Red borneo kratom

Red Borneo Kratom Review: Effects, Benefits, and Dosage

Today we are going to look at one of the most famous strains of the mitragyna speciose family that’s the Red Borneo kratom. It has its origins in Borneo an island in Southeast Asia which actually is the third biggest island in the world after New Guinea and Greenland. This island is shared among three Southeast Asian countries – Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia. However, over 65% of the island lies in Indonesia which is the hub for growing kratom. In this article, we are going to review red Borneo kratom.

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What is the Red Borneo Kratom

Red Borneo kratom which sometimes is referred to as the Red Vein Indo kratom is a legendary kratom strain since it’s known to contain the highest percentage of mitragynine alkaloid. It is the most unwinding kratom strain you can ever take, or rather it’s the most relaxing and sedating strain available in the market. This explains why it’s among the most popular kratom strains especially to those who want just to ease the tension, the anxiety, and the stress levels. Before we exhaust all of its benefits over here how about, we get to expound its benefits more.

Red Borneo Kratom Befefits

Every kratom strain has different effects on the users both positive and negative effects. Red Borneo kratom is one of the most in-demand kratom strains in the market much because of its sedative effects rather than the stimulation effects offered by other strains. Its high percentage of mitragynine alkaloids is the reason why it provides more benefits to its users than many different kratom strains. Don’t forget Red Borneo kratom has the same effects provided by the red Thai, Bali, and Maeng Da only that they differ in stimulation aspects.

You can choose to take Red Borneo kratom as a capsule, powder, extract, or as a tincture. Here are the benefits of taking Red Borneo kratom.

1. Relaxation Effects of Red Borneo Kratom

Sometimes a hot bath, a massage, a couple of beers, listening to music, and other stress management tactics don’t work. Relaxing your body and mind eases the risks associated with stress, depression, anxiety, sleep problems, hypertension, and other mental health problems. Red Borne is the kratom you need if you want to feel relaxed, calm, and have some good sleep.

2. Mood enhancement

For those searching for top mood-boosting foods or top mood enhancement supplements, your search should ultimately come to a halt since we have the solution to your problem. Red Borneo has mood enhancement dopamine mediators that are corynoxine A and Corynoxine B which reduce anxiety and improve one’s moods.

3. Causes Analgesic Effects

Among the many reasons why red Borneo kratom is in high demand in the market is its ability to ease pain and moreover its ability to keep you awake and alert. Red Borneo has mitragynine alkaloid 7- hydroxmitragynine which has the ability to alleviate pain. When this alkaloid is released, it increases enkephalins and endorphins’ levels in your body and helps you relieve pain. For those suffering chronic pain, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, and other types of pains well go for Red Borneo kratom which is the best and all-natural kratom for pain relief.

4. Red Vein Borneo Euphoria

While all the kratom strains have medicinal and therapeutic effects, we can’t ignore the recreational significance of the herb. The users of Red Borneo kratom usually experience the feeling of joy, happiness, pleasure, and overall well-being. This is because the red vein Borneo induces the state of euphoria, but unlike opioids, stimulants, and cannabinoids this strain is harmless.

The presence of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine alkaloids in the Red Borneo kratom is the reason why the herb possesses opiate-like properties. They trigger the release of endorphins which are chemicals responsible for producing feelings of euphoria and are considered one of the most euphoric kratom strains.

red vein borneo euphoria

5. Helps in the Muscles Tension

Since Red Borneo kratom contains high amounts of mitragynine alkaloid content, it induces a feeling of relaxation and calmness of your nervousness. When you’re relaxed and calmer, this reduces the stiffness of your muscles too. If you are also suffering from fatigue and tension headache grab this kratom strain and wait for a few minutes and you will experience its wonders.

6. Red Borneo Kratom Reduces Stress and Kills Anxiety

No one in this world is immune to anxiety and some level of stress. However, if prolonged it may worsen to disorders such as social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, chronic stress, acute stress, and episodic stress. When you suffer any of these disorders, you will experience insomnia, digestive problems, high blood pressure, headaches, faster aging, heart diseases, weight loss or gain and so many other consequences as a result of stress and anxiety. To avoid all these risks or to reduce or treat stress and anxiety, go for a herb that has for centuries been used to suppress the feelings of anxiety and stress that’s the Red Borneo kratom.

7. Insomnia Relief

To understand how red Borneo kratom helps in your insomnia problems it’s good to look at the causes of insomnia. Stress, anxiety, depression, anger, worry, trauma, bipolar disorder are all the common sources associated with chronic insomnia. To cure this with pharmaceutical drugs and therapists sessions is quite expensive and has adverse side effects.

However, with Red Borneo kratom which generally helps in the relaxation of nerves in the brain, calms you down, and also sedates the body you can be able to treat insomnia disorder. It’s also effective in treating other sleep disorders such as sleepwalking, and parasomnia.

8. Increases Arousal

Nothing is more frustrating than suffering from low libido to both men and women. Usually, the causes of low sex drive are low testosterone, depression, sleep disorders, stress, low self-esteem, and so many others. Fortunately for you don’t have to buy Viagra and other sexual enhancement drugs which have severe side effects on your sexual life. Red Borneo kratom enhances tactile sensation and increases your arousal. It also relieves your stress makes your mind calm, and this also contributes to an increase in sex drive.

