Krabot Kratom Review: Best Selling Strains, Prices, Dosage and Shipping Guide

Today, Kratom strains are gain popularity due to their medicinal value. This herbal plant mainly grown in South East Asia is well known for its ability to relieve cancer patients from chronic pains. Despite the growing popularity, getting high-quality strain is still a daunting task, especially to beginners. Moreover, there are thousands of kratom vendors both local and online claiming to offer the best quality strains at an affordable price. However, Here is the Krabot Kratom Review which helps in understanding its services.

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Krabot Kratom is a relatively new kratom dealer in the market. They operate from the Chino Hills, California. In addition, their products are gaining popularity among the nootropic community, thanks to their solid presence in social media and trusted communication and thread posts on Reddit.

But, is Krabot Vendor worthy of your consideration? Herein, we explore their product line, their pricing, reputation among consumers to get a better understanding of their kratom products. Read on to find more.

Krabot Kratom Review

Well, due to its online presence, Krabot is one of the leading kratom providers. Currently, the company is based in Chino Hills, California. Although relatively new to the business, they have had an impressive footprint on the kratom community since their entrance into the market. Besides, they offer different kinds of strains. Additionally, their products are some of the finest in the market. To acquire their products, you do not need to empty your pocket since their products are relatively affordable compared to other dealers. Krabot is the best seller for customers who want to buy small kratom packs. However, if you want to buy kratom in bulk, they do offer large packs at good prices.

Besides, there is no doubt the company is famous. This is due to the number of recommendations they receive from social media as well as kratom forums. Moreover, most clients attest that they have the best product selection. The products are remarkable because most of them are considered unique blends.

1. The Products Offered by Krabot

Unlike other kratom vendors who sell the common kratom strains, Krabot has a wide variety of strain products that one chooses from. Among their unique strains are:

  • The Green Vein Kratom Powder.
  • The Green Sundanese (OG)
  • The Krabot Rising Sun and,
  • The Yellow Vietnamese Kratom Strain.

Besides these, recently, they added to their line of product Krabot Evening Blend. This is a special strain formulated kratom powder that is made from Red Sumatra, a splash of Yellow Bali, and Red Bali. In addition, the Evening Blend is billed as one of the fastest micron-acting grinds.

In addition, the other kratom powders offered by Krabot include the standard kratom strains such as.

But of interest is the much-coveted Red Bentuangies and Red JongKong strains. They are both offered in 100-gram bags.

Additionally, just like other kratom dealers, Krabot also offers kratom capsules. However, whereas the competitors characteristically deal with capsules of the traditional kratom strains, they offer different types of capsules. They offer unique blends that include their signature brand, the Morning Blend Kratom capsule, and their Stem and Vein capsules. It is worthy also to note that all the Krabot Kratom capsules contain 1000-mg of kratom powder.

If you are new to kratom, then you might be lucky. Krabot still offers their Kratom sample packs. They offer 10 kratom strains in a sample pack in four different sizes, with each sample pack carrying around 2,000-grams of premium kratom strains.

Krabot kratom Soap product

Moreover, if you are crazy about kratom, you might like their attractive kratom soap. The Kratom soap is very unique and in most cases, you will not easily find it with most vendors. Additionally, each bar of the kratom soap from Krabot is said to be a homemade cold process soap that contains all-natural ingredients. Most interesting, there are different varieties available for your selection. There are certainly no less than 10 different kinds of kratom soap including; coffee cream and Cocoa, Frankincense, and Kratom, all a blend of natural Sunflower Seed oil, olive oil, distilled water, grape seed, and sodium hydroxide. It is worthy to note that the kratom soap from Krabot is in high demand; you should always check the website for availability before you place an order.

Kratom Tea

Aside from the much-praised kratom soap, Krabot also sells kratom tea. The soothing, yet calming leaf tea from Krabot is made from the Green Da Kratom. If you are tired of taking the toss and wash if taking kratom powder, then you will certainly be proud of taking the Krabot’s Kratom tea.

Kratom Accessories

As a kratom user, you should always be armed with kratom accessories. However, getting the best accessories in the market might be hard, from the miscellaneous section, you will be excited to find some relatively inexpensive kratom accessories such as the exclusive digital pocket scales as well as measuring spoons. Just head to that section and find some of the must-have accessories that you have yearned to own.

Apart from the numerous products that Krabot offers, their online presence plays a greater role in making them unique and better placed than most vendors. But what makes them unique?

