White Malay Kratom Dosage Guide

Kratom Dosage: A Definitive Guide of Right Dose of Kratom

The amount of kratom that one can take is normally the first question that people tend to ask whenever they are interested in taking kratom either for medical purposes to feel high. This is one question that can be considered to be hard to answer. Since there is no specific amount of kratom dosage that can apply to all kratom users.

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What is Kratom Dosage?

Each user has the right kratom dosage which is unique to him alone. Two people might have the same condition which they want to be addressed by kratom but they might end up being recommended to use an extremely different amount of kratom. This is dependent on very different factors that every kratom user should understand. To answer this question on how much kratom should help you take, there is a need to have some basic knowledge of issues as well explained in the kratom guide that circulates the intake of kratom.

Factors to Consider for Kratom Dosage

Different people having the same condition might end up taking a different amount of kratom even though it is meant to treat the same condition. What makes this different are the factors explained below:

1. Age of the Kratom User

Kratom dosage depends so much on the age of the kratom user. On this point, kratom should be considered as a natural solution to health issues like pain relief. Although some strains are considered the best kratom for pain relief. Even children or young adults might have to take kratom for such reasons.

Therefore, young people expect the results with a small prescription of kratom dosage. Too much of kratom to them might be of a danger than treating them. For the children, kratom dose prescription should be complete control of the doctors. However, seniors can take much of it without being affected. This means that before deciding on the amount of kratom to use, you have to consider this age factor.

2. Gender of the Kratom User for right kratom dose

Gender also contributes to the amount of kratom to be used by an individual. Men naturally have more muscles than women. In the instances where kratom is taken for an energy boost, men need more energy than women. Even in the work they do, men do works that are energy-consuming than women. This means that men have a greater capacity to take more kratom than women. Too much kratom for women may endanger them or draw them to kratom addiction and tolerance.

Another factor that makes men have the capacity to take more kratom than women is sexual issues. Some men have a problem when it comes to the time they can take to bed. This is to means that men would need more kratom to boost their energy in the name of libido. Women, on the other hand, would not need such an energy supply. When it comes to energy. Therefore, it is not of the essence to take kratom for such reasons. Generally, the libido factor adds more reasons why men would use more kratom than women.

3. The Level of Experience to kratom dose

Kratom dose to take depends on how much an individual is used to taking kratom. There are levels you have to go through based on your capacity to take kratom dosage at a high rate. For instance, when you just begin your journey with kratom, you have to take it at a small amount.

For instance, as a beginner, just 2 grams would be enough for you to have the desired effects. If you take more than two grams, you can be considered to be overdosing. You should start with a small amount and improve on it slowly depending on your experience. It is working for you; you should keep it at that. However, if it is not working for you, then you should consider adding your kratom dosage.

How long to wait between Kratom Doses?

For the expert users, you should take about six grams of kratom at a go. This is what might work for you. The expertise in kratom use is achieved based on how long you have used kratom. Even at the expert level, you should not go beyond 10 grams of kratom.

At the same time, the most crucial point is, how long to wait between kratom doses? The frequency of your dosage should not be less than 6 hours. Generally, the kratom dose should be taken with a time interval of six to eight hours. This means that if you take it within a time difference of fewer than six hours, you will be attracting an overdose or addiction.

4. The Potency of the Kratom strain

The potency of kratom, in this case, refers to the strength that the kratom dose in question comes with. It is possible to have different strains that have different potencies. This difference comes as a result of the different methods of extracting kratom as well as the maturity of the kratom plant. Any strain obtained from the immature plant has a lower potency as compared to the one which has been extracted from a mature plant.

At the same time, natural kratom is considered to have a higher potency than blended kratom. Sometimes users take it with other kratom potentiators to enhance overall its effects.

If You are taking a high potency kratom, then you should take fewer amounts for a dose. The higher the potency, the most effective the kratom is in its effects. If you take a more potent strain in a large amount, you might end up having powerful effects that you cannot handle on your own. However, if your strain is not high potent, then you should just take a reasonable amount that can guarantee you the desired effects. This means that you should not similarly treat all the kratom packages.

5. Which Strain You are using

Different strains of kratom have different specific effects. Based on such effects, your kratom intake should not be inconsiderate to strain.

For instance, Maeng da kratom and Bali kratom are all used to enhance energy. However, the two strains have different intensities of their effects. Maeng da is relatively stronger than the Bali kratom. This means that if you are taking a kratom dosage for energy, you should take fewer grams of white Maeng da kratom than when using other strains like Bali.

