Buy Green Dragon Kratom: Dosage, Effects Review

The Dragon family of kratom is one that warrants some attention and precisely one of its strains the Green Dragon kratom. People have often viewed it as the new version of Green Malay or Green Maeng Da Kratom that’s because of its voluminous concentration of mitragynine and mitraphylline alkaloids. It’s believed no other strain in the kratom family that is more energizing, relaxing, uplifting and analgesic than this signature strain. You will find it being sold in powder and capsules and due to its high potency nature, it’s more expensive than other strains.

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Green Dragon Kratom Review

Below we shall look at Green Dragon’s alleged benefits, its origin, side effects and where you can score top-shelf Green Dragon capsules and powders.

Origins of Green Dragon Kratom

Green Dragon Kratom is one of the strains of the Dragon kratom. It has its origins in Southeast Asia, but no one exactly knows how it came to exist over there, but folks have been using it for years for medicinal purposes. It got its name from a mighty Asian dragon and as you know it dragons in Asian countries are symbols of power, potency and auspicious powers. It’s harvested from mature Mitragyna speciosa plants, and its 7-hydroxymitragynine alkaloid levels are much higher than any strain of kratom you know of.

Benefits of Green Dragon Kratom

It’s interesting to see how people have turned to natural remedies to treat both common and complex ailments despite the presence of human-made pharmaceutical treatments. Green Dragon kratom being one of the members of mitragyna speciosa its expected there are some benefits attached in taking it just like the rest of its family members. However, this strain is not your ordinary kratom strain since it’s probably the most potent of them all. Its benefits are something to marvel and below are some of the benefits of taking Green Dragon kratom. 

1. Energy Boost

No strain in the kratom family can increase your energy levels much higher and faster than the Green Dragon kratom. It acts as a nootropic supplement enhancing your cognitive functions keeping you productive for long hours. If you’re looking for energy boost prior to some hard task ahead of you, something that can make you more focused and endure the pressure then Green Dragon kratom is your strain to go for.

2. Anxiolytic Agent

If you are looking for a natural remedy that will help reduce your stress levels, anxiety levels, and moreover help you deal with your depression, then Green Dragon kratom is you go to kratom strain. It is the best alternative to antidepressant drugs, which have severe side effects such as weight gain, insomnia, erectile dysfunction, blurred vision, and many others. Green Dragon kratom has no such severe side effects, it’s easier to use, less expensive and more effective. 

3. Insomnia Relieving Properties:

Did you know that sleep deprivation can result in an increased risk of getting diabetes, high blood pressure, weight gain, weakened immunity, low sex drive, heart diseases, stroke, kidney failure, and many more risks? Well, the recommended hours of sleeping is -10 hours for adults. However, not everyone can be able to afford these recommended hours of sleep due to their sleeping disorder problems. Fortunately for these individuals, the Green Dragon Kratom has the ability to induce some decent quality sleep which is possible through its laxative agents which have the ability to relieve stress, make you relax and calm your nerves down. 

4. Mood Enhancing Abilities:

Your emotional health is one of the contributing factors to your overall well-being. Green Dragon Kratom is known to generate a feeling of euphoria to its users which will make one’s moods get uplifted, one feels more energized, and there is some level of confidence-boosting as well. If you have a highly stressful job or your moods are just below the average mark due to any factor, just grab Green Dragon kratom, and you can be assured your day will just turn out to be fine and full of joy. 

5. Increase Your Social Abilities

Due to its enhanced euphoria ability produced by the legendary Green Dragon kratom, in most cases, if you are struggling with low self-esteem and social anxieties issues, then this kratom strain has the answer to your problems. You will be able to conquer all your fears, and in no time you will have some confidence during your socializing moments. Shyness, less talkative, and silence will be a thing of the past. 

6. Muscle Relaxant

Muscle cramps usually are caused by muscle strain, dehydration, holding a position for a very prolonged period, overuse of muscles and other factors all contribute to a muscle cramp. When this happens your body is under tension, stress, and there is a discomfort feeling that isn’t too pleasing. But there is a solution to all this that doesn’t involve massage, pharmaceutical drugs or expensive therapy sessions and that’s the use of Green Dragon kratom strain. The strain has relaxing indole alkaloids that aide in easing muscle cramp. 

7. Green Dragon Kratom Euphoria

Are your objectives and goal more focused on achieving the feeling of euphoria? Do you feel sad, you have low self-esteem and or you had a bad day and need something to cheer you up and make you jovial? Well, Green Dragon kratom will help you with that. It should always be among your go-to solutions when you want to treat such problems. 

8. Clears Brain Fogginess

Are you a student? Or do you have a problem with your memory ability to recall important details? Well, don’t you worry since Green Dragon kratom will enhance your ability to remember everything, improve cognitive abilities and in addition increase mental clarity? 

