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Best Kratom for Energy: The Energy Boosting Kratom Strains Guide

In this fast-paced global village, almost everyone has a lot of tasks to complete each day to make ends meet. However, the natural energy gets depleted compelling them to enhance it a little bit. Anybody who has been pursuing to enhance energy but knows little about kratom is said not to be informed; kratom is not only excellent in boosting energy but has several other benefits. There are many Kratom strains and vein colors one can talk of, but in this article, I am focusing on kratom for energy. Before I proceed to help you select your best kratom for energy, I wouldn’t like to assume that you know what kratom is.

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Mitragyna speciose (kratom) is an evergreen tree mostly found in Southeast of Asia. It has been used traditionally for medicinal purposes; its leaves contain several alkaloids which treat many conditions in addition to enhancing energy and euphoria as well as treating pain.

Kratom for energy is available in many forms, namely: Kratom capsules, kratom tea, kratom tablets, dried leaves for smoking kratom, and leaves to be directly chewed.

If you’re wondering how what does kratom look like, visit the recovery village for a clear view.

Why Kratom is Your Best Option for Energy

For many centuries, people have been using kratom for energy without getting disappointed. Among the top users have been casual laborers; kratom has helped them overtime to boost both their physical and mental efficiency.

Kratom contains alkaloids that produce the same effects as opiates and as such boost energy. However, large kratom doses can cause sedative effects.

The outcomes of kratom depend on individual body chemistry meaning different people can respond differently to applying the same kratom for energy. Other factors that affect the outcome are; the type of strain applied and the dosage used.

Therefore, finding your best kratom for energy means finding the type of strain and dosage that work best for you; you may be compelled to try several of strains starting with low doses first.

Kratom is a phenomenon substance that caught the west by surprise with its impeccable solutions to peoples challenges, but in this article, we have put listed everything you need to know about kratom for energy.

Which Kratom is Best for Energy

There are four main types of kratom for energy; the red, white, green, and yellow veins. The red vein is popular for pain removing, white vein for stimulating, and green and yellow for both but at a lower intensity. Before I list for you the best kratom for energy, beware that there are differences even within the same veil color. Also, because of the fact that kratom is grown in different locations, the concentration of alkaloids varies leading to differences in the effects caused.

Which Kratom is Best for Pain Relief & Boosting Energy

We have researched and can guarantee you that the following are the best kratom for pain relief or energy boosting purposes. The following 5 Kratom veins are most popular veins to help you increase the energy level in your body.

Our research also shows that the Kratom veins listed below can work well for pain relief. Whether you have muscular pain or headache, these Kratom products can help you get pain relief faster.

1. Thai Kratom

Traditionally, peasants used it to boost their energy, you shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that it’s considered the best kratom for energy. If you have ever used coffee to achieve the same, get to know that Thai kratom provides long-lasting energizing effects in a smoother way than coffee. Thai kratom has different strains, the white and green are popular but the white give the amazing energy boost. The green Thai kratom is the most balanced and gives analgesic effects, but in terms of energy, it can’t match white Thai kratom. I am not certain what exactly you are seeking for but if you’re experiencing fatigue and sluggishness, white Thai kratom is your therapy, but for added benefits like pain reliever, try green Thai kratom for your opportunity to get thrilled.

2. Maeng Da Kratom

Contrary to the rare rumor, Maeng Da Kratom is not a genetically modified substance, some people really love using it to boost their energy and focus. It’s a strain that rose from grafting Indonesia’s local strains to get a hybrid plant having the amazing characteristics. Grafting is a normal natural phenomenon, ignore the GMO assertions. Maeng Da Kratom also comes in different strains with white Maeng Da Kratom strain being the most powerful energy giver while the green Maeng Da Kratom strain gives energy and relieves pain.

3. Green Malay

Different people have different energy needs and preferences, people who need mild energy stimulation find comfort in Green Malay strains. Their energy stimulation leads to a constant flow of energy throughout the day. Also, Green Malay also relieves pain. One of its sparkling nature is the ability to set in and subside its effects gradually. Most kratom strains set in and subside very fast, but Green Malay Kratom effects get felt in about an hour and diminish one by one leisurely. It’s an all-time favorite for many people.

4. Red Sumatra

This is definitely not the best kratom for energy, but it gives energy anyway. Those who are looking for a strong pain reliever, a stress eradicator, and energy giver will find happiness in Red Sumatra.

5. Red Borneo

In addition to its stimulating effects, it also induces euphoria making daily tasks pleasurable. However, its stimulating effects are mild with the white Borneo being the strongest. Anybody looking for energy stimulation with a cure to scoliosis, fibromyalgia, and hypertension find answers in Red Borneo.

By now you’re somewhat assured to make a good selection, but you need to know what to avoid. An improper choice may give you contrary results by making you oversleep, if you’re looking for kratom for energy, avoid the following varieties of the red strain. 

