Moon Kratom Review: Best Products, Strains, Usages, and Prices Guide

Moon Kratom is one of the vendors you are probably looking into to get your standard dose of kratom. The company is based in Austin, Texas and it specializes in the supply of high-quality Kratom products throughout several States. In this article, we are going to discuss the features, products, and services of Moon Kratom vendor, to make it an unbiased Moon kratom review.

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If you are an avid news watcher or active in social media, there is a likely chance you have heard of kratom; either as a sensational stimulant or you are already using it. While for those of you who have not heard about kratom then there are a few things you ought to know first.

Without boring you with the botanical details, this drug comes from the coffee family of Mitragyna speciosa. Suffice it to say, it is an evergreen tropical plant grown in Southeast Asia.

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It is popularly found in countries such as Thailand, Malaysia or Indonesia. Kratom has been widely used for generations as a healing drug. Recently it has been taking the opioid markets by storm sparking several debates over its use and effects.

The opiate can be used in various ways ranging from chewing off the leaves, as a liquid product and all the way to add its powder into your drinks. It is safe to say kratom is very versatile. Once consumed the drug is known to affect your opiate receptors and the effects vary from person to person and also the dosage.

Users have been reporting about its energizing properties when used in low doses while at higher doses it works by relaxing the body and relieving pain and giving its user the feeling of euphoria.

Moon Kratom Honest Review

Mitragyna speciosa contains a good number of alkaloids such as Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine. These two phytochemicals are quite similar to other opiates compounds, but they have one exception; the phytochemicals have fewer user side effects than other opioids like fentanyl and oxycodone.

These compounds are psychoactive and act as partial agonists at μ-opioid receptors and also competitive antagonists at κ- and δ-opioid receptors.

There is a number of strains of the same plant so new users should be able to experiment (in small doses) on what works best for them before deciding.

1. What Moon Kratom offers

Moon Kratom offers a variety of kratom strains. Their products are mainly powder such as Red Bali, Yellow Thai, and White Borneo. They only have one liquid extract. All your purchases can be quickly done online at your comfort and have it delivered at your convenience.

Their products are one of the most exceptional qualities in the current market. Their product is ground to a powder which is a finer grade that you would not find at most vendors out there.

Moon Kratom offers both powder and extracts shipped directly from Southeast Asia and then inspected and processed into the powder form. It then undergoes testing before being distributed to consumers.

Their shipping policy is straight forward and reasonable, and all the shipping expenses are the responsibilities of the customer. They offer a replacement in case of an error on their part. This extends to their refund policy. They only provide a refund to unopened products and the shipping cost will be taken out of the refund.

Purchasing is quite straightforward and simple. You can use your credit card, E-check and even bitcoins and the transactions are smooth. Their prices are also pocket-friendly ranging from as low as $ 25 up to $150 for the powder strains. If you prefer powder strains, they have the following:

  • Yellow Indonesian Micro Powder – $25.00 – $139.00
  • Maeng Da Micro Powder – $29.00 – $145.00
  • Green Indonesian Micro Powder – $25.00 – $139.00
  • Red Bali Micro Powder – $25.00 – $139.00
  • Red Indonesian Micro Powder – $25.00 – $139.00
  • 10X Kratom Extract – $49.00 – $149.00
  • White Borneo Micro Powder – $25.00 – $139.00
  • Yellow Thai Micro Powder – $25.00 – $139.00

And one liquid product:

  • Kratom Liquid Extract – $5 – $125.00

2. Personal Experience

I was lucky to live in a state that has yet to ban the use of Kratom and tried it for myself. I came across Moonlight Kratom through their Facebook account and was directed to their website. My first purchase was of the Bali strain. I started off with small doses just to be on the safe side, and I wasn’t disappointed.

I heat it in water for around thirty minutes before drinking it. The effects started just a few minutes later. Since then I have been toying with different drinks like orange juice. What I have yet to try are capsules which unfortunately are not offered by the vendor.

3. Why Should You Use Moon Kratom

Kratom offers several benefits to the users. For one it is an excellent stimulant when taken in small doses. This works perfectly as an energy booster for and can be applied in areas such as music festivals or other recreational activities.

Kratom can also be used as a mood enhancer when taken in high doses; this gives the body the feeling of ecstasy and works even further to numb any physical pain. This has made many to seek it out over prescription pain medication.

In other cases, users have been known to use it as an antidote for opioid withdrawal. As a natural herb, Kratom enjoys certain advantages over other opiates like fewer side effects and withdrawal symptoms that are commonly associated with addiction.

