Green Borneo Kratom Review: Effects and Dosage

Green Borneo kratom is one of the common strains of kratom. It is majorly used to achieve some health benefits which are associated with its alkaloid content. The alkaloids like the mitragynine have a way of affecting the brain of an individual so that it operates in the required mode. It makes the pituitary glands secrete hormones which are antidepressant which is the reason it has been used over the years to suppress depression and boost moods in the user. So Let’s start our Green Borneo kratom review in detail.

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What is the Green Borneo Kratom

Green Borneo kratom is said to have originated from Asia and since then it has been widespread in most parts of the world in the form of kratom dosage. The caffeine content in the green Borneo kratom is, however, more than that of most coffee drinks. This means that it is possible to get addicted to green Borneo kratom at a higher level just as you would get addicted to coffee.

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Green Borneo Kratom Benefits

Like any other strain of kratom, there are so many health benefits that you can enjoy when you use green Borneo kratom. Some of the benefits specific to the green Borneo kratom are as follows:

1. Green Borneo Kratom For Energy Boost

It is so unfortunate that some people still depend on coffee to boost their strengths. Well, coffee can also boost your strength but it is rather outdated since its potency is extremely very low. Green Borneo kratom energy is the best way to go. You can get the best level of an energy boost from this strain of kratom. it all depends on the level of energy that you need. For instance, if you have to work for a long period of time in the energy-consuming task, you can consider using green Malay kratom just to enjoy the results.

Green Borneo kratom has the capacity of boosting your energy almost to the level of using green Malay kratom. Doing a kratom mix can however guarantee you a better energy boost. You should, however, take note not to use green Borneo when you actually do not have a way of making use of that energy. If you go this way, you might end up disturbing people with this type of energy.

Additionally, you should ensure that that you do not use the green Borneo kratom at night especially if you do not have some task to do. However, if you are planning to have some good sex, you can take it a few minutes before you go to bed. It boosts your libido as a man. However, mostly it is said that white Borneo strain is more prone to energy booster.

2. Improved Your Cognitive Ability

This sound like green Borneo kratom is some form of magic. It is not any magic. Green vein Borneo kratom has a way of giving you some right focus on what you are doing. Even if it is in the job market, employees who use this strain of kratom have reported high performance. Just as it keeps your focus on something for a long time, it also makes you remember the thing very fast and for a very long time.

Actually, those who use this strain as students do not struggle in the exam room trying to remember what they learned just the other day. Therefore, if you tend to forget things very fast or you are not able to feed your brain with any form of knowledge for a long time, you should consider using this strain for kratom and see the change that you can experience.

3. Stress Relief with Green Vein Borneo Kratom

Green Borneo kratom is also used as a stress reliever. Stress can advance to lead to depression. You should not allow it to advance to this level. If possible, you should always try as much as you can to avoid stress. Practically speaking, it is not possible to avoid stress totally. Things happen in life that will always lead you to a given level of stress. When it comes, do not give it space in your life. You can make use of the green vein Borneo strain of kratom to practically suppress it.

If you know the effects of stress or others if you have ever been stressed up, you know what it means to suppress it. A stressful person will always have a very dull life. He or she tends to see life in a negative way. Nothing makes sense to such a person. Therefore, you should free yourself from such a condition by taking the right dose of green Borneo kratom

4. Gives you a Good Sleep Partner

Sleep is the only opportunity whereby you can allow your body and mind to rest. There are some disadvantaged people who do not know the meaning of good sleep. In fact, they get to bed very late, not because they were busy in any way but rather because they do not have sleep. Instead of now having some good sleep, they are always up before dawn and just looking at their watch to see if they can finally leave their bed.

It is very difficult to understand how a bed can be a prison for some people but small heaven to others. If you are the type of person persevering in your bed, then you have a chance to change your story. Most importantly you should rely on green strain as compared to red strains like red indo kratom as they are more potent and sedative.

All that you need to do is first to determine the right dosage of the green Borneo kratom. Once you know your dose, you can decide to be taking it a few minutes to your desired sleep time. After taking your dose, forget about the struggles you go through to sleep and just through yourself into your bed. Within no time you will be asleep. Because of the longer effects of the green Borneo kratom, as you can be assured that you will sleep for long. You need to do this every day for about one week. After such a week, you can find yourself sleeping for a long time even without having to use the kratom.