9. Increase in Optimism and Boosting of your confidence

Red Borneo kratom is for those with low self-esteem, and people are more like a pessimist. Red Borneo kratom will boost your level of confidence and you will generally feel optimistic. You will be able to face your fears with an optimistic mind of success. This works by the reduction of anxiety and stress levels.

10. Other vital effects

Red vein Borneo works as an antioxidant and keeps your body rejuvenated. It also helps to boost your immunity and decreases blood pressure.

Red Borneo kratom Side Effects

Just like the rest of the kratom strains Red Borneo kratom also has some side effects but it’s good you are aware an overdose of the strain causes most of these side effects. These side effects are not severe, but they are mild.

  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Lightheadedness
  • Vomiting
  • Tremors
  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth
  • chills and inability to concentrate and think clearly
  • Extra laziness
  • You will feel some weakness, and that might be a hindrance to your productivity.

Red Borneo Kratom Dosage

It is a very effective strain if the right Red Borneo kratom dosage is administered. When the wrong dosage is consumed, you can expect adverse reactions. That’s why we have tried to gather some expert guidance on how much Red Borneo kratom one should consume.

The beginning

For beginners, this is the right place you should start off, and for those who are trying out the Red Borneo kratom for the first time. It’s recommended you take just one gram of Red vein Borneo kratom per serving. If you can’t feel any effects after some time, you can just add 0.5grams after an interval of 30-60 minutes. It’s worth noting that the results might be subtle, but it doesn’t mean they’re not noticeable.

Mild Dose

For those who feel the 1 gram dosage is too light for them, they should go for the 1-2 grams dosage. The effects are mild and noticeable, but you can always adjust the kratom dosage depending on your body’s ability to handle it.

Moderate Dose Of Red Borneo Kratom

2-4 grams is for those who are veterans and have tried some other red vein stains before. This dosage of red vein Borneo kratom should obviously produce some results such as pain relief, sedation, and euphoria within a few minutes of intake.

Red Vein Borneo Kratom Strong Dose

4-6 grams isn’t a dosage for those who are testing out this strain. This is a dosage for experts who are looking for effects such as instant pain relief, euphoria, and sedation.

Very Strong Dose

5-8 grams is a dosage for the veterans and the patriots of kratom. It’s not a dosage for everyone since this is a very strong dose. In most cases, it causes hallucinations and other effects of overdose such as dizziness, restlessness, nausea, and many others. Please be cautious while taking this large dosage.

Warning/ Caution 

  • Remember to follow the rule which starts with a small dose and if it doesn’t work on within 1-3 hours of consumption you can always increase the dose gradually.
  • The effects of Red Borneo kratom are different from each individual and you should give your body some time to adapt before increasing the dosage.
  • If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking medications kratom, you shouldn’t use any kratom strain unless with the recommendation of a health care practitioner.
  • Keep kratom products out of reach of children

Vendors Selling Red Borneo Kratom

When searching for Red vein Borneo you might be overwhelmed by the number of online vendors you will find all claiming to sell a high-quality product. But to ease your work we have compiled a list of the top 5 Red Borneo kratom vendors. If you are interested in finding the best verified and reliable kratom vendors, we have monthly tests all the popular kratom vendors and update our review in our vendor’s section.

1. Coastline Kratom Red Vein Borneo

Coastline Kratom is one of the reputable leaders in the kratom industry. If you are looking for Red Borneo kratom Coastline, Kratom can assure you the highest quality kratom at a very affordable price. The Red Vein Borneo Kratom stocked by Coastline is stocked in 25g, 50g, 75g, and 100g. The 25g will cost you $12.99, the 50g will cost you $22.99, the 75g will cost you $32.99, and 100g will cost you $39.99. They have a 30 money-back guarantee and free shipping on orders above $75.

2. Kay Botanicals

Kay Botanicals is one of the companies that is committed to providing you with quality products that will meet your needs and at the best possible kratom prices. If you’re looking for natural remedies for your health issues, then Kay Botanicals is your one-stop shop. They have stocked the Red Borneo Kratom in 1oz and 250g. The 1oz is $6.49, and 250g is $25.

3. PurKratom

It’s a Florida-based kratom company that has been selling kratom for several years now. If you’re looking for a company that is committed to meeting your needs, then PurKratom will be the right choice for you. They stock the Red Borneo Kratom both in capsule and powder form. Red Vein Borneo Kratom Powder goes at $16.99 and the capsules are as low as $20.99. For more info, you can visit the Purkratom review.

4. Best Kratom

Some companies only offer the finest quality and authentic variants of kratom from the finest lands of Southeast Asia. Their products have some of the highest concentrations of alkaloids in their products. Their Red Vein Borneo Kratom has been stocked in 25g of powder which will cost you $12.99, the 50g will cost you $17.99, the 100g will cost you $31.99, and 200g will cost you $57.99.

5. Kraken Kratom

Among the companies that have been selling the highest quality kratom online is Kraken Kratom. They have been around for several years now and based on the kratom community reviews they are among the highest-rated. They stock both Red Vein Borneo kratom powder and capsules. In powder form 28g will cost you $9.99, 56g will cost you $18.99, and $112g will cost you $34.99. For capsules the cost of 10z is $16.45, 2oz is $30.95, and 112g will cost you $55.95.

Final Thought On Red Vein Borneo Kratom Reviews

Red Borneo Kratom as you have read from the above review it’s one of the best strains for relaxing, mood enhancement, pain relief, and sedation. Use it wisely and in accordance with the recommended dosage by your vendor. Always take caution and if you experience severe side effects consult your local health care specialist.