9. Pain Reliever

For those people who want to manage chronic pain, especially arthritis, fibromyalgia, joint inflammation, cancer pain, and otherwise the herb can help you out. The 7-hydroxymitragynine alkaloid and mitragynine boost your body opioids receptors in relieving your pain though at a mild level as compared to its sister strain the Red Dragon kratom

10. Clear Up Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Symptoms

We both know there is nothing more irritating and can cause unimaginable discomfort than bloating, bowel movements, constipation, excess gas and worse off diarrhea. Such conditions arise after we have taken something that isn’t compatible with your digestive system. To such a case without so much trouble get Green Dragon kratom, and you can be sure your day will run just smoothly.

Green Dragon Side Effects

The side effects of Green Dragon kratom aren’t something to worry about since they resemble the effects of caffeine. Some of the side effects one can experience include

  • Feeling jittery
  • Lightheadedness
  • Lethargy
  • Dizziness
  • Stomach problems
  • Nausea

Recommended Dosage of Green Dragon Kratom

The Green Dragon Kratom is available in powder and capsules form. When taking either of the two forms of the strain, it’s always advisable to take the recommended dosage by the vendor. The difference between a remedy and a position it’s all about the right dosage. Remember wrong dosages will always have no impacts on the user or might have devastating consequences.

You also need to remember this is not your ordinary kratom strain. Green Dragon Kratom is more potent than other kratom strains in the market. With that being said you need to modify your dose since you don’t need to consume a lot of it for you to feel the effects you usually feel with all other strains. Here is a breakdown of our recommended dosage

Low Dosage

The low dosage one is recommended to take 1-3 grams. It might be a small dosage to you, but you will definitely feel energized and some feeling of euphoria. The effects will typically last for about 3-6 hours. For new users start with1g.

Medium Dosage

The medium dosage one should take between 4-6 grams. This is ideal for pain-relieving and muscle cramps. The effects will probably last the whole day.

High Dosage

For the high dosage, the recommended dose is between 7-10 grams. This is a dosage not meant for everyone but only meant for the experienced Green Dragon kratom users. It’s taken by people who need strong analgesic effects, and a feeling of sedation. To beginners keep off this dosage.

Warning / Caution of Green Dragon Kratom

  • Always start with small doses then gradually increase the dose after several hours
  • The effects of Green Dragon kratom vary between individuals so give your body time to adapt
  • Mothers who are breastfeeding or women who are pregnant should not take the strain, but they may do so after approval by a health care practitioner
  • Keep Green Dragon kratom out of reach of your children.

Where to Find Green Dragon Kratom?

Green Dragon Kratom is a rare kratom strain, and since its one of the most expensive strains in the market, one might want to get the authentic product from a vendor. However, everyone these days purports to be a genuine vendor selling high-quality kratom and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to weed out the bad elements. Here we have listed down the top-selling Green Dragon kratom vendors.


They have a reputation for stocking high-quality kratom products which is a result of outsourcing their raw products from genuine farmers in Indonesia who only supply premium raw material. The company is a GMP compliant facility, and all its products have passed lab tests making them fit for human consumption.

1oz, of Green Dragon, will cost you $5, while 250g will cost you $30

2. US Kratomind

This is a reputable US-based vendor who has been into the kratom industry long enough to earn some reputation as a reliable source of obtaining what you asked for. Depending on the size of the packs they sell the Green Dragon kratom starting from $10 which is 50g, $20 for 100g, $35 for 250g, $50 for 500g and $80 for 1000g.

3. Kratom Crazy

In case you are searching for a vendor that will offer you double-checked products for quality purposes, and with most affordable prices then look no further since Kratom Crazy has everything you need. On top of quality, if you aren’t satisfied with what they have delivered, you can always return the product, and they have a 100% money-back guarantee. On orders above $49, they ship in the United States for free.


kratom capsules don’t just stock kratom capsules products as their name suggests but they also have kratom powder forms as well. They are the best when it comes to the selling of capsules as they only offer their customers super-premium products. One of the advantages of buying from this vendor is, you don’t have to worry about shipping cost since they have free shipping and all of their products are very affordable.

5. KY Kratom

This might be a little known company, but they do ship in the United States and Canada. They are based in Kentucky, and when you place an order with them, you can expect same day shipment. They charge a shipping fee of $4 on orders under $100 and above $100 at $8.some of the acceptable modes of payment you can use to pay on your order is Discover, Visa, American Express and MasterCard.

On the prices of their Green Dragon kratom product, they charge $12 for 28grams, $55 for 140 grams, and $160 for 1 pound.

Conclusion on Green Dragon Kratom

Green Dragon Kratom has been listed as one of the rare kratom strains you may find in the market. Its high concentration of mitragynine and mitraphylline alkaloids makes it so expensive than other strains, but you can be assured it’s all worth your money. Just follow the recommended dosage and buy from our recommended list of vendors and you can be assured of results that you seek. Mix it with grapefruit juice, chocolate milk or orange juice to sweeten its taste.