Red Kali Kratom: The Original Relaxant

Tired, stressed, low in energy… if this sounds familiar, then meet your new best friend, Red Kali kratom.

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A potent relaxant, Red Kali has wormed its way into the hearts of many thanks to its ability to relax the mind and calm the soul.

But let’s backtrack a second. Readers new to kratom may be shaking their heads in puzzlement at the word “kratom”, let alone the words ”Red Kali”. If this sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place. Read on to discover more…

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Kratom, you say?

With an ever-growing fan base, it’s fair to say that kratom has taken the world by storm. But what exactly is kratom, and why should you even care? Prepare to be educated…

Grown predominantly in the balmy climes of Southeast Asia, the kratom plant is a tropical member of the Rubiaceae family (fun fact… it’s a cousin to the coffee plant, which may help to account for some its stimulating properties. More on that later).

The first group of people to discover the plant’s powerful qualities were Thai laborers, who found that chewing on its leaves helped promote a deeply relaxed, tranquil state… perfect after a long days toil.

Despite being kept a closely guarded secret for centuries, the word on kratom is now well and truly out, with thousands of people across the world knowing, and loving, its effects.

A Growing Market

Initially only available in a limited number of strains from a select few vendors, kratom’s growing popularity has seen the market flood with ever-increasing numbers of strains and products… so much so, in fact, it can be hard for the uninitiated to know where to start. If you’re new to kratom, you may be confused as to which strain is best (or if it’s even possible for one strain to be better than another).

Essentially, no strain is inherently “better” or “worse” than another. However, some strains are better than others at helping you relax; some are better at lifting your mood, and some are better at controlling pain. Work out what experience you’re hoping for, and you’ll be on the right track to picking your perfect strain.

The Kratom Experience

If you want to pick the strain that’ll best deliver the results you want, you need to know exactly what kind of results are on offer in the first place. So, without further ado, here’s a guide to what you can expect from kratom.

An Increase in Energy

If a shot of espresso (or 10) is no longer enough to get you through the day, you’ll be pleased to know that kratom offers the same energizing effects as coffee, but to a much greater degree. After a few grams of kratom, you’ll feel wide awake and ready to face the day.

A Reduction in Stress and Anxiety

If you suffer from chronic stress or anxiety, kratom can offer some much-needed relief. As noted by, kratom works to reduce anxiety by suppressing the neurological triggers responsible for its symptoms, whether they be mental (self-consciousness, social anxiety), or physical (fatigue, lethargy, palpitations, etc.). By promoting a sense of calm and tranquility, kratom lets you get on with your day feeling relaxed and worry-free.

A Better Mood

Feeling a little low? Kratom may be just the thing you need to lift your mood and restore your spirits.

A Great Night’s Sleep

If you dread the thought of going to bed, knowing no rest awaits you there, but worry about the nasty consequences of conventional sleeping pills, kratom is the remedy for you. At the right dose, kratom offers a powerfully sedating, tranquilizing effect. End result: a peaceful night’s sleep.

A Reduced Appetite

Admittedly, this is one of the side attractions of the kratom experience, rather than the main feature, but if you’re looking to shift a few pounds, kratom’s appetite-reducing properties may be a pleasant side effect.

A Reduction in Pain

Anyone suffering from chronic pain will know how debilitating its effects can be. Conventional drugs like morphine and codeine may provide temporary relief, but their unpleasant side effects demand that users proceed with caution. Kratom, on the other hand, can provide effective pain relief without any of the risks. High in Mitragynine, an active alkaloid that outperforms morphine in its painkilling abilities (see for more details), kratom effectively targets the symptoms of chronic conditions such as arthritis, neuralgia, and osteoporosis, to allow its users a normal, pain- free life.

The Flip-side of Kratom

If you think this all sounds too good to be true, you’re right (well, at least a little bit). There’s a flip- side to even the shiniest coin, and in kratom’s case, this comes in the form of a couple of potential side effects.

Users of kratom have reported occasional side effects such as: –

  • Nausea
  • Drowsiness
  • Lethargy
  • Abdominal discomfort

“Kratom hangover” (similar to what you may experience after a heavy night on the beer)

If this all sounds a little grim, take heart. Side effects typically only come at very high doses of kratom. If you exercise caution with dosage and stick to the recommended guidelines, you’re unlikely to experience any unpleasant consequences.

Red Kali Kratom: How Does it Stack Up

 Now we’ve looked at at the benefits and potential side effects of kratom as a whole, let’s take a look at how Red Kali fits into the picture, and how it stacks up against other varieties of kratom.

The “Original Kratom”

Although its cultivation has now spread across other areas of Asia, Red Kali (or to give it its full name, Red Kalimantan Kratom) originally hails from Borneo.