4. Where To Find Moon Kratom

Due to its growing popularity, Kratom has gotten worldwide recognition, and as such, several vendors have risen to the challenge of making Kratom readily available for its regular users and new users.

For those who go to the drug stores, the chances are high that you will find them on the pharmacy shelves as long as it hasn’t been banned in your State.

Currently, there are; Wisconsin, Indiana, Tennessee, District of Columbia, Alabama, Arkansas and Vermont. So, it may be extremely hard and borderline impossible to get Kratom in those states and even if you do you may very be faced with drug charges.

For those living in Kratom legal regions, you can also buy it online and have it shipped.

Side Effects and Recommendation

It is not recommended to take Kratom with alcohol on the off chance it may amplify its effects radically. Just like any opioid, it is not recommended for use by pregnant women, and it is strictly illegal for anyone below the age of eighteen.

Even though side effects are rare, there have been some reported cases of sweating, sedation, constipation, loss of appetite, nausea, and drying of the mouth. In other cases, it has been shown to reduce testosterone levels in men.

5. Other Services That Offer The Same

Like all vendors, Moon kratom is not the only company to provide Kratom products. Companies like Kraken Kratom, Kratora Kratom, Happy Hippo, and Coastline Kratom offer kratom products.

Moon Kratom Vendor as Compared to others

Moon Kratom is definitely one of the best vendors out there as it offers both quality and at lower prices compared to other vendors.

Vendors like Coastline Kratom offers equally cheap but still high-quality Kratom, and it has more options like doses from slow to moderately and fast strain at your pleasure, unlike Moon Kratom. They are also more consistent with their services as recently Moon Kratom credits services were down. Their customer services are pretty much on par with each other.

Happy Hippos, on the other hand, offers pricier products compared to Moon Kratom. They also provide more strains than Moon Kratom such as Sumatra red and go as far as to offer capsules. Both companies offer bitcoins services so that’s a plus for both.

Kraken Kratom like Happy Hippo is more popular than Moon Kratom and has an excellent reputation. Just like Happy Hippo, it also offers more strains of Kratom than Moon Kratom and also provides capsules. Prices, however, are much lower than Moon Kratom as they start from as low as $8 to $9. This is probably what makes it more popular with consumers. Though unlike Moon Kratom they been experiencing shipping problems with shipments are taking as long as two days compared to their proclaimed ‘same-day shipping’ timeframe. This has forced some customers to pay extra for the two-day shipping.

What Moon Kratom Needs

The vendor has no clear directives on how to use their products, especially for newbies. This can be a bit challenging and discourages new customers from becoming regulars as they look elsewhere for their needs. A brief instruction can go a long way to help newbies and ensure that they do it right.

They have been experiencing purchasing problems when it comes to credit card transactions which also furthers lowers the chances and likelihood credit users would rely on and trust in their services. Since they fixed their credit transaction problems, this may no longer be a problem but subsequent transaction problems could have a significant impact on their sales.

The company also needs to expand its strain pool and also offer other varieties like capsules that are available on other vendors. They should also use more catchy names for their products so that it can be more appealing to customers rather than use the clinical names.

If you are a newbie, Moon Kratom may not offer much in the way of dosage and even how to prepare it, and as such, you may be forced to find other alternatives or learn how to use their products somewhere else from other experienced users.

This is also made difficult by the lack of reviews that a lot of new customers would most likely rely on before they themselves decide to try their products. The only reviews you can get are offsite are may be prone to bias or undeserved negative reviews which makes them unreliable.

Why Do I Recommend Moon Kratom?

Hands down Moon Kratom is one the best Kratom vendor out there, and I highly recommend it. Their site has a captivating and user-friendly layout. This makes navigation easy for anyone not familiar with their website.

Their customer services and interaction are also reliable. You can call or email them through their contacts displayed on their website. The response rate through their email is usually within twenty-four hours. You can even get to them through either Twitter or Facebook for an even faster response. Twitter and Facebook are the best places to get their newest and relevant informational updates about their products and any other site-related activities.

Their transaction security is also secure so you don’t have to worry about your credit information getting stolen. When making your purchase, for every strain you choose, there is always a description of what you are buying in terms of size and properties, giving the exact information of the product you want.

In case you want to order several strains and perhaps different even, you can always add your orders on a cart and can review it later before submitting your payment. This makes it easier to order as time is not wasted going back and forth several pages just to get your order.

Moon kratom also offers shipments within three days.

Conclusion about Moon Kratom

Moon Kratom may be less popular than other vendors, and their popularity is growing due to their quality products that are of high demand especially with the current state of competition among other vendors. All in all, it is one of the best vendors out there that still offer quality Kratom. It rightly deserves a five star.