Canopy Botanicals Review

Canopy Botanicals Review – Kratom Products, Prices, Packing and Delivery Guide

Did you know that tea was the first beverage to be used as a medicine? Well, in the ancient days, the people claimed that tea helped in calming sore throats. Thus, it was regarded as a treasure among the monks of the Mughal Empire. Additionally, folks brew tea to help calm their nerves and reduce the risk of a heart attack.

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Nonetheless, in recent years, most people have discovered kratom tea and its purported benefits. In fact, some brew kratom tea to simply chill out or relieve joint inflammatory pains. Unlike traditional tea, kratom tea does not contain caffeine. Although it is a member of the coffee family, which accounts for its stimulating effects.

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We bet, no one understands the value of real kratom tea more than the dealers’ Canopy Botanicals. They list kratom products on their site as tea. Needless to ask, though, is Canopy Botanicals a legit dealer of kratom or just another looks good cons?

When it comes to natural and herbal products, one has to be careful about the vendor you buy from. Today, the market is flooded with many online vendors who sell natural products. These natural products are known for their health benefits to the users. To enjoy the health, benefits, one has to buy from a reputable vendor. One of the most legitimate online vendors for natural products is Canopy Botanicals. The company sells different natural products online.

Canopy Botanicals manufacture their botanical products and sell them to consumers. For many years Canopy Botanicals have been at the top in the industry as they have invested in outdoor gardening and create organically based recipes. Canopy Botanicals are known to produce a variety of products that are useful in our day to day lives. Before you purchase any products from Canopy Botanicals, it is important to know more information about their company. Read on to find out canopy botanicals reviews.

Variety of products produced

In lieu to understand Canopy Botanicals, we review some of the variety of products they deal in. If you want to have different types of natural products, Canopy Botanicals is the vendor for you. Their products include;

1. Tea

One of the most consumed beverages in the world is tea. Canopy Botanicals are known to produce the best kratom drinking tea. The tea is well brewed with a unique taste that attracts most people. From their online stores, you will not miss tea. They sell high-quality tea that is worth your money. Some of the tea flavors that they sell include ginger tea, grey tea, peach passion tea, green tea, and English breakfast tea. If you love tea, you will enjoy the different flavors that Canopy Botanicals have.

Besides, there are different aromatic teas provided by this company. The tea is derived from plants and herbs that medicinal in nature. Thus, the tea you get from Canopy Botanicals is safe and has medicinal value.

2. Handmade soap

Canopy Botanicals have a collection of soap with different aromas. The soaps are gentle on the skin. Most of their soap is made from peppermint, spearmint, honey, and eucalyptus. Their soaps have antioxidant properties that penetrate deep in the skin. The soaps are known to have a good effect on your health. If you love soaps with aromas, you should consider handmade soaps from Canopy Botanicals.

3. Spices and seasoning

When it comes to food, the taste plays a crucial role in whether you will like the food or not. Eating foods with natural spices and seasoning brings back your appetite for food. Some of the spices that they offer include applewood sea salt, peppercorn blends, and cayenne powder. The spices and seasonings also add to the aroma of the food. These spices are natural hence beneficial to the body.

4. Sea salts

Sea salts contain rich nutrients for the overall health of your body. The sea salt is not processed; hence no nutrients are removed. The sea salts act as flavors for foods and drinks.

5. Apparel

Canopy Botanicals also offers apparel to customers. The apparel includes Pom Knit Beanie and snapback hats. The costs of these apparel are quite affordable. If you love shopping from Canopy Botanicals, you should consider buying one of these two apparels. The apparels have the name of the vendor, Canopy Botanicals. The apparels are of high quality and will last for long.

6. Kratom Types

At present, the usual suspect sold at Canopy Botanical includes the Red Maeng Da and the Green Maeng Da Kratom. Besides, they also stock limited harvest Gold Maeng Da, and the cherry bomb enhanced Da. The Gold Maeng Da from Canopy is both analgesic and euphoric. It can quickly help you relive both back pain and fatigue.

Additionally, the company also offers some of the best Ginger Chews. Their Ginger Chews have a long last that is good for relieving nausea often associated with kratom overdose.

