Super Speciosa Review: Products, Strains, Prices, Shipping & Refunds Guide

Today, the internet is abuzz with different kratom vendors all over claiming to be offering quality products; hence, make the strain search a challenge. Notably, not all kratom companies that claim to offer quality service do, others just have claims that are unsubstantiated. Nonetheless, despite the hundreds of companies available online, a few can be trusted and Super Speciosa is one of them. Here is an unbiased review of Duper Speciosa Kratom Vendor.

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What is Super Speciosa?

Super Speciosa is one of the legit vendors supplying kratom strains to all users. It is a trusted company with many customers around the world. Super Speciosa is considered best for people who want to buy kratom for their own use. Therefore, if you want to buy wholesale Kratom and resell it in your shop, we have some other options too. Kratom strains are used for a wide range of medical conditions. They can stop panic attacks and relieve muscle pain apart from being a sedative and stimulant. Mitragynine is a substance present in the supplements. It functions like opioid drugs by activating opioid receptors in the brain’s nervous system to stop the pain.

1. Kratom Strains Available at Super Speciosa

At Super Speciosa, their different type of strains. They are divided into three colors; Red-vein, white vein, and green vein. The color of the leaf vein classifies the type of strain it belongs to, with each strain having a different effect on the body.

Some are used as energy boosters while others are best used as sedatives. When administered on a high dosage, a patient becomes calm, relaxed, and sedated. It causes an awesome feeling in the body and brain. The low dosage makes a patient hyperactive and this can cause an energy boost due to stimulation.

Super Speciosa sells kratom supplements that exist in powder form and capsules. They include green vein, red vein, white vein, and super speciosa powder and capsules. They also sell hemp CBD oils from cannabis plants. Hemp CBD is available in oils, vapes, salves, and capsules.

The hemp CBD products available include:

  • Hemp CBD capsules 25mg
  • Hemp CBD oil 225mg
  • Hemp CBD oil 750mg (high potency tincture)
  • Hemp CBD salve
  • Hemp CBD vape Cartridge 1g
  • Hemp CBD vape pen Cartridge kit

Kratom powder and capsules also exist in different packages. They include;

In total, there are thirteen products for capsules and thirteen for powder kratom supplements. Each product is sold at an affordable price.

2. Are Super Speciosa Products Effective?

Super Speciosa offers high-quality products of the kratom tree. They are all made from pure and natural ingredients that cannot affect the body negatively. Having been in the market long enough, many people have used the products. There are so many positive reviews on the Super Speciosa website. This is enough evidence to tell that these products are indeed effective. The Mitragynine alkaloid produces the required effect on the body of a user.

Kratom has been long accepted in the medical field. It is used as a recreational supplement, relieves anxiety, suppresses muscle pain, stops panic attacks, and cure Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Super Speciosa avails the kratom plant in forms that are easier to use. The powder can be used to make beverages. You can also lick it directly. If the taste is awful, you can blend it in your fresh juices and smoothies to enhance the taste.

Any side effects?

Most Kratom supplements cause some side effects to the user. However, it all depends on some personal characteristics of the user. The effects vary from person to person. They include;

  • Dry mouth
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Itching
  • Loss of appetite

There could be more side effects other than the ones above.

3. Find Best Prices at Super Speciosa

Super Speciosa offers a wide range of kratom supplements and give-away prices. Do not get confused with quality and price. Quality and price do not always go hand in hand. Many vendors would hike the price and let you associate it with quality, which is a lie.

At Super Speciosa, you can find different strains and products ranging from 5.99dollars to 599dollars. What you select determines the amount you will pay. The strains available are Bali, Borneo, Kapuas, Maeng Da, and Malay.

Apart from affordable prices at Super Speciosa, there are numerous offers that make the products even cheaper. For each first order made, there are rewards and free shipping guaranteed. For every dollar you spent, you will earn five loyalty points which you can later redeem for awesome discounts.

4. Returns and Refunds at Super Speciosa

Very few vendors can accept to refund an unsatisfied client. At Super Speciosa, customers are allowed to ship back the products they bought within thirty days from the day the order was made. Refunds are done in full. The slogan is, ‘If you’re not happy, then neither are we’. Super Speciosa cares for their customers a lot.

5. Does Super Speciosa Offer Any Coupon Codes?

Yes. Super Speciosa offers coupon codes to their loyal customers. Different percentages of discounts are given on some products. In fact, there can be discounts as high as 50%. If you shop anything more than 99 dollars, you get a free shipping coupon. A 30% off is granted to any customer who buys any powder kratom products.

