How to enhance Kratom Effects

Natural Kratom Potentiators Makes Kratom Stronger

Most successful kratom users will attest to you that whenever they are budgeting for kratom, they cannot assume the potentiators factor. They love it when they take their dose alongside the kratom potentiators. Well, it is more fun to take the kratom which normally has an unpleasant taste with kratom. Do you have an idea of what kratom potentiators are?

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What is Kratom Potentiators?

Kratom potentiators are simply the supplement of kratom which is taken alongside kratom in order to boost the effectiveness of kratom. All the strains of kratom need potentiators to be strong. Even if you take kratom of high potency, it is still advisable that you take kratom with its potentiators. All strains of kratom can effectively go with kratom potentiators. Most of the kratom potentiators are pleasant in taste.

Actually, there are very many kratom potentiators and they are available in nearly all markets. Once you understand what potentiators are and what works best for you, you can easily make a choice to always take potentiators every time you take your kratom dose.

Why Should You Take Kratom with Potentiators?

Well, now that we know what kratom potentiators are, the question that comes next is why exactly a kratom user should take kratom with potentiators. Let us have a look at why these kratom potentiators are important. Here are some of the reasons for taking kratom with potentiators:

5 Secrets of Potentiating the Natural Krtaom

1. Helps you deal with the unpleasant taste of kratom

Naturally, kratom has a very unpleasant taste. When taking kratom powder, you might end up promising that you will never take kratom powder again because of the unpleasant taste. Some of the potentiators are just the normal food that you take every day.

For instance, turmeric tea is a common drink with kratom that most people take for breakfast or at any other time of the day. When taking kratom with potentiators like turmeric tea, its unpleasant test can be minimized. Even if you are the type of a person who really fears bad tastes, you can just mix your kratom powder with the potentiators then take it once then clear the bad taste with the potentiators. As much as it is unpleasant, it will be for a moment.

2. Boosts the strength of kratom

Just as the name of the kratom potentiators suggests, they add more potential to your kratom to be more effective. When taking kratom with the potentiators, you need to take it in small quantities. Even if you take a very small amount, you will still feel a great effect of the kratom as though you had taken much of it.

Kratom users can report that when you take kratom with potentiators say for pain relief, the effect will be intense and within no minute there will be no pain. This is not the case when you take kratom as it is. Taking kratom alone might mean that you will have to wait for the effects for quite a long time for some effects which are not so much intense.

3. Prolongs the kratom effects

Kratom is taken to give several effects including energy boost, pain relief, and stress relief among many other effects. Such effects get reduced with time. This is the reason some people take kratom at a very short time interval since they want the effect to be experienced without a stop. The kratom potentiators help in prolonging the effects of kratom in the body.

For instance, if you take kratom without the potentiators, it might last for two to four hours hence calling for another dose. However, when you take it with the potentiators, you might end up feeling the effect for as long as six to eight hours hence lowering the frequency of taking kratom.

4. Limits chances of kratom addiction

Kratom is associated with addiction. Once you take kratom for a long time and in high quantities, you can end up getting addicted. At the addiction point, you will always feel comfortable only when under the influence of kratom. The only source of comfort will be in taking kratom again and again. Taking kratom alongside the potentiators helps you to take little kratom and at a long time interval. This limits the chances of developing an addiction.

5. Reduces kratom tolerance

Kratom tolerance refers to the condition in which kratom ceases to produce any effect when taken. This condition happens after a long period of using kratom. At this point, the kratom concentration in the body is normally very high to the extent that any additional dose does not make any difference and so no effect is experienced. Taking kratom with potentiators helps you to avoid such a condition. It makes a small amount of kratom to be fully used up in the body so that no residue is found in the body even after a long period of using kratom.

Most Effective Kratom Potentiators

There are very many kratom potentiators. The most effective ones are as follows:

1. Citrus fruits

Citric fruits are those fruits that contain citric acid. Such fruits include grapefruits, oranges, lime, and lemons. The citric acid, in this case, makes a kratom dose very strong and also lasts for long. Citrus fruits also have a high content of vitamin C which boosts your immune system hence making them absorb irons in the best way. When taking your kratom with citrus fruits, you can either add your kratom powder with the citrus fruit juice then take it together. Alternatively, you can take the powder then clear the unpleasant taste by taking the fruit juice.

