Kratom headache

Kratom Headache Causes & Treatment Explained

Kratom is an herb-based stimulant that originated from South East Asia, and its use has become widespread. Kratoms have been used to enhance people’s health while in some unfortunate situations, it has been abused as a drug. The drug has been abused in the sense that, people are using the stimulating content in the plant as drugs to enhance physical stamina and boost mood and feelings. As a drug, kratoms are consumed either by drinking or being chewed to extract the 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine. These compounds contain the medicinal and drug elements of the plant.

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As a medicinal product, kratom minimizes anxiety, counters the threat of diabetes among people with low blood sugar and insulin. It also mitigates the effects of depression, manages blood pressure and acts as a painkiller for people suffering from chronic pain conditions. It also alleviates the clinical manifestation of the effects of opiate withdrawal.

However, there is no scientific evidence confirming kratom as a therapeutic drug. It is for this reason; this article will look into this kratom whose benefits and effects have been understated for too long. The information will help in sensitizing people on how best to use kratom and enjoy its benefits in the right way.

Understanding Kratom

Kratom has two sides to the way it works when consumed. When taken in high doses, it can become an abused drug. The misuse can make one become an addict. Furthermore, when consumed in large dosage, the kratom produces Central Nervous System (CNS) drug effects. These effects imitate symptoms of other drugs such as tranquilizers and sedatives ideal for calming people with panic attacks and anxiety.

Kratom is turning out to be a poisoned chalice. In this one part, it can cure an individual and, in another part, it is a very dangerous drug with high tendencies of addiction. The key lies in the right balance of the dosage being consumed. These features make kratom rare when compared with other plants from the same family of plants such as Akuamma seeds.

The ability to have benefits and cause harm makes it difficult to distinguish the effects and degree of consumption of kratom by kratom users on face value. However, with trained and a keen eye for detail, it is possible to determine the effects at a single glance.

The victims tend to be chatty, enhanced attentiveness, high energy levels, and being over-social when around people. These are the effects of consuming the right doses of kratom. It helps the user be a better version of themselves by enabling them to express themselves better. However, the manifestation of the effects of kratoms can be very unpredictable, and it can be very difficult to foresee the onset of the effects.

This portrays them as unreliable when you are trying to use it to boost your mood or energy level because you are not entirely sure when the effects of the kratom you have consumed will kick in. The false alarm makes one add more dosage of kratom to feel the effects. The consumption of an additional dose can make one overdose and begin abusing kratoms unsuspectingly.

The Consequence Of The Use of Kratom

Kratoms are frequently consumed for the value they offer in short terms. This may be to increase or maintain a certain degree of highness, the need to boost our moods at a precise moment. However, as one continues to consume kratoms each day, their appetite for kratoms increases. The dependency on kratoms makes one be addicted. Addiction to kratoms means that the user is consuming more than the recommended dosage.

One major side effect of abusing kratom is constipation. Constipation is the inability of the body to get rid of fecal materials from the rectum due to the hardness of the stool. This complication makes it difficult to predict and making it problematic in getting rid of. The condition does not cause complications; it only makes a victim uncomfortable due to the bloating of the stomach. When you experience constipation after consuming kratom, you can try Kratom Constipation Treatment.

Sustained kratom consumption also causes Anorexia nervosa, a condition that limits the consumption of calories can making a user appear thin and malnourished. The weight loss is very critical for anyone using kratom because it depletes your health stock and affects your lifestyle in general.

Abuse of kratom can lead to hyperpigmentation of the cheeks. Hyperpigmentation is a condition that affects the face and the skin. Spots form on the skin, which turns very black as compared to the rest of the skin cover. It also causes insomnia, sweating, nausea as effects of consuming kratom.

Constant consumption of kratoms can develop into a serious health condition that can cause deaths.

Kratom Headache

Kratom, as mentioned earlier on, can be taken in small doses to help boost the feelings of an individual, reduce pain levels or decrease anxiety. For such situations, kratom work wonders in countering these problems. However, the main problems creep in when one starts to abuse kratom purposefully.

As much as it can help reduce the pain caused by migraines and headaches if abused, kratom caused headaches. The constant pain and anguish caused by the headache can cause harm to the mental and wellbeing of the entire body.

The Beginning Of Kratom Headaches

Kratom is sourced from the kratom plant and specifically, the leaves. These leaves are exposed to the sun to dry. The dried kratom leaves are then crushed to produce a powdery substance that is consumed into the body. Additionally, it can be manufactured into capsules or mixed with tea to make a strong concoction.

kratom side effects

Kratoms come in three distinct types. These are the white-veined, green vein and red vein kratoms. These types of kratoms are further divided into different strains. The strains contain different chemical contents that may manifest differently depending with the consumer.

It may serve the purpose it was meant for. Replenishing energy levels, it boosts libido to some depending on the strain and the dose ingested. The compounds responsible for these effects are alkaloids.

The causal factors of migraine and headache in some individuals attributed to the use of kratoms, always differ. In some individuals, the headache can develop due to the stimulating agents present on the kratom. Furthermore, in some cases, victims suffer from sinus or facial migraines. In some unique cases, victims can contract kratom headache. A kratom headache is a condition that makes the victim experience headaches associated with hangovers.

Causes Of Kratom Headache and Migraine

The main triggers of kratom headache are the Thai Kratom and Maeng Da Kratom.

These two unique strains of kratom are prone to triggering bad headaches among people who consume these two strains. When being consumed, these two strains of kratoms are meant to enhance muscle tension and arouse the feelings.

The effects experienced when one consumes Thai Kratom and Maeng Da kratoms in large quantities include the tension headache. A tension headache is caused by the increased pressure placed on the body by overdosing on kratoms.

The advisable treatment for this condition that guarantees chances of success is cutting on the dose previously consumed. The effect of reducing the dose of kratom consumption is the easing of muscle tensions which are the prognosis of kratom headaches.

Furthermore, the headache can be mitigated by consuming pain relievers from a pharmaceutical shop. Massage on different body parts experiencing tension also works miracles.

Cures Of Kratom-Induced Headaches

Since time immemorial, scientists and researchers have been working around the clock to decipher the triggers of kratom headaches and migraines. During all these years of research and trials, no concrete evidence has been found on the cure of Kratom migraines and headaches.

What is evident, is that people who are experiencing the kratom migraines are susceptible to terrible headaches. To get in front of this cure being researched by scientists, it is wise to sample various strains of kratom. Continuously trying new things and tackling new challenges will help you know what best works for your condition, then you can decide on which course of action to take.

It is also advisable to drink a lot of water. The water is best drunk after one is done with the correct portion of kratom you have prescribed for yourself.

For very many years researchers have been conducting researches to come up with the leading cause of Kratom migraines. Still, they have not been able to discover the reason. To know the exact cause of Kratom migraines is very difficult because it has not been discovered. It is only known from the basic scientific study of the body that changes the chemistry of the body to cause migraines.

Since the drug’s clinical benefits have not been spelled out and it only leaves room for debates. It has been banned in some countries especially in Asia. This move is meant to keep people healthy as the clinical benefits of kratoms are being researched extensively.

Conclusion on Kratom Headache

The complications stemming from the use of kratom are attributed to the abuse of drugs characterized by consuming strong doses which tend to have more negative health effects as compared to small doses. Furthermore, kratom consumers are recommended to use other strains of kratom with minimal adverse health effects. However, the key to reducing the adverse effects of kratoms is to cut on the dosage twice fold or completely.