Kratom k Vendor Review

Kratom K Vendor Review – Find the Best Kratom Products for Low Prices

According to American Kratom Association, over 5 million people use kratom regularly, and that’s in America alone which tells you the number is tens of millions on the global scene. Today people have resulted in throwing away their prescription drugs and picking herbal alternatives such as kratom. However, taking a cheap kratom with contamination may result in adverse side effects. With such awareness, quality and safety should be your number one concern when making that buying decision. And on that note, we have decided to focus our attention on one of the largest online kratom sellers in the USA that’s Kratom K.

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Our, Kratom K review which as usual is unbiased focuses on bringing to light exactly who Kratom K is, what are some of their products, their shipping cost, customer service, what we didn’t like and so much more. Here is the Kratom K review.

About Kratom K

Kratom K is an ethnobotanical retailer that has been around since 2011 and is operated by Nine2Five LLC. It’s based in Oceanside, California and as of today, they are one of the largest online sellers of kratom in the United States. Kratom K operates on a model similar to eBay or Amazon selling nearly all kratom extracts strains, a wide range of products, and a wide range of brands. Other than kratom the online vendor stocks other botanicals such as Kava Kava, Salvia, Moe, Fly Agaric, Ayahuasca among others. They claim to have the highest quality hand-selected products you can find on the web.

Kratom K Products

According to Kratom K which has been around since 2011, they claim to have been offering the highest quality hand-picked kratom products for sale to customers on their online store. When you shop around you will discover they have a variety of kratom of capsules, kratom powder, extractions, and crushed leaf. Some of the types of kratom you will find on their product list include Sumatra, Riau, Borneo, Bali, Maeng Da, Bentuangie, Borneo, Malay, and Indonesian. To make it a one-stop shop for everything the company also sells a variety of extracts. You will find Full Spectrum Isolate Extract, ultra-enhanced powders, liquid tinctures among others.

Some of the brands you will find are Mojo, XXX kratom, Zen Kratom, PEP Kratom, Eden’s Ethnos, Divinity Kratom, Quantum Kratom, SUPREME50, Club 13, Captain Amsterdam, Phoria, O.P.M.S among others.

Pricing of Products on Kratom K

One of the things to note with Kratom K is most of their capsules and powders are very expensive compared to other vendors out there but for a reason. According to the company, the primary reason why the prices of their products are at par is that they sell quality products that have been tested rigorously, and they always try to be fair to the farmer of the raw materials. Here is a list of some of the product prices on their list.

  • 28g of Green Veined Bali Blast Kratom powder will cost you $18.95
  • 228g of Bali Kratom Crushed leaf will cost you $91.95
  • 36oz of Red Maeng Da from a private forest will cost you $400
  • 456 of Green Veined Maeng Da Supreme Capsules will cost you around $195.95
  • 56 Capsules of Red Veined Thai Kratom Capsules cost around $23.95
  • The branded product such as 16g of Mojo Pimp Kratom cost around $14.95 while 28.35g of O.P.M.S Silver Malay Special Reserve powder cost around $20.95
  • On Extracts, 10 capsules of full-spectrum isolate cost $38 while $20 capsules cost $71.95
  • 5g of Golden Reserved Enhanced Powder cost around $44.96 while 10g cost around $80.96
  • In regards to liquids
  • 15ml kratom therapy full spectrum alkaloid tincture will cost you $29.95
  • While 8ml O.P.M.S kratom liquid will cost you $18.95

Kratom K Samples

If you are new to kratom or you haven’t tried some kratom strains, and maybe you want to give it a shot then Kratom K has a good sample offer for you. If you have just $30.95, you can buy a premium kratom sample pack that contains

20 capsules of Green Veined Maeng Da, 20 capsules of white-veined Thai, 20 capsules of Red Veined Borneo, and 20 capsules of Red Veined Bali Supreme or any other four strains within varieties of kratom.

Wholesale Products For Retailers

As an owner of a kratom retail store Kratom K has a wholesale program for you, and they want to be your distributor. They offer retailers kratom at a wholesale price which is way lower than buying in smaller quantities. They have a responsive support system, and they have assured retailers that they will get original kratom from certified manufactures. If you are interested in selling their brand on your shelves as a retailer just head over there.

As an individual who wants to purchase kratom on a wholesale order the minimum the company allows you to purchase is 2 kilograms. Remember all orders must be paid upfront.

Where Kratom K Outsources its Products

Kratom K outsources its products from the farms themselves. They interact with the farmers and supervise the crops before they have been processed. This helps out with the elimination of chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides from being used. They only handpick the best quality crops and pay the farmers fairly based on the market value of their products no wonder their kratom isn’t the cheapest in the market.

Kratom K Quality Testing

Purchasing kratom from anywhere without doing enough research on who the vendor is might get you in trouble or worse on a hospital bed. Kratom from unlicensed vendors that is cheap might be contaminated with bacteria, mold, metals, or other toxins which might have adverse effects on your overall health. According to Kratom K, every product is tested for quality purposes and also for safety purposes and not just by the company but also by third-party labs. You should know one of Kratom K’s objectives is to deliver not just quality but also safe kratom to its customers.

Customer Care Responsiveness

According to the Kratom K website,, if you have a comment, question, or concern, you should email them or use the landline mobile number on their site, and someone will attend to you. One of the critical things that build trust between an online merchant and the customer is the responsiveness of customer care.

Kratom K Shipping Policy

Kratom K has a reputation of being one of the companies that ship products within 24 hours after placing and completing an order. The company operates from 8.00 am-4.30 pm Monday to Friday. If you make your order before 2:00 pm PST then you can expect your order to be shipped the same day but if it’s past 2:00 pm the order will be shipped the following day. On holidays they don’t ship products. Shipping rates usually are based on the weight of what you have ordered. All products are shipped via USPS, and you can track your product through a tracking number. Other shipping methods include FedEx.

Conditions for Returns

In some cases, you might not be pleased with the state in which you received the order and if such a situation arises then you can make a return of your product within 15 days from when you received the order. The package must be an opened for you to be eligible for a refund. Refunds usually are processed within one week after the company receives the product.

Accepted Forms of Payment by Kratom K

Kratom K accepts all major credit cards, cashier’s checks, and money orders. For them to ship your product, the bank has to clear your payment for verification purposes.

Kratom K Affiliate Program

In case you are good at marketing, maybe you have a blog or you’re a huge social media influencer other than just using kratom you can make some quick cash with Kratom K. The company has an affiliate program where for every sale you make you are set to earn 15% commission on each product you sell. All you need to do is to sign up on the website and get started.

Our Kratom-K Review criticism

We are not against Kratom K, but we promised to be much unbiased in our review of Kratom K, and we intend to keep that promise. When you compare the price of Kratom K products against other reputable companies, Kratom K products are pricey.

The other issue is their choice of communication which is only by email. With over a hundred emails it’s most likely your issue might take some days before it’s resolved something that has been highlighted through online customer reviews.

Final Thoughts in Regards to Kratom K

Kratom K has everything you need under one roof. If you’re looking for kratom extracts, kratom powders, kratom capsules, you name it, they have got you covered. They have been in the business far too long and with such experience in the business, they wouldn’t want to compromise a reputation they have built for so many years. So feel confident purchasing your favorite kratom strain on Kratom K online store and you can be assured your needs will be satisfied.