Opms Kratom Silver – Know The Secret

Opms kratom silver is a Maeng Da Kratom whose origin is from Thai Kratom tree. This strain contains purified organic Mitragyna speciosa. It is from the coffee plant family. This strain of Kratom has substantial impacts on the user with on anxiety effect, activated happy mood, and an increased degree of energy in the body. Once you take opms silver your anxiety, the level goes down making you happy, energetic and a desire to take up more work in case you had been on the job.

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Many people in the world, for them to recover from tiredness after work and improve body energy use this herbal drug. It has a calming effect on the brain and the body of users that makes them feel more energetic and ready to keep working. Experiences have shown that silver Kratom takes its due effect on the body after 5-10 minutes and can last for hours.

Opms silver is unique compared to other Kratom strains. It has robust and unique energy, the intense effect on boosting your mood and increase in brain performance.

Properties of Opms Kratom silver

Opms comes in capsule form or an alcohol-dissolved product with a high concentration of alkaloid and flavonoids. The Thai Kratom tree, which produces opms silver Kratom is unique in that it can produce up to 95% of alkaloid. These alkaloids compose to provide the medicinal value of this strain. As a result, it forms a stable source of energy and other beneficial factors to Kratom users. All these factors make opms most preferred.

Is Opms Kratom Silver Effective?

This question is among the most prominent issue that pops up the mind of Kratom users when seeking the best Kratom strain to use. However, is opms Kratom effective? I would say yes it is. Opms is rated top strain among all other Kratom strains. This strain gives great effects slightly higher to that of Maeng Da.

An overdose of this strain has reported strong effectiveness with its users advised to avoid an overdose. It would not be worth it buying opms at that high price and abusing it at once especially if you wanted to keep that feeling for a couple of days.

Which Is The Best Opms Extract?

On the regular occurrence, we have the pure extract strain and the non-extract strain of opms. The pure extract has pure alkaloid of the Thai tree while non-extract contains other strains of Kratom like Maeng Da.

People who have had past experiences on using opms silver Kratom has reported that pure extract is the best. They continue to add that the powder form of this strain is more effective than even the capsules. It, however, depends on the level of concentration of alkaloids in the plant to tell if the strain is active or not.

Opms Kratom Silver Dosage Price

This strain of Kratom is a little bit expensive though every person in the middle class can afford. A pair of strain cost about £15, which is an estimate of £7 per capsule. For the common Kratom strain, a pair does for £4. The high price is due to the high concentration of alkaloids present. The price tag also tells you this strain is more effective and preferable to use.

Dosage Guide: Opms Silver Kratom

The amount of dosage you take of a particular drug determines its effectiveness and the impact on your body. This concept applies with opms Kratom dosages. The more you make the high the effect on your body. Bearing in mind that opms takes minutes to dissolve into the body; the impact is also in intervals.

Here are some of the instructions you can follow to get the desired effect.

  • 5-7 capsules give users mild results that are a bit stimulating with a euphoric feeling.
  • 8-11 tablets provide the user with a standard impact from stimulation effect to sedative.
  • 12-16 capsules have a substantial effect on users. These extreme effects are the sedative effects and accompanied by hallucinations sometimes.
  • 17-19 pills are the most strong level any user of this strain can opt to go. Taking such a high number of capsules results in extreme sedative and euphoric effect on the user.

On a routine basis, it is essential to start on low dosage especially if you are a beginner and rise to higher dosages with time. It is also crucial to put the following points into consideration when taking opms Silver Kratom.

  1. After taking your dose probably in the morning, take at least six hours before taking another dose. When you follow that, it eliminates the chances of abuse.
  2. Make it a habit to take your Kratom in the morning so that you give it time to act on your body giving you the pleasure you desire. Taking it in the evening will make you sleepless which complicates your next day activities due to those feeling to go asleep. Further, when taking it in the morning, it is good to avoid overdose since it can make you inactive for the whole day.
  3. Take your capsules with a lot of water. Kratom capsule takes up a lot of water from the body for them to dissolve hence dehydrating the body.
  4. Always have a routine to follow daily. It ensures you are taking your dose on time.

Effects Of Using Opms Silver Kratom

Opms is a mixture of plains leaf from the Thai plant and some amount of pure extracts. The high percentage of alkaloids makes this strain brings about a cold filtered feeling in the mind. This feeling makes the mind to relax and function well. That feeling is similar to hydrocodone in some way. Hydrocodone is more expensive and has more side effects compare to opms.

