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How Long Does Kratom Last? Kratom Freshness Guide

Wanting to purchase some kratom in bulk? You will have to keep them in such a way as to make them last longer. That is because their potency diminishes with time and rise in staleness. So it is critical to know that How long does Kratom stay fresh? To do this, you must just gain the right information to that end. We are here to help you.

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Kratom, just like every other fresh produce, has a finite lifespan. When left to environmental elements, it deteriorates and dries out completely. There is really no standard interval or length of time that the Kratom may stay fresh. A number of factors converge to determine how long this is.

These factors form the basis of our discussions hereunder. We are going to look into those issues which have a bearing on the entire length of time that Kratom takes or lasts. These will definitely act as a pointer to just how long you might anticipate yours to take you through.

How Long Does Kratom Stay Fresh After You Purchased?

Kratom freshness can be affected by several factors. Here is the list of active factors that can affect fresh kratom products when you purchase.

1. Ambient Temperature

Just like every other green vegetation, Kratom is similarly sensitive to temperature levels. Higher temperatures lead to greater loss of moisture which results in Kratom drying up prematurely. Extremely lower temperatures, on the other hand, may induce frost or condensation. Neither of these two extremes is good for your Kratom.

For it to stay fresh for the longest duration of time under this consideration, you have to keep it within optimal temperature ranges. Generally, the optimal temperature for safeguarding your Kratom is at or below 40° F (4°C). Needless to say, you will need to use appliance thermometers to ascertain this.

2. Humidity Levels

Humidity levels refer to the amount of moisture that is in the atmosphere per given temperature. High levels of humidity are not good for your Kratom at all. That is because it creates an environment that is very conducive to the growth and proliferation of mold.

If and when this mold arises, the Kratom will develop some foul smell not to mention the breakdown in its chemical composition as well. This definitely leads to a deterioration in the potency of the kratom over and above a reduced overall lifespan. The best way forward is to seal your Kratom in airtight containers.

3. Strains and Variety

Kratom comes along in diverse strains and varieties. These different strains last different amounts of time. You should factor this as well as you search for the right one. On the whole, the Maeng da, Red Bali, Indo strain, Green Borneo, and White Borneo have been noted to have the longest shelf life.

When placed under similar conditions as their other strains, they are more likely to stay fresh for longer. All the others, unfortunately, do take less time even when subjected to favorable conditions. You want to pay less attention to them.

4. Intensity of Sunlight

Other than the heat, sunlight also has a bearing on the longevity of Kratom. That is because the sun emits two harmful radiations which have the impact of diminishing the lifespan of Kratom. These are the infra-red and the Ultra-violet radiations, respectively.

These two contribute to the breakdown of active compounds of your Kratom. With the destruction of these active compounds comes to the damage to the chemical structures as well. These eventually speed up the rates of decay of the Kratom.

To counter this issue, you have to deliberately keep your Kratom in a darker place that is minimally exposed to sunlight. Use some dark materials to enclose the entire packaging. Follow this by safeguarding the entire package in some room that is far from direct sun.

5. Frequency of Exposure

How often you access your Kratom also determines how long it will possibly last. Definitely, the more often you access it, the faster it shall take to deteriorate fully. That is because you expose it to the stated external elements which hasten its decay.

If you hope to maintain the freshness of your Kratom, minimize the frequency with which you access it. Only do so if and when you absolutely have to. While at it, do not open the packaging widely or for a longer duration of time. You should do so only essentially and minimally as may realistically be.

6. Exposure to Oxygen

The leaf of Kratom contains some alkaloids. These, when in direct contact with Oxygen, oxidizes. The end result of this is the reduced potency of the drug on the whole. At the same time, too much exposure to oxygen accelerates the staleness of the leaves altogether.

By far the most reliable way of getting around this issue is to store the Kratom in a vacuum bag that is properly sealed. Such bags are completely devoid of any oxygen or air. It is hence doubtful that Kratom shall sustain the issues stipulated above. They hence to retain their efficacy for a prolonged amount of time.

7. Fluctuations in Environmental Factors

Lastly, Kratom, much like any other green, requires a stable environment to be able to stay fresh. It hence follows that it may lose its freshness if these environmental factors vary adversely. You should hence be wary of these variations too. While at it, you should also make the conditions stable deliberately.

To do this, study the optimal conditions of your Kratom critically. Thereafter, make appropriate arrangements to have these conditions supplied if and when needed. In particular, be mindful of the humidity and temperature as they are the most significant determinants of this freshness.

Just like the strains, Kratom is also available in numerous forms and nature. Some are availed as raw leaves yet others come along as crushed powder. This variation also has a say in the total duration of time that the kratom might last. Needless to say, the processed kratom is the longest-lasting of the two variants.

That is because it is packed with preservatives that extend its lifespan. Moreover, some are deliberately designed to last longer as per their makeup and composition. You hence have it for your priority if you want to expend less effort to store and preserve your kratom.

8. Moisture Composition

This affects only the raw kratom. It refers to the amount of moisture that is in the leaves of the kratom prior to its storage. Generally speaking, kratom that has high moisture levels will last longer than those with little moisture.

That is because the moisture contents it has will usually take longer to deplete when compared to the one with less moisture. On the flip side, you will have to take extra care and caution to preserve it. Higher moisture levels in the leaves do require additional attention on your part to handle.

9. Kratom Packaging

This applies exclusively to the kratom that is processed and intended for sale. The kind of packaging used will for sure determine how long the kratom lasts. By far, the vacuum bags have been noted to be the most reliable materials.

The reason here is that they shut off all undesirable external environmental problems. While searching for the processed kratom, you should hence be mindful of the kind of materials used. This will definitely make a difference in the entire process.

Conclusion About Kratom Freshness

As a general rule, you are advised to consume the Kratom within a month to three months after purchase. That is because they do lose their potency when they stay unconsumed after this time-frame, as stated above. Regardless of how great the storage conditions are, they are bound to lose a bit of their potency after this duration elapses.

Also, you are advised to purchase only the quantities you need at any given time. This is to ease the pressure you will have to confront for storage and preservation. At the same time, you will not have to worry about the possible loss of potency which might impede their efficacy. Bulk purchases should only happen if you intend to resell your Kratom.

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