands that they offer, as well as their customer services. The article will also look at the support they provide to their customers and what customers say about their products.

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The Kratom Syndicate

By reading through the whole text, you shall be able to tell if their products are reliable. You shall also know if they’re a legit business that is worth your money.

1. Kratom Syndicate Products

On their website, you will find plenty of kratom brands that you can consider to purchase. Each of their strains has different and unique effects. Among the favorite products that you can think of purchasing from their stores include;

a. The Kratom Syndicate Green Malay

Green Malay is one of their most popular products in the market. It’s popular from its pure natural nature and its ability to thoroughly mix with water. Also, the vendor rarely combines the product with additives to make it flavored. Its taste is however not bitter, and therefore it’s great for people who hate bitterness.

The product is ideal from its almost immediate euphoria feeling the impact on the user. You can also use it to reduce levels of anxiety. The good thing about the product is the fact that its results last for an extended period. The company, however, advises that you consider starting with a low dose and work your case up.

b. The Kratom Syndicate White Vein Products

White kratom products are recommendable for individuals who want a sudden energy boost in their bodies. However, its impacts last for a short period. White vein kratom is good for lifting your moods in the fastest way. You can use it when you feel exhausted and still have work to accomplish.

The only challenge with the white kratom strain is its bitter taste. If you don’t love bitterness, you’ll have to find an alternative. It’s also worth to note that the powder will not mix with water thoroughly. However, the results will always be perfect. If you want a quick energy boost, consider this brand as the only best idea you can take.

c. The Kratom Syndicate Red Bali

After spending a whole day at the workplace, it’s possible to experience evening pains. These pains can make you feel a lack of sleep and keep you disrupted. However, you have a reason to smile if this is part of your challenges. The kratom syndicate red Bali product has properties of relieving you off severe pains. It will work to give you the best results of all times.

The strain will calm your body in a slow and smooth style. Therefore, it gives you a feeling of relaxation and the comfort you desire. It can also be a good source of sudden energy to keep you in the mood of work. It also works at an average rate; therefore there will be no immediate effects.

It keeps you motivated throughout the day, and its results will last for an extended period. It’s one of their favorite brands and is worth your cash. If you feel tired after work, give it a try today and see what a friend can be in your life as a partner in a time of pain.

d. The Kratom Syndicate Yellow Vein Strain

Closing on the list of the successful kratom strains from this vendor is their yellow vein products. The yellow vein product is ideal for treating anxiety disorders. It’s a strain that works at an average rate and will result in significant effects. However, you have to consider making consumptions at the recommended dosage.

High intake can result in some adverse and undesirable consequences. You, therefore, have to start low and work your way up to high dosage. You can also consider it as a source of energy, and also works as a pain reliever.

e. The Kratom Syndicate Special Blends

The kratom syndicate (TKS) is one of the kratom vendors who will bother to offer unique blends to their customers. They will mix different strains to make sure they come up with a perfect mixture. They aim to maximize the effects of the kratom strains. An excellent example of their kratom product blends is the Panther.

The combination is a mixture of the green Kapuas and the red Bali kratom powder. The two working together will deliver on maximum pain-relieving properties. Also, the blend is useful in elevating your moods and boosting your body energy. They will offer a variety of other mixes that you can consider picking.

2. The Kratom Syndicate Packaging

When it comes to packing, you will always find a packet that you can afford. The smallest will weigh 57 grams which is affordable for all potential buyers. You can also consider taking the 112 grams, 224 grams or the 448 grams packets depending on your pocket potential.

The only unfortunate thing about their packaging style is the fact that they don’t pack in kilos. Therefore, if you want it in large amounts, you have to purchase several packets in grams which can feel tedious.

The good thing about their doses is the fact that they carry within them a variety of accessories. They will include in the package the measuring spoons and the milligram scales. The presence of these measuring tools is helpful in the fact that it helps users take the correct kratom dosage.

In this way, there are reduced chances of the user having an overdose unless they are ignorant. They also do include kratom gift sets, which is one way to prove their abilities to be in the market. Also, it’s a way of maintaining their customers’ loyalty.

On the packages, they do offer clear instruction guidelines to the users. The Kratom Syndicate will indicate all the positive effects and the negative results from an overdose. They’ll provide a detailed beginner guide to ensure that no one gets mislead.