Considered to be one of the purest strains of kratom available, Red Kali is sometimes referred to as the “original kratom”, and is known as a sophisticated, high-quality strain capable of delivering excellent results. That said, how do these effects stack up against other strains?

Strengths and Weaknesses of Red Kali Kratom


Some strains promise stimulation, others promise relaxation. Red Kali falls into the 2nd camp (indeed, it’s known as one of the most relaxing strains on the market). If you’re looking to capitalize on kratom’s power to relax and soothe, you couldn’t do better than Red Kali.

Stress and Fatigue

Red Kali is an excellent stress reliever. By promoting the conditions needed for a relaxed, peaceful state of mind, Red Kali can turn the most stressful day around with just a few grams.


Although it does have some energy-boosting properties, Red Kali does not perform as well as other strains when it comes to delivering highly stimulating effects. People looking for a more invigorating experience would do well to consider alternative strains, such as White Maeng Da.


Admittedly, some strains offer more potent sedative effects than Red Kali. However, what Kali lacks in potency, it more than makes up for in longevity. Unlike some strains, which kick in hard and fast but soon wear off, Kali’s effects are long-lasting, offering the kind of prolonged sedative experience that other strains would struggle to rival.

Pain Relief

Red Kali performs well as a pain reliever. Although other strains may be more potent, Kali’s success lies in its ability to sustain its painkilling effects over a longer period, making it perfect for anyone looking for long term relief.

In Summary

If you’re looking for a deeply relaxing, long-lasting experience, with the added benefits of pain relief and stress reduction, Red Kali is the strain for you. If you’re looking to stimulate and energize, you may want to consider other strains.

Red Kali Kratom: The Right Dose

 Now we’ve established whether Red Kali is the right strain for your needs, the question turns to how much of it you’ll need to achieve the experience you want.

Getting to grips with dosage can be tricky, as the right dose can be highly individual (as you can imagine, needs vary according to weight, gender, tolerance, prior experience with kratom… the list goes on).

The best advice for anyone new to kratom, or indeed, anyone familiar with kratom but new to Red Kali, is to start with a small amount, monitor its effects, and only increase the dose if absolutely necessary. Going overboard on dosage is the number one reason people experience negative effects from kratom. Stay within your limits (and the recommended guidelines), and you can benefit from all the lovely effects of kratom with none of its unpleasantness.

 For some handy tips to get you started, see below.

Dosage Tips

  1. Always take kratom on an empty stomach. If you’ve recently eaten, wait a few hours before starting the process. If you don’t, you’ll see less optimal results than you would otherwise.
  2. Keep a journal of your experience. Recording how you feel at different doses will be a useful point of reference in determining your own personal “sweet spot”.
  3. Start at the threshold dose of 1-2 grams. This is the baseline for kratom; the effects will be mild, but you should start to feel nicely relaxed and calm within about 30 minutes.
  4. If you want to increase the pleasurable effects, take another 2 grams. Wait for 15- 30 minutes, and if you still feel you haven’t yet hit your sweet spot, top up with a further 1-2 grams. This is the optimal dosage required to experience the power of Red Kali, and you should now be feeling the full effects of its relaxing, tranquilizing properties.
  5. For a fully sedated effect (or if you’re taking Red Kali to alleviate pain), you will likely need a dose of 8 grams or more. Anything over 10 grams is considered a very high dose and is best avoided (especially if you are new to kratom).

Red Kali Kratom: Methods for Consumption

Along with coming in a variety of strains, kratom also comes in a variety of forms. Powders, capsules, tinctures, teas… the list goes on.

If you don’t mind the taste (be warned, it’s strong), loose powders are a great, cheap option.

Available from most vendors, you can buy the powder in bulk (the cheapest option), or in smaller, pocket-sized packs.

Over the years, kratom enthusiasts have come up with a variety of ways of using the powder:

1) Adding it to capsules: Although pre-made capsules are available, many users find buying empty capsules and filling them themselves a much cheaper alternative. This makes a great option for anyone looking for the convenience of capsules, without the expense.

2) Mixing it with other beverages: Adding the loose powder to yogurt, milkshakes, protein powders, and even baked goods make the kratom experience a whole lot tastier.

3) Mixing it with orange juice: Not only does the orange juice help mask the bitter taste of kratom, it’s also claimed by some users to enhance the properties of kratom.

Red Kali Kratom: In Summary

By this point, you should be in a better position to decide if Red Kali is the right strain for you (and indeed, if kratom is the right remedy for your needs). If you’re still in some doubt, let’s recap on the key takeaway points:

  • Red Kali offers a great way to control and manage pain, without the dangerous side effects of conventional medication
  • Red Kali does have some side effects, but these can be easily managed through careful dosage
  • Red Kali offers powerfully relaxing effects
  • Red Kali provides a mild, but long-lasting, experience
  • Red Kali can alleviate social anxiety and the physical symptoms of stress