There are coupon codes on the Super Speciosa products. The coupons vary for each and every product. Some get as low as 10% discount while others as high as 110%. If you need a discount, you only need to log in with your email and see if you can get one.

Creating an account is absolutely easy and free. It helps you to navigate through the website with a lot of ease. You can also receive weekly updates on new product arrivals, out of stock products, freebies, coupons, promotions, and offers.

6. Why Should You Shop at Super Speciosa?

Super Speciosa offers high-quality kratom products to its customers. Coupled with good discounts and other coupons, everyone prefers to shop here. The following are the reasons why you should shop at Super Speciosa;

a. Money-Back Guarantee Policy

There is no doubt, if you do not believe in our products, you can never offer a money-back policy to the client who is unsatisfied with your product. However, that is not the case with Super Speciosa. The company has guaranteed you a full refund of your money if you are not happy with the products. Nonetheless, the window period for a full refund is 30 days. Within this period, you can opt for a full refund of your money or request for another sample of Kratom strain and it will be delivered to you.

b. Super Speciosa High-Quality Products

Not all online vendors sell quality strains. At Super Speciosa, quality is assured. With a wide range of product categories to choose from, you can never get it wrong with this company. Their strains, for instance, the Green Kapusa is well known for its high potency level. When taken in as a powder, it can cause some mild sedative effects that will leave the users more relieved and relaxed. Besides, due to their quality, it is recommended that the products be taken in low dosages unless your current dosage does not serve you well, you can add at least 0.5 grams per serving.

In addition, the company offers a wide range of kratom selection. Once you are on the site, you can always browse through the different categories or just perform a quick search to place an order of your choice. Besides, the strains are available in both powder and capsule form.

c. Fast Delivery

Although the company offers discounted and expedited shipping, it is worthy to note that this is done through the Priority Mail and the Mail Express via the United States Postal Services. Before you make an order, it is important to acknowledge the following regarding your delivery expectations:

  • The company does not guarantee any delivery dates, the only assurance they give is that your goods will leave their warehouse to the post office on time.
  • All orders that are placed before 2 pm EST, are always shipped the same day, however, if you place your order after this time, your shipment will be made the following day.
  • Typically, Priority Mail service takes 2-3 days from the day the order is shipped with the exception of Sunday.
  • It’s worth noting that the company does not refund the shipping cost of the express USPS if the delivery is not made by the expected date.

d. Super Speciosa Deals and Coupons

Super Speciosa provides all of its customers with a sweet reward program. For every dollar you spend, you earn 5 points. You can then redeem your points for a discount on your favorite kratom products. Every time you make a purchase, the points are automatically added to your account. In addition, the company also run different offers and discount at given intervals. Be sure to interact with the support team and request a discount of the day if you are a loyal customer.

e. Customer Service

Super Speciosa runs one of the best customer services in the industry. Their support team is knowledgeable about kratom and they will help out in case you have any concerns. They understand the fact that customers are valuable assets who should be treated with the utmost care, and in case you are not happy with their service, you can always ask for a refund.

f. Super Speciosa Responsive website

The company runs one of the easy to navigate and responsive website. With products grouped into categories, it is easy to search and make a selection of your choice. Besides, they also run a frequently asked questions section and the area where you can always get answers to some of your questions.

How to Make an Order on Super Speciosa Website

Super Speciosa site is easy-to-navigate and locates products and their prices. There are different products displayed on the Super Speciosa website homepage. All you need to do is choose what you want depending on what you prefer; capsules, powder, or hemp CBD. As pointed out, the type of kratom strain determines its reaction with your body. Once you have settled on the exact product you want, click on ‘order’ and enter the required information.

You can then pay and wait for your parcel at the address you gave. Super Speciosa delivers fast and within the stipulated time frame. If you are lucky enough to place your order before 12 pm, shipping will be done on the same day. What a joy! This happens on all days of the week except Sunday.

If you receive the package and realizes something is amiss, or you just do not like the product sent to you, you can file a complaint within thirty days from the day you placed the order. The responsible staff will take up the matter and organize for a refund. You will only spend money to ship it back.

Final Thoughts on Super Speciosa Kratom

As a beginner or hardcore kratom user, can you trust Super Speciosa? With certainty, we give them a clean slate of bill. This is due to the fact that the company offers quality products. Besides, they believe in the quality they offer; hence, offering a money-back guarantee policy for anyone who is not happy who is not satisfied with their products. In addition, they offer a wide range of selection where customers can easily choose the products they like. In addition, this is a marvelous place to shop at. With the numerous discounts and coupons you can enjoy, it makes it fun. Order your favorite product now and see how it feels like.