3. Kratom Related Alternatives

A reputable vendor should be in a capacity to offer alternative products to kratom. In this case, The Kratom syndicate (TKS) is one of the favorite vendors that can achieve this goal. They’ll provide you with CBD Oil, which is an extract from the cannabis plant. The effects of cannabis and kratom products are similar and affect the users in almost the same way.

The Akuamma seeds are also another great alternative to the kratom products. It’s a famous medical plant that you can consider using for its great effects as a pain reliever. Akuamma seeds do offer similar results to cannabis and kratom. They are milder but come with no uncomfortable side effects on the users.

When a vendor has an alternative product, there are chances that the customer will come back especially if the kratom failed. Customers want to make purchases under the same roof, from a familiar retailer rather than trying different vendors. The presence of the two alternatives in the kratom syndicate stores continues to earn loyalty from their customers.

4. The Kratom Syndicate Pricing Model

In comparison to other brands, The Kratom Syndicate products are relatively expensive. However, compared to the quality of their products, the prices are relatively fair. Take an example, some of their packages will go for a cost of $16, for the 57grams. Compared to other sources in the market, the price is a bit high.

If you’re surviving on a budget, this will not be the best site for you. You need to source out for a brand that you can entirely depend on in terms of cost. However, you can consider signing into their newsletter. They will display different discounts and coupons available. You can use them to make a big deal and save a considerable amount of cash. Discounts and coupons mostly associate with large scale buyers.

Apart from the company’s newsletter, you can follow them on their social media pages such as Twitter and Facebook. From here you can see all the discounts that the kratom syndicate offers to their customers.

5. How to Place an Order on The Kratom Syndicate

If you want to place an order, visit their website via this link, Once on their page, you’ll have a chance to view many of their products as discussed above. On each of the available strains and blends, there is a stacked buy button. Click on the button, and they’ll ask you to fill in some personal details.

These will include your email address, home address, your phone number and the amount you want. After submitting the inquiry, they’ll verify the information. If something is missing in your order, they will send you an email notification. Once the ordering process completes, they’ll send you a confirmation message.

6. The Kratom Syndicate Payment Services

The payment procedures are among the areas many of their customers find a reason to complain. The problem is the fact that they don’t allow the use of credit cards for customers to make purchases. You must pay via the Western Union or the Cryptocurrency methods. But you don’t have to worry much about the issue.

If you get into a problem with this, you only have to contact their customer support. In this way, they’ll ensure that the payment gets done and your ordering gets through. Therefore, this should not be a reason for you not to complete your ordering process. On the other hand, the company must improve on this area and start allowing the use of credit cards.

7. Are There Any Challenges with Customer Support?

One of the reasons this vendor is gaining a lot of popularity among the buyers is its reliable customer services. From our own experience, we received prompt answers and replies to the emails we sent them.

They’re submitted to ensure that you get to know about their products and how they operate in the best way possible. From the quick replies, it’s possible to rely on their availability. It also helps reduce confusion within customers’ thoughts as they give clear explanations.

You can use emails or their chatbox to send your inquiries to live with their representatives.

Customers Reviews on The Kratom Syndicate

The reason why we look at other users’ experiences with the company is so that we can make a conclusive decision. What customers say about a company is more reliable than what the vendor says about them.

However, some of the comments can be biased, and therefore, it’s difficult to identify genuine claims. Hence, it’s not a reliable way of judging the brand. From my online sources, we were able to find some customers’ comments about the Kratom Syndicate vendor. Check on what some of them had to say about the vendor;

Johnson says, “I ordered a packet of 57 grams of Green Malay for $16. The quality was great and worth the higher prices. It was satisfying in pain relief techniques. It’s a brand that I can recommend for all Kratom users to adopt.”

Eva says, “I love the high quality of the products that comply with the prices the kratom syndicate charges. My only issue is the fact that they don’t accept credit cards as a way of payment. It’s something that they should consider adding onto their list.”

Final Verdict on The Kratom Syndicate

We can’t say that the Kratom Syndicate is a vendor that fits all kratom users. With their high prices, people living on a budget have to seek other alternatives. However, with its high quality and excellent customer care services, we can agree that the company is legit.