Smoking Kratom

Smoking Kratom Powder: Can You Smoke Kratom?

Many people wonder about how to smoke kratom powder or leaves. People also search if they can get the same results as dosing kratom orally. Our guide about smoking kratom helps you get all of the answers. Before you begin reading this guide, the big questions are can kratom be smoked? The answer is yes, you can smoke kratom. However, here is our complete guide for you to prepare kratom for smoking purposes and start smoking it.

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Regardless of the strain of Kratom, the dried leaves can be smoked. Additionally, the powder that is broken down from the dried leaves can also be inhaled through a pipe. It has been reported that smoking the kratom powder or leaves of the Kratom plant is as effective as other methods of ingesting, such as making tea or taking the plant’s powder in a capsule form. Like any other substance, smoking Kratom will allow it to enter your bloodstream at a much faster rate.

This is because smoking causes the Kratom powder or leaves to enter your lungs, where it is then quickly absorbed and assimilated from your bloodstream to your brain, as stated by

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Dosing Kratom VS. Smoking Kratom

Traditionally, the method to assimilate the kratom plant into your bloodstream to start experiencing the health effects is to chew the leaves or swallow a capsule filled with the powder. Because of the effects that Kratom has on the brain and your health in general, the relaxing results are similar to smoking tobacco, making it a great alternative to smoking the tobacco plant.

Although smoking Kratom will allow it to enter your bloodstream relatively quickly. The act of smoking will also neutralize some of the naturally occurring alkaloids found in Kratom, making the effects not as potent. That being said, it is still a viable way to experience the multiple health benefits of the plant.

There are some benefits as well as potential health risks to smoking Kratom, and before smoking from a pipe, it is crucial to be aware of these. In the following sections, we will go over not only how to smoke Kratom, but how it can benefit you as well as some of the risks involved. It is also essential to make sure that you are using the correct strain for the desired health benefits. For instance, red Kratom has more of a relaxing effect, while white Kratom is more stimulating. Finding the right balance, or even a hybrid strain may be the best course of action when it comes to smoking the plant.

Benefits of Smoking Kratom Powder

There are multiple benefits to smoking the Kratom plant, and in the following section, we will go over what these are. It is important to note that although these are the most common reasons to smoke Kratom, you will still receive the standard health benefits based on the strain and concentration of Kratom you are smoking. These benefits will be lessened, however, because smoking Kratom can neutralize some of the naturally occurring alkaloids in Kratom that have the most health benefits.

1. Treat Opioid addiction

Smoking Kratom will help to aid in fighting any habit, but especially that of opioids, such as Heroin. Because of the chemical compound of the Kratom plant, this can help to ween you off of opioids and aid in eliminating them from your body and lifestyle entirely. Anyone unfortunate enough to suffer from opioid addiction knows how it can take over your sense of self, as well as your behavior. Having something that can replace this, and eventually make it possible to quit entirely without all the harmful effects of chemical drugs is a fantastic viable option.

2. Tobacco Addiction Treatment

While the FDA may consider excessive use of tobacco and nicotine to be more of a bad habit than an addiction. Anyone who has tried to quit smoking tobacco, such as cigarettes, knows how hard it can be to quit. Smoking the Kratom plant can help to give you the same calming effects of cigarettes but without the long-lasting harmful impact on your body.

Similar to weaning yourself off of opioids such as Heroin, smoking Kratom is a great option to help you in the endeavor of quitting cigarette and cigar smoking altogether. Unlike nicotine and tobacco, Kratom is non-habit forming, and aside from the irritation smoking it can have to your lungs, it has little to no other harmful side effects or toxic effects that you may notice down the road.

Risks of Smoking Kratom

Much like smoking any substance, there are some risks involved when it comes to smoking Kratom as well. It is essential to be aware of the risks involved and to pay attention if you notice any irritation or adverse effects while smoking the Kratom plant. Please keep in mind that these are the possible risks, and there are many factors involved, such as the potency of the Kratom medium you are using, and the frequency in which you are smoking. The risks involved with smoking Kratom are:

1. Possible lung damage

Lung damage is not unique to the only Kratom, but any substance that is smoked through a pipe or rolled using cigarette paper does have the potential to cause irritation or damage to your lungs. This is simply because you are ingesting chemicals into your body using your lungs as a ‘doorway.’ The same with cigarettes or cigars, you may not notice any irritation at first. Still, it is a good idea to see how smoking Kratom affects your lungs and body before continuing to smoke it frequently, as stated on

2. Content of tar much like cigarettes

Kratom has tar content that, when smoked, is inhaled directly into your lungs. This increases your risk of adverse health effects, much like smoking cigarettes. This is not to say that smoking Kratom is just as damaging to your health as cigarettes, but it is something that should be taken into consideration, especially if you are smoking the plant in excess.

Preparing Kratom for Smoking Purposes

To smoke Kratom and it has the same effects on your body as taking it in kratom capsule form or making a tea out of the kratom leaves, you will need a high volume of the leaves because smoking can decrease the effectiveness. That being said, after making a tea out of the Kratom, you can evaporate the water by continuing to boil it (similar to making a sauce reduction), which will leave behind a potent resin once the water has all been evaporated. You can then smoke this resin, which will still have most of the beneficial alkaloids that will aid your body in relaxation and healing.

Once you have either the resin from the tea, enough Kratom leaves, or Kratom powder, you can then put your product into a water pipe and commence smoking. It is important to remember that you should start slow at first, to see how smoking the Kratom will affect your body correctly.

In addition to smoking the plant slowly, you should also keep in mind how concentrated the ingredients used were, as well as how much was used of said ingredients. As relates to loading the Kratom into a pipe, you should use a grinder for as much as possible to avoid big particles being absorbed into your lungs. Start slowly and see how the smoke inhalation affects your lungs. Additionally, you should pay attention to how the Kratom itself is effecting your body.

As stated above, smoking Kratom does diminish some of the health benefits. And as such, it is a good idea to find a Kratom product that is a higher dosage or potency than you would be used to.

Conclusion on Smoking Kratom Powder

We hope this article was helpful, and that the information you can take away will help in not only making an educated decision but also ensure that you know the benefits as well as the potential risks that can be involved in smoking Kratom. Again, it is recommended to start slow both in the amount of Kratom that you are smoking as well as the frequency to ensure that you know how it will affect your body. Researching online is a great tool, but everybody is different, and the best practice is to see how it will affect you personally first.

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