Free Kratom Samples – Ways to Find Free Sample Kratom Products

I am sure you would agree with me that in the business of kratom their liberal kratom business vendors and profit-oriented kratom business vendors. The difference between the two doesn’t just lie on one factor which is the pricing of products but there other essential elements such as the quality of products they sell to their consumers, and how much they care about the general welfare of their esteemed customers. We are not trying to say there is anything wrong when a business is making a profit, besides the sole purpose of any business is making some returns on their investment. Our primary focus is what a company is willing to offer as a reward for being a loyal company and the perks they offer. You will never find a profit-oriented vendor out there offering you free things or rewards for your royalty, but for the liberal vendors, this has always been their tradition.

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In the business of kratom, the most established and reputable companies don’t just use one tactic which is an advertisement of their products to consumers, but they utilize the science of offering free samples and rewards to their perspective and regular customers. Freebies offer customers to try out a product before making that buying decision. When a company offers you a free sample some of its objectives include

1. Popularizing a new product they have launched

2. They want to connect with their esteemed customers, and one way to do this is to offer free samples.

3. They are looking for feedback on a particular product, and they are beta testing it.

4. They are looking for prospective customers who might not be sure if they should try a specific product

5. They are looking to create a positive attitude towards a particular product.

6. They are looking to hook customers up and encourage impulse purchases

Looking at the kratom industry, their genuine vendors and also there are shady vendors out there looking to make some profit, and they completely disregard human life. Today what you buy from one vendor won’t be of the same quality with the next vendor, and this has brought some confusion in the industry on who is selling the real stuff. Jumping from one vendor into another isn’t fun at all, but you don’t have to do that anymore. Below we have compiled a list of the best reliable vendors who are offering free kratom samples that you might want to try before committing to be their regular customer. We have also given you some reasons why you should try free kratom samples first and some of the booby traps to avoid when getting free kratom samples.

Reasons Why You Should Try Free Kratom Samples

1. To Be Sure You are Getting The Right Kratom

If you’re new to kratom, you should understand there different kratom strains such as (Green, Red, White, Yellow) Bali, Borneo, Thai, Maeng Da, Hulu, Elephant, Sulawesi, kratom and many others. All these strains have different effects on the user, and therefore you need to know exactly what works for you and what your needs are. So getting free samples first for different strains will make you aware of what works for you best and what doesn’t work for you. 

2. To Be Able To Identify A Vendor Who Sells Quality Kratom

How else would you recognize a vendor who sells quality kratom that hasn’t been compromised without spending any money? Well, free kratom samples offer the answers to that question since you can be able to taste the kratom yourself, test and evaluate its effects on you. From your analysis then you can be able to make sound conclusions in regards to the quality of kratom you got from the samples.

3. You, Will, Be Sure You Have The Right Kratom For The Right Price

Nothing is irritating and disappointing than spending your hard-earned money on a kratom product only to find out its price has been hiked and moreover it’s of low quality. You can also get a low priced kratom which is of low quality, and in both situations, you end up losing your money. It’s always advisable to try out free kratom samples since you will be able to judge from the trials whether there is value for your money in what you are about to purchase.

4. To Evaluate Whether The Kratom Lives Up to Its Promise

Unfortunately, some vendors will claim their products effectiveness, and you might fall prey for this. It’s always good if you go and get the free kratom samples first and experience their effectiveness at first hand before checking out that cart. Doing this will raise your confidence in the vendor and assure you that your needs will be totally fulfilled.

5. You, Will, Know Whether Kratom Is The Right Herb For You

To new users, they should first go for free kratom samples first before making that decision to purchase kratom. There is a saying that goes ‘One man’s medicine is another man’s poison’. One individual can experience very positive effects, but another can have adverse side effects on the same product. Free kratom samples will tell whether this is for you or this will work against you.

6. Do You Need To Upgrade?

If your answer is yes, free kratom samples will provide an answer on whether you need to upgrade your current dosage, or you need to upgrade to a different kratom strain product. Testing will always give you the right answers rather than just jumping into conclusions without first assessing the decision you made technically.

Special Precaution and Warning

Not everyone is permitted to take kratom, and if you fall under this category, kratom products aren’t for you.

  • Below the age of 18
  • You are breastfeeding or pregnant. (Unless rigorous test have been done and the doctor has approved)
  • People who have some history in regards to mental disorder
  • If currently, an individual is suffering from a mental disorder

Kratom Samples – Beware Of These Common Traps and Run Away From Them

Not business in the kratom industry is genuine with their offer on free kratom samples. Some companies take advantage of the term “FREE” to scam unsuspecting prospective and regular customers and rip them off their hard-earned coins. Here are some of the scams you want to avoid that tag along with the “free kratom samples” headline.

1. Free Kratom Samples With a Hidden Subscription Plan

You might find a company offering free kratom samples, but you will have to pay for the shipping fee to your desired destination or others call it a processing fee. Since the processing fee or the shipping fee is just too little compared to the price of the kratom samples, you definitely fall for this scam. What you don’t know in most cases they don’t send your free kratom sample, and moreover, since they have access to your personal information, you might find out that you have been listed in a subscription service that you never signed up for.