Dosage for Kratom for Energy

The strength of kratom varies with the type of strain, where it’s grown, how it’s processed, and its effects depend on individual body chemistry as mentioned earlier. In addition to that, the best kratom for energy incorrectly taken will not yield desired results; a smaller dose will give a stimulating effect while a larger dose gives the pain-relieving result. For new users begin by using 1 to 2 grams but for veterans, 4 to 6 will stimulate you well.

Kratom dosage for energy

Having mentioned that Kratom gives energy, relieves pain and eliminates stress, let’s now examine other benefits associated with kratom

1. Kratom helps to lose weight

You will ingest it for energy, but if you’re overweight, it can work on the satiety of your hypothalamus to help you overcome sugar addiction and overeating.

2.  Kratom helps fighting cancer

Being an antioxidant, it prevents the formation of free radicals in the body just like glutathione, superoxide, and dismutase.

3. Kratom also promotes sexual intercourse

It treats sex-related conditions like erectile dysfunction and lower libido increasing the potential to have regular and lengthened sex experience.

4. Kratom treats sleeplessness

People suffering from Insomnia and terrific nights use it to promote a good sleep-wake cycle leading to increased productivity during the day.

5. Kratom enhances concentration and focus level

It deals with the opiate receptors in one’s brain to make him or her work hard, for longer, have intense focus and increase attention span.

6. Kratom makes people highly motivated

It activates opioid receptors and releases adrenaline and noradrenaline which keeps people motivated to haste in handling daily tasks.

7. Kratom is good for health

Kratom contains components which are good for human body hormones, veins, and arteries. This lowers blood pressure to avoid the risks associated with stroke and heart attack.

8. Kratom for energy also combats diarrhea

Kratom regulates the parasympathetic nervous arrangement and slows down peristalsis. This help to treat diarrhea.

Kratom Side Effects

Surely, kratom for energy comes with a good package of advantages, but do we have other kratom effects? There are a few negative effects that kratom for energy can bring about; caution needs to be exercised while using kratom such that more advantages than disadvantages are experienced. Even the best kratom for energy and pain relief is potentially able to give the following kratom side effects

1. It causes a condition called Insomnia

Persistent use of kratom for energy for a very long time can keep one awake through the night

2. Kratom for energy users experiences severe weight loss

Excessive consumption of kratom for energy leads to a condition called anorexia leading to unhealthy weight reduction.

3. It is potentially addictive

Prolonged use of any substance isn’t good, it can lead to uncontrolled cravings leading to withdrawal symptoms when giving up.

4. It causes frequent urination which can irritate at times

Rushing to the toilet after every few minutes isn’t pleasant especially during meetings and busy schedules.

5. Addiction to kratom for energy can lead to a sexless life

Kratom increases libido but overdose and addiction can lead to decreased libido.

Here are some more side effects of Kratom.

  1. It also causes discoloration of people’s cheeks
  2. It makes people lose appetite
  3. It leads to nausea and itching
  4. Leads to unpleasant sweating
  5. Makes its users have a dry mouth

Does it then mean that the dangers of kratom supersede its good uses? The answer is no, most people consider the kratom effects above-listed to be manageable and treatable. A lot of people have benefited from kratom for energy with mild side effects, you only need to know what type and does work best for you.

While it treats addiction, kratom for energy is potentially addictive itself as aforementioned, below are the symptoms to identify addiction to kratom for energy. 

  1. When some of the negative sides effects listed above occur, addicted people will continue to use it regardless
  2. Users who try to stop using it but aren’t able to are likely addicted to the substance
  3. You will see them lower their productivity, lose interest in their former things, and lose focus
  4. Some people will be unable to control how they use or dosage kratom for energy
  5. They withdraw from their social circles, become very secretive, and defensive
  6. Their mood and personality drastically change
  7. Kratom addicts spend a lot of their time and energy on the substance, obtaining it and how they’ll use it next time.

Is Kratom Really Safe for Boost Energy?

So many people are in need of the amazing benefits of kratom but wondering whether it’s safe for human consumption, while the research to the question is not yet comprehensive, your answer lies in the benefits versus the setbacks as listed above.

If you’re in the US, you need to check if the use of kratom for energy is legal because its use has been outlawed in some states despite being federally legal. Avoid being jailed or fined, I know the black market exists for such, but you decide for yourself.


I believe that you’re now properly guided to enjoy kratom for energy with minimal or no side effects. Kratom is available in most local herbal stores but due to some unverified allegations, it might not be available in your local store, therefore, visit online marketplaces and order yours. Since there is no official substantive research on kratom, it’s not regulated by the government; the quality and dosage aren’t officially controlled. Make sure you authenticate your sources to avoid intoxicated kratom for energy for it can lead to fatal side effects and even death. It’s time to get to work more energized, motivated, and focused, courtesy of kratom for energy