Is Kratom Safe to Take Every day

Is Kratom Safe to Take Every day

Choosing to add Kratom into your daily routine can be a life-changing decision. However, if you’ve been active in Kratom communities and forums, you’ve probably heard someone mention that using Kratom every day isn’t actually healthy. You’ve also probably heard about Kratom tolerance and addiction, and how inevitable the two are.

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But how true is such a statement? Does regular consumption of Kratom pose any health issue?

Well, unless you’re hearing it from an impartial health expert, odds are the claims you’re hearing are coming from irresponsible users or from people who are completely clueless about what they’re talking about.

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Of course, as with any medicine out there, there’s probably the right way to use it and the wrong way to abuse it. To be on the safe side, it’s crucial that you stick to the right way of using the herb while refraining from any attempt to abuse it.

Possible Side Effects of Using Kratom on a Regular Basis

The fact that you decided to do your own due diligence before deciding on whether to cut on your daily use of Kratom means you’re a responsible person who would like to continue using the therapeutic substance without exposing yourself to any health risk.

For all we know, any good decision you make has to come from a place of being well-informed. Just because something is billed as all-natural, that doesn’t make them 100 percent safe.

No Considerable Side Effects of Using Kratom Daily

Worth mentioning is that so many people have reported to using Kratom every day without experiencing worrisome side effects. Some of the patients have also reported experiencing excessive sleep and heightened blood pressure, but to this end, nothing fatal has been reported.

Another major side effect worth watching out for are the withdrawal symptoms such as sweating, sore muscles, and anxieties, with none of them being fatal enough to raise some serious health concerns.

Kratom Tolerance Should be Considered for Regular Uses

One thing you can be sure will happen if you keep on taking Kratom every day are you developing some sort of resistance to its effects. Otherwise referred to as Kratom tolerance, this is where you have to increase your dosage of the substance to keep experiencing the same results.

For instance, if you started by taking about 4 grams of Kratom, you may find that you have to increase the dosage to, say, 6 grams and exponentially so to keep enjoying the same results.

You’re likely to increase your dosage of the substance, even more, the more regular you take it. For instance, if you take Kratom twice a week, your tolerance may build such that you’ll only be increasing your dosage by a half a gram in a period of one year or so. However, if you take the 4 grams every day, your tolerance could end up building three times more.

Long Term Side Effects Regularly Using Kratom

A substantial amount of research has been done on the possible long term effect of consuming Kratom, with results pointing to the possibility of suffering from a loss of appetite, insomnia, weight loss, constipation, and skin hyperpigmentation.

It’s to be however noted that all the side effects mentioned are as a result of high-dosages, as opposed to users who turn to the herbal supplement in small or regulated doses, taken twice or thrice a week.

While the potential long-term effects associated with the supplement aren’t any great, it’s a relief to note that there’s no real evidence pointing to the possibility of it causing some serious damages to body organs and other bodily functions.

Can You Use Kratom Everyday without any Health Risk?

Well, in the end, everything still narrows down to your personal decision. First and foremost, there’s no denying that your tolerance will be increasing over time should you decide to continue using Kratom daily.

But one thing you cannot get a direct answer for is whether or NOT there’s the possibility of this leading to any serious health implications.

As with any other therapeutic product you know, whether herbal or natural, as they’re mostly billed, moderation is the key to ensuring that you remain safe. In other words, you should never give in to the temptation of taking more than what’s needed to attain relief.

Think in the lines of NOT taking more than the prescribed dosage of paracetamol to relieve headaches. And for those with consistent headaches, taking the pain-relieving drug quite regularly will eventually render it ineffective, forcing you to replace it with something a bit more powerful such as ibuprofen.

If by taking Kratom twice a week works for you, don’t respond to the temptation of taking it daily. Even with the gradual increase in your tolerance level, there’ll be nothing too extreme to impose some serious health hazards.

In the same vein, taking the supplement in moderated amounts will also be working to keep the short-term side effects on the bare minimal or non-existent, thus ensuring there’s nothing to worry about the effects of the drug on your health.

As already mentioned, the final decision still lies with you. You’re the person to decide if you’ll be increasing the dosage over time and if you’re willing to live up with the potential effects that come with using the substance daily.

Where you have to use multiple doses of Kratom in a day, simple logic demands that you keep the dosage to the smallest possible amount. Think along the lines of 1 to 2 grams per dose.

Another option would be — when the amount of the Kratom you’re taking increases to worrisome amounts, then consider replacing the strain you’re taking with a different strain to gauge the results. And again, with every new strain, you try out consider starting small as you gradually work your way up.

Can One Flush Kratom Out of their System

Should the amount of kratom that you’ve been consuming start worrying you, is there a way to flush it out of your system and allay some of its effects?

Well, it’s possible to run a Kratom cleanse on yourself, which simply involves taking a break from consuming the supplement for a few days or even more depending on how long and often you’ve been using it.

Normally, this is done to prevent the substance from building up in your body while slowing down the rate at which your body is developing tolerance.

Where you can’t stop using Kratom altogether, it’s recommended that you drastically cut down on the dosage for a week or two or until your tolerance level drops to a safe amount.


There’s nothing wrong with using Kratom regularly. If anything, most of the possible side effects associated with the substance are pretty much negligible and NOT that much of a health risk as thought.

Its price is pretty much reasonable and, most importantly, the substance is legal in many regions.

It’s to be however noted that daily use of Kratom isn’t for everyone; but for those with the capacity to handle it, it’s a no-brainer.

Kratom doesn’t change you or affect you in a way that you may live to regret it. It instead aims to make you a better versions of yourself. So after using the substance for any number of days, don’t expect to see someone different. Of course, you’ll still be you — just more peppy and more productive than the normal you.

Suffice it to say that Kratom is NOT a drug, so there’s no need to fear it. As a matter of fact, it’s practically more identical to drinking coffee, after all the two belong to the same botanical family.

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