2. No Vendor License

It’s always advisable to take free things from recognized and reputable brands than from vendors you have never heard of. Check the vendor’s license and also read a couple of reviews from regular customers to evaluate what you have taken home.

3. Be On The Lookout For Salmonella-Infected Kratom

Some vendors are just wicked. They don’t want to incur any loss at all and to do that they offer salmonella infected kratom as a free sample to unsuspecting customers. When you take such products, you will experience some fever, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. Probably you will think its some side effects of kratom, but that’s the result of food poisoning. Be on the lookout for this.

4. Watch Out For Damp/ Old Kratom

As I said before profit-oriented businesses are out there to make money and throwing away a product isn’t in their best of interest. Some of these kratom samples you get might be infected with mold. If you take a kratom sample and you start experiencing some eye irritations, coughing, throat irritation, skin irritation well you are a victim of mold-infected kratom.

Top Vendors For Free Kratom Samples

Here is a list of top vendors offering free kratom samples


One of the vendors that stood out from the park is Kraoma. They are one of the few companies that have a reputation of offering not just high-quality kratom but also 100% natural grown organically kratom. They sell their kratom not only in the United States but also in the international market. All of their kratoms has been grown in Malaysia and Indonesia, and they guarantee you on every batch purity and cleanliness. In their shop, they have a variety of kratom strains, so there is something for everyone.

If you are new to kratom, this is the vendor to go to. They offer 2 10 gram samples for all their new customers and all the returning customers can add one sample in every order they make. Some of the free samples you could order from them are white maeng Da, Red Bali, White Horn, Yellow Bali, Green Malay, Red Thai, Green Kali, Red Borneo, among others.

2. Lively Mood Botanicals

This is another company In our list of top vendors offering free kratom samples you might want to consider. They sell a wide range of plant and herbal products, and some of their stock include kratom, Kava, Maca, and Blue Lotus.

In regards to Lively Mood Botanicals free kratom samples, the company doesn’t offer their kratom free, but they charge you $7.99. However, before you turn away here is the deal you get for only $7.99, in 1 ounce there are 24 grams of three kratom varieties. By that I mean you get 8 grams of red vein kratom, 8 grams of green vein kratom and 8 grams of white vein kratom. So for those who are starters, this is one of the companies with the best kratom samples offer you can get out there.

3. Legit Kratom

Legit Kratom would have been our number one choice, but since we haven’t skipped it well, it’s good you know they have a reputation of offering only the highest quality of kratom in the market. Their competitive prices, quality and their assurance of satisfaction with their products have made them become among the leading kratom vendors.

Legit Kratom offers its customers three 20 gram kratom strain samples of their choice for only $ can either choose red, yellow, green, white kratom strains. You will be glad to know that all their kratom has been tested for heavy metals and contaminants. Also, they offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked if you’re not satisfied with the samples provided.

4. White Rabbit Herbals

White Rabbit Herbals vendor is a company that has made a name for itself in the kratom industry for selling high-quality kratom capsules and in powder form. Some of the products they have include the Red, White, and Green strains. When you purchase any of their product, they offer free USPS same day shipping in the USA and if you’re not satisfied.

Some of the products they are offering as free samples aren’t really free since they will cost you $20.98 and $21.98.however before you decide to run away you should see what they have on offer for you. White Rabbit has two samples that offer that’s Super Blend Sample pack capsules and Super Blend Sample pack in powder form.

For those who want to try the capsules, the packs have 25 capsules on each strain that’s the red, white and green and in addition each of the caps contains 0.6g of powder. On the powder sample pack which costs $21.98, you will get 20g of super red, super white and super green.

5. Kratom Exchange

For those who haven’t made up their mind yet on which kratom strain to use well Kratom exchange has a solution for you. They are one of the most reputable companies in the kratom industry you can make your order from. Some of the free kratom samples they offer customers are 3-10 gram packs, 1 green, red and white strain. Free kratom is only offered to new customers only and they will have to pay a shipping fee of $3.99

6. Kratom-K

To close our list of the best free kratom sample vendors, you could opt for is Kratom-K. The company has been in operation since 2011 and it’s one of the reputable companies offering products with the highest mitragynine alkaloid content in the industry. Some of the varieties they sell are in raw kratom powder, extractions, and capsules and crushed leaves. If you’re new in kratom, then kratom-K samples are a fantastic option for you. For a total of 80 capsules which comprise 20 capsules of red Bali, 20 capsules of red Borneo, 20 capsules of Green Maeng Da and 20 capsules of White Thai you will only be charged $30.95.

Final Thoughts on Free Kratom Samples

In conclusion, if you’re looking to try out kratom before making huge orders on this wonderful herb, first go for the free trials. Try as many samples as you can so that you are able to identify the best kratom strain that will best fit your needs. We hope you will make the most informed decision based on our recommendations.