The Prices of the Products

It is noted that Canopy Botanicals have lower prices compared to other online vendors in the market. The prices differ from one product to another. Canopy Botanicals have kept their prices low despite the high demand for their products. They aim at ensuring that everyone improves their health through this product despite their financial status. The prices range with spices, size, and seasoning. The cost of the tea varies from $5 to $7. The spices and seasoning cost about $5. The soap can go as little as $4. Their prices are ideal for people with small budgets.


Once you purchase products online from Canopy Botanicals, you will receive them within the shortest time possible. They ship the products within one or two days after your order. Some natural products such as spices may go bad if they take too long to reach your location; hence they make sure you get them while they are still fresh. Hence they ensure they ship immediately after you have made an order. The time it takes to reach the customer’s destination depends on how far the customer is located. They can ship through or other shipping methods that are reliable. The cost of shipping varies, from the product you are buying to the distance between you and the vendor.

Return Policy

If you have ordered for a product, you can return it to Canopy Botanicals under certain conditions. However, some products can be accepted back while others are not allowed back. If you want to return, make sure that you contact the vendor immediately and provide reasons. When purchasing from Canopy Botanicals, it is advisable that you read the return policy to avoid misunderstandings.


All products from Canopy Botanicals are packed in quality packaging. They ensure that you receive the product just as they packed it without any damages. If the packaging is open and the products are damaged, they offer money-back services. They use top quality packaging materials to make sure that they do not tear when shipping. Their packaging is attractive and well designed by the manufacturer.

Quality of the Products

When buying natural products, it is important to look at quality. The quality of these products will determine the effectiveness of the products. Canopy Botanicals take the necessary measures to make sure they produce high-quality products. They have quality checks from the harvesting to manufacturing levels. When you buy any natural product from Canopy Botanicals, do not worry about quality as it is guaranteed.

Customer Service

Canopy Botanicals have excellent support services for their customers. The best ways to contact them is through their email address or by calling their contact numbers. They will reply to your emails instantly and pick your calls immediately. One may need to call them due to various reasons such as money-back guarantees and refunds for damaged products.

You can contact them 24/7 if you have any queries, complaints or compliments. From their website, they have a section where you can send a direct message to them. If you are not clear about the usage of their products, it is important to ask them.

8. Promotions and offers

Canopy Botanicals give their clients promotions and offer once in a while. These offers include free shipping services and coupons. Mostly they offer a 10 percent discount on specific products. It is crucial to be on the lookout for such offers and coupons, and you will end up saving a lot of money. Products that do not have offers and discounts, their prices are very affordable, and you end up saving more compared to other vendors.

Payment Methods

One of the vital factors when it comes to online purchases is payments. Before you buy anything online, you should find out the payment methods they accept and the ones you have. You should go for the payment methods that do not charge a lot and goes through easily. For Canopy Botanicals, they accept e-checks and cryptocurrency. They accept any payment amount with these two methods. The online vendor has plans on introducing more payments methods.

Legalization of Their Products

Canopy Botanicals have a wide range of products that they sell to customers around the world. Most of their products are legal in most countries, but some have certain regulations that must be followed. Before you ship any products from Canopy Botanicals, do some research and find out if they are legal in your location.

Customer Satisfaction

Before you purchase a product from an online vendor, it is important to consider customer satisfaction. You can know if they will satisfy you when making inquiries about their products. It means paying attention to how they communicate to you, their response time, if they are in a hurry to end your call and if they are paying attention to you as a customer. From their testimonials, most of their customers are satisfied with the kind of services they received when purchasing.

Side Effects of the Products

Canopy Botanicals natural products are well tested and proven to be safe for consumption for everyone. Few side effects have been reported such as digestion issues, but no major effects have been reported. Canopy Botanicals ensures that they offer the best products to their customers to improve their health. For people with a certain health condition, it is always good to consult their doctor before they take anything from Canopy Botanicals especially if they are on medications.

Final Thoughts

Canopy Botanicals have gained a good reputation among its customers. Their main aim is to provide quality products while at the same time attend to their customer’s needs. Today, one needs to be cautious when buying products online as some will not deliver what you wanted and you end up losing your money. Over the years that Canopy Botanicals has been in the market, they have built a strong relationship with their customers. Make sure that you contact them for any natural product that you need.