2. Krabot Customer Service

In the adage, we all grew up knowing that a client is always right. However, not all companies share the same sentiments. On Reddit, you can read horror stories of kratom users dealing with deplorable vendors. But, the good news is, Krabot offers one of the most outstanding customer care services, in fact, the service is first class. When it comes to effective communication with the potential client’s no other vendor comes close or compares with them.

In this type of business, customer service is always indispensable and Krabot understands this too well, and that is why they instituted one of the most reliable and responsive customer services ever.

Additionally, customer service ensures that you have a unique, yet smooth shopping experience, and whenever you encounter any challenges while placing your order or have issues after making your order from the e-store, you are certain that the problem will be resolved to your satisfaction. Users are never dissatisfied while using Krabot Vendor services.

Additionally, to make things simple, Krabot has a way to do it through their frequently asked questions section. While here, you can discover a tone of information about the services they provide.

3. Shipping

Besides excellent customer service, they still work in the shipping department to ensure excellent service delivery. The firm ensures that customers are always well informed of what they are doing as they want to ensure that you are satisfied all the way. If you purchase from them, Krabot will issue you with a tracking number, in this way, you will be able to track your goods.

4. Krabot Responsive website

Krabot has one of the most reliable and easy-to-navigate sites. This is essential especially for clients who want to place their orders and checkout in record time without having to go through many processes. Further, the site is responsive and thus can be accessed through any device.

5. High-Quality Products

From social media forums and online reviews, it is evident that the company is highly reputable and offers high-quality strains that meet its client’s needs. That is why their products are in high demand. The company is been in business not long enough, although they always strive to meet the demands of their customers. Besides, everyone is safe doing business with them, once you make an order, the products will arrive at your doorstep within the stipulated time.

6. Special Deals and Product Prices

If you compare Krabot with other Kratom dealers, its prices are the most affordable. For example, Krabot sells a 100-gram of Kratom powder for only $23.99. At other vendors’ shops, the price for 100-gram Kratom powder is usually very high. Similarly, a bottle of 1000 milligrams of capsules with a count of thirty is available for $14.99. Thus, it can be safely argued that Krabot has the fairest prices of kratom as compared to other competitors, while the quality of their products is no less than theirs.

7. How Can You Contact Krabot Kratom?

Well, there are different ways in which you can reach the customer service department. At any time of the day, you can always contact them through the phone number which is available on their site. If you are a fan of social media, you can as well reach them out through their official Twitter account, as well, you can send an email and you will get a response in record time.

8. How To Make An Order From Krabot

Making an order is most difficult. It is a matter of visiting their site and providing the required information. They accept payment from major credit cards. Besides, you can make payments through crypto-currency. Once you place an order, you will get a tracking number that you use to track your commodities.

9. Krabot Discounts, Deals, and Coupons

Krabot is one special company not only because of the superior quality products they have introduced to the market but also because of their various deals. If you compare what you get from Krabot with other dealers, it is evident that their brands are the best and relatively affordable. The cost of the products is fair and reasonable, and most users can afford the cost. Due to the affordable prices of the products, they can easily beat off their stiff rivals. Additionally, due to their competitive pricing, their products are not always available due to high demand.

Moreover, despite the low price, they still maintain their incentives that see the price of the products come down further. Aside from the annual discount policy, which runs annually, the company has special price coupons too. To help their clients get products at lower prices, it offers coupon codes. The codes are always available on various social media pages as well as Reddit.

In addition, there are several other deals offered by Krabot for the benefit of the clients’. When it comes to product prices, no other product vendor compares with Krabot. You can always get what you want from them at an affordable price.

10. What Makes Krabot Kratom Unique?

One factor that makes Krabot unique is the fact that they have various kinds of Kratom, various blends, and strains. Hence, users can access different types of products by choosing what they want to use. Aside from the different Kratom strains, the company has different blend combinations. Just head on to the website and make a selection of your choice.

Final Verdict On Krabot Kratom Review

It is without a doubt, Krabot Kratom is an excellent kratom vendor. Ranging from the quality of its products to the outstanding customer service, everything from the Krabot vendor is top-notch. Hence, people cannot stop buying from them, a factor which is evident from the numerous user reviews available online. Besides, they understand the importance of retaining clients, and for that, they always ensure that they give their customers the best services and no one leaves their website dissatisfied or disappointed. Additionally, they pride themselves on offering deliveries at your doorstep. Once you make an order, you get a tracking number that allows you to track your goods until they reach you. It is also worthy to note that Krabot products are high-quality, and thus should be taken in small quantities. Remember that an overdose of Kratom products can lead to side effects such as insomnia and dry mouth. Be sure to talk to your doctor whenever you experience uneasiness while using kratom products.