If you do not consider this factor, you might end up complaining that some strains are fake or that some strains are too strong and so dangerous. Before deciding on what amount to take, consider the strain fast.

6. The Expected Effects

Lastly, the strength of the desired kratom effects also determines the dose one ought to take. If you want a very strong effect, you will take more of it. This might not be the case when you want just mild effects. For instance, if you need kratom for relaxation, you might have to take less of the kratom than when you are taking it to feel high.

A practical example is the red vein kratom. This strain can be taken to enhance relaxation and to do away with stress and anxiety. At the same time, when taken in a high quantity, it might lead you to feel high. The difference is all in the amount you take. Therefore, if you desire a mild stimulation to make you feel relaxed, you need less kratom than when you want strong effects like the feeling high part of it.

Some of the kratom strains that are made for milder effects like green vein kratom having both the effects of white and red strains. These strains are normally used for mood enhancement which ultimately helps in relieving anxiety and stress. So People review green veins as the best kratom for anxiety as they have relaxation effects as well. Whenever you take kratom for relieving anxiety and depression, you have to consider its amount for a specific level of effects.

How Much Kratom to Take

Kratom Dosage

There is still an option for you when it comes to what exactly you should do. When you start taking kratom of whichever strain, you should ensure that you do it according to the doctor’s prescriptions. With such guidance about kratom from the beginning, you can now start boosting the amount based on your experience.

Precautions For Kratom Dosage

Did you know that taking the right dose alone may not grant you a good kratom use experience? You can be taking the right dose but if you do not follow the ‘rules’ of kratom usage. Here are some of the tips which can help you enjoy the right kratom dosage:

1. Do not take kratom on an empty stomach

Always ensure that you take kratom on a full stomach. If you try taking your right dose on an empty stomach. You might end up having kratom constipation or other forms of stomach disorder including nausea. Its effects are normally immediate, and so you should not allow it to work on an empty stomach. If you take it on a full stomach, you will be able to enjoy the dose.

2. Stay Hydrated

Learn to take a lot of water before and after using kratom. It behaves like coffee when it comes to dehydrating you. To avoid this effect, you need to have enough water intake. This will help you to have a good hydrated life, and so even your skin will remain attractive even as you use kratom to enhance your life issues.

3. Have a Consuming Timetable

Whether you are taking kratom for health benefits or to feel high, it is upon you to take it at the right time and in the right dose. Moreover, the most important question is that is kratom safe to take every day? So for taking kratom safely, The timetable should indicate when last you took the dose, and how much it was. This helps you to track how the effects you are feeling are linked to the amount you are taking. It, therefore, helps you to know how to improve your intake.

Wrong Kratom Dose Effects

Just as said before that there are factors that determine the amount you are taking in a kratom dose. You might think that you have followed all the directions and finally landed on the right dose, but in the real sense, the dose might not be the right one. Here are some of the effects that would mean that your dose is not the right one:

1. Sleeplessness

Sleeplessness can be a sign that you are not taking the right dose. Majorly, it could mean that you are taking too much kratom beyond what the body can manage. You should take some strains of kratom for sale from specific vendors to keep your concentration and focus; Especially when having long working hours. Therefore, when you take much of such, it can stop you from sleeping totally. Therefore, if you experience this effect, try as you can to reconsider your dosage.

2. Loss of appetite

The use of kratom should not interfere with your appetite. If you experience this, it could be that you are not taking the right dose. This could mean that you have taken too much kratom and are headed to addiction. At this point, you may feel that you are not taking interest in any food apart from taking kratom. If you get to this point, kratom withdrawal is recommended.

3. Runny nose

Running nose is not an expectation when you take kratom dosage. It could be a sign that you are not taking the right dose. Whenever you spot such a challenge, you should see a doctor to recommend for you the right amount of kratom to take.

4. Poor concentration

Poor concentration can be a sign that you are taking too much kratom. When you take too much, the effects become so intense that the body cannot withstand it. This is what makes you feel confused and of poor concentration, because the body is operating at a level that the brain is not able to withstand.

Therefore, if you realize this, you should check on your dose. This is very common in those who take kratom to feel high. Too much of it gives your brain some knock, and so it fails to operate well leading to poor concentration.


Taking a proper dosage is significantly important in medication. The wrong dose can affect your body adversely. People who want to start using kratom should consider reading knowledge about kratom dosage.

Sometimes you need to adjust the dose of kratom you take. Knowing about the wrong kratom dosage effects can help you decide if you are taking the right dose. Otherwise, you may adjust it accordingly.