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Green Indo Kratom Review – Balanced Effects

You will be surprised by its numerous effects when used the right dose in the right condition. It resolves some health issues like pain, anxiety, and stress when ingested in the body system. Green indo kratom is one of the most effective strains with long-lasting but mild effects. In terms of potency, it does not work as strong as other strains like the Maeng da and green Malay kratom. However, to some extent, it is very effective at its own capacity. Let’s get into details of Green Indo Kratom Review.

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Green Indo Kratom Origin

Indonesia is the place where Green Indo Kratom is cultivated and growned. Due to this place, this strain is named as Indo Kratom. There are so many kratom trees in Indonesia popularly known as the Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) trees.

Some people have gone ahead to plant the trees in large numbers for the sake of the booming kratom market in the world. The leaves are dried first naturally by the use of sun then ground in powder form. It can now be taken from this point or the processing can go one to capsules or pills forms. The choice of how to use it is in the hands of the user.

Indo kratom appears in three distinctive colors namely the green indo, the white indo, and the red indo. In terms of the strength, green indo kratom lies in between the white indo and the red indo. The red vein of Indonesian Kratom is the strongest in potency as compared to the other two. This means that it can give some of the effects being given by both the red strain and the white strain. For those who are not yet sure of the best strain to use, green indo happens to be a better option since it can guarantee you both the effects of the white indo kratom and the red indo.

Green Indo Kratom Effects or Benefits

Green indo kratom has several advantages to the user. One amazing thing about it is that it can be taken at any time of the day without resulting in any form of unwanted effects. it is being used majorly by the professionals who want a better focus on what they are doing. Some of the common effects of green indo kratom are as follows:

1. Boost the Concentration of the User

This happens to be the effect number one associated with green indo kratom. It has the ability to make a person to maintain focus on the job one is doing for a long time. If you normally feel dizzy or just tired of continuing with whatever you are doing, you can take advantage of this strain of kratom. It is at times discouraging to start something and fail to finish in such a way that you keep piling your work for the next day. You ought to enjoy what you are doing.

Therefore, you can take the green indo kratom to gain some concentration. At times the work you do may call for such a level of laziness. For instance, if you are to work for more than six hours non-stop, naturally you might lose the focus. This is where the green indo kratom comes in.

2. Green Indo Kratom For Energy Boost

Green indo kratom can also be used for an energy boost. There are some types of jobs or physical activities that really require you to have some physical strength. You might not manage them if you just have to depend on your natural energy. There is a way you will feel that you are ready to work on some duties which you would not if otherwise, you did not use this strain.

It is, however, advisable that you do not use green indo kratom for an energy boost if you do not have an exact way of making use of the energy. You might end up doing other funny things which you have not planned for.

Green indo kratom has also proved to be the best when it comes to adding you to the strength you need in bed with your partner as a man. It boosts the libido of a man. If you use this strain of kratom just a few minutes before you engage in sexual relations with your partner, it enables you to have a longer orgasm than when you just do it without the energy boost. With this, you can be sure that you will always satisfy your sex partner and so there will be no complaints anytime you request for sex.

3. Make You Feel High – Green Indo Kratom Euphoria

Green indo kratom has some euphoric effects which can make the user feel ‘high’ as white Borneo kratom. This makes one be away from stress. It actually makes you feel like everything is okay regardless of your ideal situation. People who feel bored are recommended to try green indo kratom for euphoria. After taking it, the user will be a bit chatty and very happy. They are not likely to be offended no matter what you do for them. This euphoric factor is what makes green indo kratom to be used for killing anxiety and also to suppress depression in most patients.

4. It Makes The User Be Sociable

Practically, no one can be attracted by dull people. At the same time, no one wants to have a dull life. If you are always bored, you will always repel the people around you. Every spoken word to you is always an offensive word. Your words on the other hand also become very offensive no matter the intention you have. You realized that being bored ion itself attracts very many issues that would otherwise be avoided.

You can make use of the green indo kratom to have a boost in your morale so that you can interact with all people and in a good way. If you give a smile, you will receive a smile on the other end. Instead of regretting on many issues in life because of your psychological state, consider this magic strain of kratom and see how sociable you are most likely to become.

Recommended Green Indo Kratom Dosage

This kratom strain can give you the above effects but only when taken in the right dose of green indo kratom. However, there is no exact dose which can be said to be effective for each person. There are several factors that would determine a given dose for each person differently. We can, however, go ahead and give you the guideline for whatever the dose you can try taking depending on the effect you expect. If it does not work for you, you can consider adding more to your kratom dose so that you get the desired effects. The general Green Indo kratom dosage where your take should be within is as follows

1. Light Dose

This is the starting point of new green indo kratom user. It gives you the basic effects of this strain of kratom. To start here, you can take 2 to 2.5 grams of the green indo kratom and see what it can cause to you. Basically, you ought to start with two grams before you more to 2.5 grams.

2. Moderate Dose of Green Indo Kratom

If you realize that the first option is not giving the best effects, you can make an adjustment and add your grams gradually to four grams. This is what most users use. At this level, you will experience all the effects of the green indo kratom but at a bearable level. You need to take water to avoid dehydration. Also, you should take a time interval of about four hours before you take another dose.

3. High Dose

If you go beyond four grams to about six grams, it could be considered as a high dose of green indo kratom. At this point, you get all the effects at a mild level. You should try as possible to avoid this level of dosage as it is characterized by other complications like addiction or kratom tolerance.

4. Very High Dose

This should be a no go level unless it so demands that you do so. At this point, the user takes any amount from six grams to nine grams. Any amount above this is an overdose. You should try to avoid this level at all. At this point, risks like diarrhea and vomiting may be advanced. If you feel that all you need is this level of dose, it is advisable to consider some withdrawal technique so that you can start again or else. You can get to kratom tolerance at a high level that even withdrawal becomes a problem.

How to Use Green Indo Kratom

Whoever the method you choose to take this strain of kratom, ensure that you do not take it on an empty stomach. Always ensure that you have something in the stomach so that the kratom cannot affect you in an unwanted way. You always have to try much as you can to take it after taking food. Green indo kratom cannot be food and so do not replace the food with it. Also, you need to ensure that you stray hydrated. Just like any caffeine, kratom can dehydrate you. To curb this problem, increase your level of water intake. With this, you will enjoy the effects.

1. Green Indo Kratom Capsules

Just like any other kratom strain, green indo kratom can be taken in different modes based on what can make you happy. The first and very common way is using kratom in capsule form. The green indo kratom can be parked well in capsule and indicated in them the quantity of kratom content. So, you only got to know how many grams you need to take a dose.

Additionally, the Green Indo capsules are very convenient to use even when traveling. It also does not have some unpleasant taste like you would expect in the kratom powder directly. This is the best way to consume this particular kratom.

2. The Quid

It all involves the chewing of the kratom leaves directly. You need to do it for a long time before swallowing the juice. This brings the effects very fast without any need to wait.

3. Powder Form

They involve taking the kratom in the powder form. All you do is mix the green indo kratom powder with some warm water or any other kratom potentiator like the grapefruit juice. Once you mix, you just take it directly. This method brings the effects very fast but you got to bear with the unpleasant taste of the powder.


Just as any other strain of kratom, you should always ensure that you take green indo kratom in the right dose. To avoid addiction and to bring you better results, you should try to mix it with other strains of kratom so that the effects can be well advanced. Just to repeat, do not take kratom on an empty stomach. Otherwise, you will be complaining that you are not getting the desired effects.