Red Elephant Kratom Review: Origin, Benefits, Effects and Dosage

Over the past years, people have relied on synthetic drugs to treat some chronic illnesses. However, the result has not been effective. In fact, treating a chronic condition is no mean task, it is hard work and more often than not it leads to sedation and addiction. But, thanks to the strong opioid-based medications, which are traditionally used to arrest these conditions. Instead of causing damage to their bodies with pills every day, most people have resorted to all-natural herbs and extracts such as kratom as a treatment method.

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Kratom strains are derived from the leaves of the Mitragynine Speciosa tree. To some extent, the land is believed to be a member of the coffee family. Most kratom types are named according to the nature of the color of the leaves or the country in which they are grown. The Red vein kratom family is believed to give people a certain level of sedation feeling.

Besides, people prefer taking it as a pain reliever. On the other hand, the white family is known to create a euphoric feeling and stimulation, while the green family sits in between and is known for providing both properties. Besides, they provide the users with a stimulation and energy effect whilst at the same time offering pain relieving potentials that kratom is well known for.

Most kratom strain falls in the three categories. However, in this guide, we discuss one of the less known strain, the Red Elephant Kratom. Herein, we discuss its origin, dosage, and effects.

By any chance are you dealing with anxiety, depression, insomnia, and lack of focus or some throbbing body pain? Has your body adapted to the normal pills and you are cannot take them anymore? Well, if you are aggrieved and share the same sentiments, then you are in the right place. Here, we discuss one of the best kratom strains that most people define as a life changer. Your solution is the Red Elephant Kratom.

What is Red Elephant Kratom?

The Red Elephant kratom, in particular, is a strain from the kratom tree family. The indigenous tree Mitragynine is grown in South East Asia. For centuries, the leaves of this plant have been used for their medical properties to cure pain, anxiety symptoms as well as to promote the overall well being.

Besides, it is believed that this leafy tree is not an opioid, but rather it close to the coffee plant. The Red Elephant Kratom is christened after its features of the leaves that are used to yield this strain. Old, large leaves are used to create the red elephant kratom. In fact, the leaves of this plant are so large that they resemble an elephant’s ear.

The red elephant kratom is packed with a wide range of alkaloids, which are the main constituents of kratom responsible for producing the desired effects. When it comes to delivering quality, the red elephant is able to punch the feeling of pain and relief and sedation. Besides, the red elephant kratom strain is highly desirable thanks to the mildness effect it creates, as well as its high potency. Not only does the red elephant promote overall good health, but it can help reduce the anxiety without causing any over-stimulation. Due to this, the strain is suitable for use to treat a wide variety of challenges from depression to insomnia.

Red Elephant Kratom Benefits

Just like pain in aging adults, chronic conditions, sugar level diseases such as arthritis, lupus or fibromyalgia, are not easy to treat, however, kratom has become a perfect choice for most people who suffer from these conditions. The pain-relieving ability that the herb produces is well known to tame the conditions. Nonetheless, there are a different range of other effects that you can experience if you take the red elephant kratom. Highlighted below are the common benefits or effects.

1. Reduce Anxiety Levels

Research indicates that depression is always a heterogeneous mood disorder that is treated in various ways. Although a number of synthetic drugs have been used to arrest this situation, they have adverse effects that can compromise the therapeutic treatment of a patient. Unlike synthetic medications, herbal and traditional drugs are more favored today. In fact, along with an enhanced cognitive function, the white elephant kratom is used to reduce the level of depression in patients. It does so by creating calm and mild sedating effects on users.

In fact, the anti-anxiety properties present are derived from the leaves of the plant, and given the leaves of Red Elephant Kratom is larger and denser with alkaloids, the anti-anxiety properties present in the leaves are higher than in any other variety of kratom.

2. Pain Relief by Red elephant kratom

It is without a doubt that most people turn to kratom use when other modern medicines have failed to perform as expected. Therefore, it is also worthy to note that not every kratom strain has the same capability of releasing you from pain. the opioid-based drugs are always difficult to get hold of, besides, the therapeutic value of these medications is more often addictive, hence leaving users with an additional battle which they battle with for the rest of their lives. Red elephant kratom, however, promotes the same effects as the opioid-based medication but without the highly addictive qualities, thus leading to a reduction of pain without lifelong consequences.