Opms have stimulation and euphoric effect when you take in little amounts. This fact is per those people who are prolific users. However, when used in large volume, the effect becomes sedative. The sedative effect is from the alkaloid action in the body as well as mitragynine that stimulates receptors in the body of users according to the level of capsules consumed.

Opms kratom has a beneficial effect on the brain of the user. This fact is proved by the occurrence of sedative and euphoric effect experienced by users. This effect makes it be among the best Kratom to use when you are seeking for sleeping effects.

Opms silver Kratom relief stress. The strains alkaloids help the muscles to relax and the blood to flow in calm. All this gives the user a feeling of body relaxation a fact proven scientifically.

This strain does well as a pain-relieving drug. When the body is aching especially after the long working day, many people opt to take opms Kratom to relieve them of pain. It causes muscles to relax and bring about a relaxing feeling on the body of the user.

Opms strain treats sleeping disorders. Due to the relaxing and calming effects that this drug brings into the body, it causes one to sleep well. Using this drug is, therefore, the best option to follow rather than purchasing over the counter drug. Over the counter, drugs may have more side effects than Kratom. It is, however, important to notice that the amount of impact varies with the experience of users and the amount used.

Side Effects Of Opms Silver Kratom

They are no documented side effects of opms silver. Its side effects are minimal or even at zero points as compared to other Kratom strains. This view results from the fact that science has not conducted enough research to ascertain that this strain has any adverse side effect in the body of users.

This Kratom strain is a little bit expensive hence not highly abused like other cheap Kratom strains. However, if this strain were cheap, it would be more abused which would cause increased chances of side effect with little tolerance.

How To Take Opms Silver Kratom

Many people prefer to take opms silver Kratom in the form of capsules. That is probably why the opms Kratoms the company that processes this strain prefers to produce its product more in the tablet than liquid form. However, there are some reasons as to why this happens which includes the following;

1. Simplicity Of Capsules

Capsules are easy to ingest. Opms capsule is easy to swallow with water, unlike other strains that you have to mix it with alcohol, mix with food or chew when raw. Opms capsules are therefore more efficient to take at any place. Further, you can carry this capsule in your pocket and take them whenever you feel like.

Also, capsules are easy to follow the prescription set, unlike powder Kratom. With the pill, you know how many of it to take, but you cannot count or estimate the amount of powder.

2. Capsules Have No Aftertaste

Unlike powder form of Kratom strains, opms Kratom capsules have no pungent smell. Since you do not chew the tablet but just swallowing, it does not leave any taste in the mouth. Powder strains are a challenge to take especially if the strain is bitter. You have to dissolve in water and make that solution which sometimes becomes difficult even to swallow. Further powder solution leaves some pungent or bitter taste in the mouth that can last for hours.

3. The Capsule Is Perfect And Timely

With the tablet you can easily count them and ascertain the number, you are taking. There are rare cases of experiencing abuse from the capsule of opms since you can calculate the numbers.

Therefore, you take or ingest opms kratom strain in capsule form directly as from the manufacturer.

What is the difference between opms silver Kratom and other opms Kratom Strains?

Opms is a brand of Kratom with three categories of Kratom namely:

Opms silver Kratom is the only opms brand that comes in powder and capsule form. The rest are either in tablet or in liquid. Sources, however, indicate that Opms gold is more potent than the silver opms.

The Legality of Opms Silver Kratom

Even though opms silver Kratom has not yet discovered to have any side effect on users, many countries across the globe are however to make it legal in their state. Countries still hold that long-forgotten perception that opms is a drug of the Kratom family and Kratom is harmful. If you are a user of opms in the US, for example, the drug test authorities must monitor you. This authorities still believe this drug is not safe for humans to ingest.

Opms Silver Kratom Reviews

Opms kratom users give varying reviews concerning this strain. Notably, those reviews are positive most of the time. Users provide their experience with this type of Kratom highlighting how it has helped to improve their life generally. Not a single person who has experience with opms has ever given a review suggesting that it has side effects on them. It gives you a conclusion that this strain is the best Kratom we have in the market. opmkratom.com


To sum up our discussion, opms sliver Kratom is a herbal drug made up of the high content of alkaloids. These alkaloids are from high pressure and cold water that condense inside the plant forming these alkaloids. It is advisable that users should be careful on the dosages to take. This is due to the fact that this strain is powerful. You should have a sense of self-control when using the drug. Always start by using small quantities before upgrading to high amounts with time.

Furthermore, whenever you want to buy opms kratom silver, confirm from the seller if it is the one. Check for the silver color all the time.