2. Green tea

This is another strong kratom potentiator. Green tea is an antioxidant that helps your kratom dose with extra energy to kick off for the effects to be experienced. When taking this tea, do not take it very hot because when mixed with kratom powder, it might have a bitter taste. The best green tea is to use the tea leaves directly in hot water to avoid extra chemicals which are used to process tea bags. This kratom potentiator works best with strong kratom strains like Maeng da kratom and white and red vein kratom.

3. Coffee

A mixture of coffee and kratom is a good way of boosting the effects of your kratom dose. The mixture can increase your concentration and focus and also give you extra energy above what you should expect when taking a kratom dose alone. However, you should take this mixture with lots of care. The mixture has some dehydration effect. Therefore, you should increase your water intake to curb the dehydration effect. Remember that coffee and kratom both have a coffee effect. If you do not take care, it might end up making you feel jittery. If you are a kratom user beginner, try to avoid too much use of this potentiator.

4. Valerian root

This is a common herb that is used to enhance sleep for people with sleep difficulty issues. It is also used to manage stress and anxiety. For this reason, when used with kratom for stress relief, the total impact on stress and sleep is boosted. This potentiator is best used with mild kratom strains like Borneo kratom so that it can boost the seductive and relaxing effects of kratom. To take this kratom potentiator, you can dip the root in warm water then take it alongside kratom.

5. Cayenne pepper

This is just one category of pepper. It has a chili taste. This paper has really several health benefits including boosting the normal digestion of a person. Once it has boosted your digestion process, the rate of kratom absorption gets boosted too. With this, it means that the kratom dose will produce its effects very fast. Additionally, the dose will produce a long-term effect. However, if your digestion is not comfortable with spicy foods, try to use them sparingly. if you happen to feel some heartburn, avoid it totally. But if you do not feel such an effect, you can continue using it but please take some water to avoid dehydration.

6. Turmeric tea

This is yet another kratom potentiator. It helps in improving the absorption of kratom. Just as any other sweet tea, most people take turmeric tea on daily basis. If you are a kratom user, you can take this turmeric tea as a potentiator. It also boosts the kratom effects in terms of strength and also the length of its effects. You can as well use turmeric powder if you do not love turmeric tea. If you choose the powder, you can start by adding a small amount to your turmeric powder in your kratom dose as you increase its amount gradually to your dose. With this, you can enjoy your kratom effects experience.

7. Magnesium

Magnesium is a very strong kratom potentiator that can be used to have a good experience of kratom. One great thing about this kratom potentiator is that it helps in minimizing the chances of having kratom tolerance. Kratom can lead to constipation when taken in large doses. Magnesium as a potentiator comes in to relieve the user from such constipation. Magnesium also helps in reducing fatigue and also improving bone health. Such features of magnesium make it one of the best kratom potentiators. if you take magnesium as your potentiator, you can either take the magnesium pills or even make a smoothie from magnesium-rich foods like avocado, bananas, and any other food as you add kratom to the smoothie.

When to Take Kratom Potentiators

Users of kratom can take the kratom potentiators at different points of kratom consumption. Here are the instances when kratom potentiators should be taken:

1. Alongside kratom dose

Kratom potentiators can be taken at the moment when one is taking the kratom dose. This is most applicable when taking kratom dose in powder form. the powder as said before does not have a pleasant taste and so taking it with the tasty kratom potentiators like apple juice makes the whole process simple. It also boosts the effect of kratom immediately.

2. Few minutes before the kratom dose

Another option on when to take kratom is a few minutes before you take your dose. This is the best time of taking the potentiators. It prepared the body to digest the kratom dose easily. Once in your system, the kratom effect can be boosted easily. It actually makes you experience the kratom effects immediately after you take the dose. This is not as it would be if you took kratom alone when you have to wait for some time to experience the effect.

3. At different time intervals after the kratom dose

This is another option on when to take kratom potentiator. You can decide to be taking kratom at different intervals of time say after one or two hours. Doing this helps in boosting the potential of the kratom in the body to produce effects hence prolonging the effects. In essence, it ensures that all the kratom dose in the body is used up hence in the long run, it limits chances of kratom tolerance.

Buy Kratom Potentiators Online

Buying kratom potentiators is not as ‘complicated as it is to buy kratom itself. There is nothing like its legality in any nation. Just as any food can be bought from any market, the potentiators can be bought from any market. You do not have to struggle to look for it.

Alternatively, you can buy kratom potentiators from the vendors of kratom. There are some who sell both kratom and kratom potentiators. When making orders of your kratom dose, you can check with the seller if he or she also has kratom potentiators in store.