What Does Kratom Cost?

How Much Does Kratom Cost Near You in 2022

That Kratom is a wonderful natural herb is certainly not in doubt. Indeed, this herb is the base compound for many of the herbal drugs we make use of every day. Other than finding applicability in many fields, this herb also comes in many shades and forms. These variations play out in the prices of acquisitions too!

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This begs the question, ‘How much does kratom cost?’ or ‘how expensive is kratom?‘ There is no universal answer to this question. Instead, some factors can offer some appropriate guidance as to just how much to expect to part with while seeking this wonderful herb. We shall discuss them here below:

Kratom Prices Per Kilo by Vendors

1. TGM Kratom – $89/KG of Kratom Powder

By far, TGM is our favorite kratom vendor that offers cheap kratom prices for exclusively high-quality kratom powder or capsules. They sell to both retail and wholesale customers. Their large packing for cheap prices costs you lesser than any other kratom supplier. They are also offering free shipping when you order over $49.

We have ranked TGM kratom as a winner in the battle of customer reviews. This is the top choice of most of the online kratom customers. Kratom costs you fairly low when you buy it from TGM. They are selling the most inexpensive kratom powder that does not bite your Vallet. If you do not want to buy kilogram packing of kratom powder, you can also order 250g or 500g packing.

2. Kratom Crazy – $110/KG of Kratom

Kratom Crazy is a bit senior player in the market by its age. They are selling kratom for the last 5 years. The prices are almost the same as TGM Kratom. Kratom Crazy has built a good repute over the years while shipping very high-quality kratom products. They offer a good combination of best rates and high-quality kratom powder.

3. PurKratom – $189/KG of Kratom Powder

Purkratom is our 3rd choice that costs less when you buy kratom powder online. They offer $189/kg, yes it’s $100/kg more than the TGM and KC kratom shops. They were able to increase their brand value in the last 7 years of their operation as a kratom supplier. Their loyal customers pay them extra when they buy kratom products from their online shop.

Factors Which Affect Kratom Prices

yellow vietnam kratom dosage

1. Quantity of Kratom

The quantity of the herbs you purchase at any given time definitely has a bearing on just how much you might have to part with to acquire them. Needless a smaller quantity costs less than more quantities all the other factors held constant. We even need not explain why this is the case.

More quantity means more kratom costs on the part of the seller and similarly the need to make more profits. It is these two that prompt the seller to up the prices variable. To be fair to you, you must set your sales accordingly.

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2. Kratom variant you want to buy

As hinted above, kratom is available in many variants and sub-species. These include but are not limited to Maeng da Kratom, Indo, Red Bali Kratom, Green Malay, Thai, Borneo, and Malaysian, to name but a few! Each of these variants is unique and also contains varying degrees of potency. These differences also determine the cost of kratom which the sellers are more likely to charge.

Those kratom derived from Borneo and Malaysia such as Maeng da are generally known to be potent and effective. They subsequently cost more than their counterparts from other regions. Bali Kratom is by far the most affordable of all the various sub-species.

3. Form of Kratom

Other than the variants, kratom is also available in various forms. These include the powder, dried leaves, capsules, powder, tinctures, extracts, and resins. Yet again, these forms of kratom cost varying amounts of money. Those that are available as extracts or powders are more expensive than the other variants.

The reason underlying this is the complex preparation procedure that is used to process and package them thus. Those that are availed in the form of the leaves are the cheapest of all. Hardly do they undergo any complex preparations and are therefore cheaper to come by.

4. Timing of sales

Like any other trade, sales also have their own peak and off-peak times. The exact time when you choose to purchase the kratom also determines the amount of money you are more to pay. Generally, any sales made during the Christmas and New Year Festivities are cheaper than those made elsewhere. https://www.newtreatments.org

In a bid to attract and outdo one another, each seller will usually lower his price considerably. You are hence more likely to purchase the kratom at its lowest price ever. The opposite applies to the off-peak months of the years. With fewer orders, sellers will charge more to maximize profits.

5. Nature of Kratom outlets

Other than the timing of the sale, the nature of the outlet itself also has a bearing on the price you might have to pay to get your kratom. Generally, the manufacturer’s websites and online auction sites are the cheapest avenues. They charge less and also willingly give you some discounts for larger purchases.