5. Enhances your Social life

Last but not least, green Borneo kratom can be used in enhancing users’ social life. People who use green vein Borneo kratom are never bored on most occasions. They tend to be engaging any person that comes their way with stories even people who are self-reserved come out of their cocoon once they get to use this strain of kratom. This is how they end up making new friends each passing day. Such people will always have connections in life. They do not suffer alone. The secret is the use of green Borneo kratom.

The Recommended Dosage of Green Borneo Kratom

There is practically no specific dosage of green Borneo kratom that can be recommended for all kratom users. There are several factors that affect the amount of green vein Borneo kratom which you should take. Let have a look at such factors before you can know what amount of green Borneo kratom to use. Here are some of them:

Factor to Consider while Taking Green Vein Borneo Kratom

1. Bodyweight

Those who weigh more than 60 ponds might have to use more grams of green Borneo kratom as compared to those who are light in the body. If they take less kratom, they might end up not feeling any effects. The small-bodied one on the other has just needed just a small amount and they will be well gone. This means that you should not compare yourself with other people when it gets to determine the right dosage for green Borneo kratom. Even if you weigh the same, there are still more factors which would make your dosage to be different.

2. Gender

Generally, men have got more active muscles in their bodies. This makes them take more of the green Borneo kratom than the women. When it comes to energy usage, again en uses more energy. They do more physical duties and also use more energy for sex. For this reason, men can take much of the green vein Borneo kratom without being affected but women might have to take a relatively small amount but will still get the desired effects.

3. Level of experience with Green Borneo Kratom

As a beginner, you might have to start small. You do not need to start at a high-level dose of green Borneo kratom. If you are experienced, you can take much as you want but then you should not go beyond 10 grams as this would be an overdose. As a beginner, do not be intimidated by the level of experience other people are having. They started just as you are starting. If anything, it is not the amount of kratom that you are able to take but rather the effects of the kratom that you are enjoyed.

How to Make your Green Borneo Kratom Dosage?

Having understood such factors, you should have known that your kratom dosage must be different from any other person. The best way to do it is to ensure that you start with just a small amount of green Borneo kratom preferably two grams.

If you do not experience the effects that you expected, then you should be free to add to the amount just gradually until you can get what you need. As you add, however, do not take a dose within a time interval of not more than four hours. It might make you concentrate much kratom in your system that might complicate your emotions and cognitive ability once they start showing up.

Whatever the amount of green Borneo kratom you choose to take, always you should accompany it with water and enough food. Taking any strain of kratom on an empty stomach might lead to other complications like nausea and other related issues. Without taking water, it can dehydrate you so that you end up not enjoying the desired effects.

Where to Buy Green Borneo Kratom

When it comes to buying this strain of kratom, there is no special requirement on where best you can get the kratom. Any dealer in any strain of kratom will always have green Borneo kratom. It is very popular and so you should not be worried about where you are going to get it. The common way of getting your dose is to engage the online vendors in buying this strain of kratom. Such vendors will always have it in abundance and so you have just to choose the most trusted vendor.

Alternatively, you can get green Borneo kratom in the smoke shops. You can just walk to any smoke shop and have it at your own convenience. However, for the smoke shop, you got to have gone beyond the stigma level of using kratom. People relate those who use kratom as bad people and so knowing the truth and the health benefits this strain of kratom can bring to you, you can overcome this stigma.

Green Borneo Kratom Reddit

Kratom reddit is a social media platform whereby you can have to interact with other people who are users of kratom. From this platform, you can always ask questions in regard to the green vein Borneo kratom. Maybe there are some questions that are still unanswered in this article that you would want to learn from other people. Kratom reddit is the way to go since you will get some firsthand information as far as green Borneo kratom is concerned.


Green Borneo kratom is not very different from the other mild strains of kratom. To make the best out of your dose, you can consider doing a kratom mix whereby you mix the desired strain of kratom with this strain to have a better effect. The kratom strain to be mixed with the green vein Borneo kratom, in this case, must have the same or specific effect as for the reason you have chosen to use green Borneo kratom.