Left Coast Kratom Review

Left Coast Kratom Review 2022

Left Coast Kratom, a family-owned herbal products company, is based in Portland, Oregon. It was started in 2017 after noticing the low-quality products and the poor quality service that runs rampant in the current Kratom industry. It’s considered one of the best Kratom vendors selling the freshest, high-quality Kratom products, powders, and extracts. This Left Coast Kratom review will guide you in detail about its kratom products, quality, prices, coupons, payment methods, shipping, and return policy, discounts, and loyalty program.

The company boasts excellent customer service for a better customer shopping experience. As an experienced company with a broad customer base, you can expect it to most of the Kratom customer needs. It has a comprehensive product catalog giving you multiple products to select.

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Left Coast Kratom Review About Quality

As a boutique source of Kratom, the company is more than committed to offering nothing but the best quality and lab-tested products at affordable prices. They prioritize customer education and customer service. It’s a company here to stay and make sure you get the best product for your money. With them offering a wide variety of Kratom products even for beginners, Left Coast Kratom is a one-stop vendor.

All the Left Coast Kratom products go through double lab testing for heavy metals, alkaloid content, and other contaminants. What’s more, because of their excellent relationship with Kratom farmers, the company can outsource high-quality Kratom products. Besides this, their long-standing and well-developed relationship with the suppliers ensures they get a consistent quality product.

The products go through a series of lab testing and quality assurance to ensure the customer gets the highest quality Kratom. Left Coast Kratom does participate in the American Kratom Association’s GMP that provides a company that produces its products in proper manufacturing standards. Besides this, the company audits its facility and supply chain regularly to ensure they remain steadfast in compliance with appropriate manufacturing practices. Its products are safe and effective.

On top of all that, Left Coast Kratom does follow the set control protocols, including environmental controls to pathogens test in their facility, rigorous screening process of their suppliers and products. There are also revamped sanitation controls, policies and procedures, and extra comprehensive testing protocols. What’s more, there are milling and blending processes for better testing accuracy and multiple laboratories to test their products.

Left Coast Kratom Products

Left Coast Kratom offers a long list of products divided into four categories. There are power and leaf, capsules and tablets, and extracts. You also get the powder and extract the sample for testing.

Kratom Powder & Leaf

It’s one of the companies selling the best quality Kratom Powder and leaf products. They acquire most of the Kratom strains from a variety of reputable sources to ensure consistent quality. Their powder and leaf catalog is one that excites customers, even the experienced users.

Kratom Capsules & Tablets

If you love Kratom in capsule or tablet form, you can also get it here. The vendor encapsulates high-quality Kratom products for customers’ convenience. Whichever strain you want, you can get it in both capsule and tablet form, from Bali to UEI under natural vegan capsules.

Kratom Extract

If you need superior quality Kratom extracts, check out the Left Coast Kratom extract catalog. They also offer enhanced Kratom selection produced by their in-house production team and supplied by trusted external suppliers. They have a wide selection, from the popular Gold Reserve to lesser famous enhanced Maeng Da. It’s for sure a catalog that fits everyone’s needs.

Kratom Powder & Extract Samples

If you’re a beginner or if you want to change your current vendor for Left Coast Kratom and you would like to try out their Kratom powder or Kratom extract, you’re in luck. The vendor does offer several samples for testing. All you need is to add a sample pack to any qualifying order, and you get a free sample. However, you have to spend at least $15 to receive the free Kratom powder sample and at least $75 for the extracted sample.


Another product that is included in their product catalog is accessories. According to the Left Coast Kratom, they want to ensure you enjoy a superior experience. That’s why their team selected a group of necessary accessories to make customers’ Kratom experience more effective, efficient, and enjoyable.

Most Popular Kratom Products

Among the many products, Left Coast Kratom has, there are some trendy ones bought almost every day. Those include:

Platinum Tea Tablets

They are proprietary extracts with 80% Mitragynine. The ingredients in these tablets include Mitragyna Speciosa, Silicified Microcrystalline Cellulose, Sucrose, and Stearic Acid. You should know, Platinum Tea Extract has the most refined grade kratom tea extract. If you’re a UEI fanatic, you now have another quality extract to add to your collection. The product is perfect for pleasing the Platinum Extracts fans.

Yellow Vein Maeng Da Thai Powder

It is available in Yellow Vein. It’s harvested from trees native to Thai rainforests. It’s one of the most highly recognized strains worldwide. And you know what, this product is sourced from trees cultivated to produce the yellow hue powder. The ingredient contained here is Mitragyna Specials. You can take by brewing it in tea, adding to your smoothie or protein shake, or even mix with your favorite juice.