Third-party outlets like kiosks, street vendors, online kratom vendors, and pharmaceutical stores will usually charge you more. They have a huge wage bill to take care of not to mention the stiff competition from other players in the market. You want to stay away from them as much as you possibly can.

6. Value-added

In the course of their processing and packaging, some value may be added to the kratom. The extent and quality of the value-added also have a bearing on the final cost of the same. Definitely, that kratom which has more value-added will usually cost more than that with less value-added.

Some of the things which have the potential to shore up the prices are additives, preservatives, chemicals, and extra nutrients. You should, therefore, be prepared to dig deeper in your pocket to afford the one that is highly processed if it is the one you prefer.

7. Country of Origin

Kratom does well in most southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Cambodia. These countries differ markedly in their purchasing power, economic output, and cost of living. These differences yet again determine the actual cost of these kratoms.

As a general rule, that kratom that comes from a low-wage country like Cambodia is more likely to be cheaper than that which originates from a high-wage country like Singapore. This may not necessarily mean that the quality is higher than that of a poorer country. It is hence incumbent upon you to arrange your purchase appropriately.

8. Kratom Brands – Huge Impact on Cost of Kratom

Closely related to the country of origin is the brand or manufacturer of the kratom itself. Some of the top players by the brand are Maeng Da, Bali, White Thai, Green Malay, Gold, Trainwreck, Red Vein, CBD, and Infused Kratom. They have been noted to consistently yield high-quality kratom outputs.

Given their high-quality products, the charges they levy are similarly higher than those of the ordinary players or manufacturers. Yet again, expect to dig deeper into your pocket to be able to afford their range of products. The good news is that you are more likely to enjoy some value for your money.

9. Potency of Kratom

This refers to the power or influence that the drugs yield when ingested in the bodily system. Different species have different levels of potency. For instance, the Kapuas and Malay kratom are great for energy output; Bali is the greatest for pain relief; whereas Maeng Da is the greatest for day-to-day usage.

All factors considered, the more potent kratom is the higher it is more likely to cost and vice versa. This subsequently means that you should be prepared to pay more for the potent one compared to the weaker one.

10. Intended Use of Kratom

In the course of their manufacture and processing, these kratoms are intended for different applications. These applications may broadly be categorized into industrial, commercial, and general home use. Yet again, these categorizations determine to a large extent the final prices of each.

Those kratoms that are intended for industrial applications are more expensive on the whole than those that are destined for general home use. Do assess your own intended use and aspirations first and foremost before setting out to purchase. Be prepared also to pay more for industrial and less for general home use.

11. Kratom Shelf Life

Those that are processed also have varying shelf lives. That is because the manufacturers have the intention to make them last different durations of time. Ultimately, it is the intended use that determines how long the kratom stays fresh and has to last on the shelf before expiring.

The ones which last longer are generally more expensive than those that last a shorter duration of time. This stems from the fact that they contain plenty of preservatives and other added ingredients. If you plan to purchase such kind, you should prepare to set aside more money to do so.

12. Customized vs. Non-customized Formulation of Kratom

Some manufacturers allow you to determine the ingredients you want your kratom to possess. Though rare, these manufacturers will charge a premium for this privilege. In case you too are interested in your own custom-made kratom, you should similarly be prepared to spend a lot.

The opposite applies to the ready-made kratom. It is on the whole cheaper and easier to come by. Its major drawback is the fact that it is stringent and will not accord you the freedom you need to tackle your issues individually.

13. Customer Care

Some manufacturers go beyond merely selling you the kratom. They extend their services to include robust back-end customer service and money-back guarantee. These are intended to help you bear the adverse effects which the kratom might pose to you. In case they exist, they too are likely to shore up the costs of kratom.

The reason is simple. These extra services cost money. The manufacturer or seller has to make up for them somehow. That can only happen if they push the prices upwards. The great news though is that you will enjoy some added safety and relative peace of mind.

Conclusion About Kratom Cost

Just to reiterate what we have already stated earlier, it is almost impossible to state with absolute certainty how much kratom ought to or is likely to cost. However, with these factors at your fingertips, you are now more than able to carry out a rough assessment of the amount you are likely to pay.

The ball is now on your court. Use the information we have furnished above to estimate roughly how much to spend. Still not sure how to move on from here? Kindly let us know. We are all the more enthusiastic and eager to be of further help to you!

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