If you are looking for a strain that has a high concentration of anti-anxiety properties then red elephant kratom is your best bet. In addition, it is worthy to note that kratom strains work differently depending on one’s age and body complexion. Before you embark on consuming a red elephant for whatever reason, you need to see a medic who will prescribe for you the best dose to help you contain your pain. In most instances where patients are suffering from severe pain, they tend to take high doses, which is not good for their health but can as well lead to some prolonged effects.

Additionally, the strain contains an analgesic property that depends on the concentration of alkaloid known as mitragynine and 7-hydroxy-mitragynine that is responsible for binding the body receptors responsible for pain by inhibiting the activation of the receptors and stimulating the release of endorphins that contribute to reducing pain.

3. Increase Alertness And Focus

If you are working in an environment that is demanding and requires concentration, you need to take a strain that will provide you with the right energy as well as improve your level of focus. Notably, at times can be hard to get through each day and keep your high level of focus and productivity, to achieve this daily, the red elephant should be your best bet. It promises to help you calm your mind and clear your thoughts, thus you can now concentrate on your work. Red elephant kratom is well known to improve one’s cognitive function. You can try it and see if your productivity level will increase.

4. Red elephant Enhances Your Mood

Did you know that red elephant kratom comprises of alkaloids that are critical for producing a mild stimulatory effect? Well, if you are a well-known introvert and you want to attend a social gathering and feel part of it, we recommend you try out this product. When you take it during the morning hours, you will notice a new burst of energy that will last you for the day if taken in the right dosage, while at the same time, the strain will produce a euphoric effect that is sufficient enough to increase your ability to mingle, interact and socialize with people.

Most introvert users have given positive reports about this product. In fact, they report that the product does not only gives them the calmness they require, it also boosts their level of confidence as well as give them the courage they lack during normal occasions.

Is There A Main Effect Of Red Elephant Kratom?

The red strain elephant is well known for its relaxing and sedative effects. When taken, then you will have an initial energy boost, next it culminates to a stimulating feeling of contentment and relaxation, thus making it a perfect fit for meditation practices and tasks that require an intense concentration. In particular, the red elephant works wonders when it comes to combining its painkilling and soothing effects.

Side Effects of Red Elephant Kratom

Although Kratom is mainly known for its health benefits, there are also some side effects associated with this strain. The side effects may be as a result of first-time users or due to overdose. The side effects of Red Elephant Kratom include;

a. Constipation

Most people will experience constipation once they start taking the strain. However, the side effect stops once your body gets used to the strain. To reduce constipation, make sure that you consume a lot of water when taking red elephant Kratom. Constipation occurs when your body gets dehydrated after taking the strain.

b. Headaches

Headaches are experienced when you take high dosages of Red Elephant Kratom. When there is too much strain on your system, your body is not able to regulate, and you suffer from headaches. To prevent these side effects, you should take the required dosages. For people who experience headaches after taking the kratom strain, they should find relief from over the counter painkillers.

Red Elephant Kratom Dosage

The dosage of the red elephant kratom depends on the desired effect one is after. Nonetheless, the body weight and an individual’s level of tolerance especially in instances where one has used other opiates as painkillers in the past. Moreover, if you begin taking the red elephant kratom, it is recommended you begin by taking a low dosage in order to avoid incurring the effects of the strain.

Taking anything around 2 g is always considered to be a low dosage, while the range between 13-15 g is considered to be high dosage and is only meant for people with high tolerance levels, and should only take it in under instructions from a medic, otherwise, it might manifest in different forms in terms of the effects.

Nonetheless, as a rule of thumb when it comes to red elephant strain, the sedative and soothing effects always start kicking in in high dosages. At high dosage, one will benefit from the analgesic and relaxing effect of this strain. However, if you are only looking to boost your energy level, a lower dosage will always work for you. It will act as a stimulant by triggering euphoria and focus. Furthermore, if you are looking for an immediate result, we recommend you opt for the powder rather than the capsules. Besides, you can take the powder using smoothies, shakes or yogurt.

Final Verdict On Red Elephant Kratom

Red Elephant Kratom is a unique strain. When taken in low dosages, it provides one with an energy boost that they need to carry them throughout the day. However, if you are looking to have an analgesic effect or soothing mood, the strain is based taken in high dosage. Note that the high dosage should not lead to an abuse of the strain. Nonetheless, it is without a doubt that red elephant kratom is one of the best pain reliever strains available in the market today. Besides, the strains are readily available in most of the online stores. All you need to do is to head on to your favorite store and inquire if they have this strain place. Make an order and continue enjoying the numerous benefits of red elephant kratom.