Private Reserve Liquid Kratom Extract

This Leaf Extract contains Mitragyna Speciosa, water, vegetable glycerin, and natural flavoring. You can take it brewing it in tea, adding to your smoothie or protein shake, or even mix it with your favorite juice. Another method of taking in this product is to add it to your non-dairy milk beverage. You can try adding some chocolate to the mixture for extra flavor.

Left Coast Kratom Accepted Payments

You can take advantage of COD (Cash on Delivery) shipping and save yourself the hassle of sharing your crucial information online. The method is quite simple; all you need is to hand in the payment when the courier arrives with the package.

If you’re a privacy-conscious user, you can pay via Bitcoin through a mobile wallet or Coinbase. You should know, you cannot phone order; you must make your purchase through the Left Coast Kratom online portal.

Left Coast Kratom Review on Shipping and Return Policy

LCK sells its products globally and does offer one of the best shipping. They do also have return and billing policies that safeguard both them and their customers. Here is what you need to know about their shipping, return, and billing policies.

Shipping Policy

Left Coast Kratom offers free same-day shipping for all their orders; there is no price range. Every order in their catalog qualifies for free USPS First Class Shipping. Besides this, they do offer free USPS Priority Mail Shipping that takes 2-3 days. That is for all orders above $49. Another thing, if you place an order above $99, you get to enjoy free UPS next-day shipping.

And the best part is, if you order before 2-pm Monday to Friday and before noon on Saturday, your order is shipped the same day. All this is a sign of appreciation to their loyal customers. For order requests placed after the cutoff time won’t be shipped the same day because of their shipping provider guidelines.

Shipping Restrictions: Currently, the vendor does not ship their products to Arkansas, Alabama, Vermont, Indiana, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, Sarasota County, FL, and San Diego, CA.

Return Policy

If you buy Kratom from Left Coast Kratom and get a problem with your order, you have to contact them with the first 30-days of your receipt to qualify for a refund or exchange. You should know, all the return shipping costs of the product, either ruined or otherwise, are all yours. Also, the shipping costs for product exchange from the vendor to you are yours.

Other than that, all your return requests must come together with the original product. That’s even if it’s ruined or otherwise inside the unopened and un-tampered condition to get a refund. Additionally, the heat-sealed zip-locks on LCK products must not be damaged or broken to qualify for a refund.

Account Opening

Opening an account with Left Coast Kratom is a straightforward process. It’s not a must you open an account as you can place your order and check out as a guest and still receive it. Opening an account allows you to track your orders, current and previous; you have access to your history and status. The process of opening is a 2-step procedure. You need to enter your names, email, and password, and you’re done.

Left Coast Kratom Affiliate Program

LCK affiliate program is one of the most generous in the Kratom industry. The standard affiliate commission for the first sale is 30%. Each subsequent sale that follows gets 25%. You also earn a commission for every successful order in your referred customers’ places, and it’s a lifetime commitment. The commission payouts get processed through a printable check from eChecks or via Bitcoin. You can print the checks or deposit them remotely using your mobile phone.

Discounts & Loyalty Program

Left Coast Kratom also offers a generous Loyalty Program and discounts. You earn massive discounts progressively the more you stay a customer. It’s a good deal for your account lifetime. The company also runs weekly sales every Monday and Friday, offering a 15-30% discount on all its products. At the time, you may come across products marked with a discount of up to 60%.

Whether you’re new to Kratom or a seasoned connoisseur, we offer a unique level system based on your order history with us. The best part is, it’s again for both new Kratom users and expert-level users. The discounts are determined by their unique level system that monitors the order history.

And you know what, you get to watch your discounts grow to allow you to stay on track. Thanks to the system, you can track your order history and weekly, monthly, and total lifetime. You can also save up to 10% when you share this brand on social media and gifts for orders above $150.

Why Buy Kratom from Left Coast Kratom?

  • You get free overnight delivery for all orders that goes over $99.
  • You enjoy free same-day shipping for all the orders you place before 2 pm.
  • LCK back their Kratom with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with their product for any reason, you can let them know, and they’ll take care of you.
  • Left Coast Kratom sells quality lab-tested Kratom gotten from a trusted source and with consistency.
  • You also enjoy excellent customer support when you buy from Left Coast Kratom.

Why Shouldn’t You Buy Kratom from Left Coast Kratom?

There isn’t much to dislike about the vendor. However, if you want to see a vendor that displays Third-Party Lab Results Displayed, Left Coast Kratom doesn’t, and there is no mention of BBB Accreditation.

Final Thoughts on Left Coast Kratom Review!

According to the online Kratom Customer base, Left Coast Kratom is a reliable and reputable Kratom Vendor with experience in what the clients need. It’s a vendor you can rely on when it comes to the supply of high-quality Kratom. Excellent customer service and quick shipping are also a plus for them. Their website is filled with educational resources necessary for a beginner Kratom user.

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