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Sungazing, introduction and notes on

Saturday, March 08 2003 - Filed under: General

March 8th 2003

WARNING - WARNING - Remember I only present the information - Use the information on your own risk - WARNING - WARNING

In the very interesting and open-minded atmosphere discussiong group , Peter sent a very interesting article on Sungazing. This controversial technique is used to get rid of all negative emotions, consequently achieve perfect health and finally (believe it or not, I do) the ability to live on light (without any food).

The article can be read here:

Consequently, Vinny Pinto also made a website on sungazing available on his website:

I decided to give it a try and have been gazing the sun for almost two weeks now.. I now gaze 2 minutes and 20 seconds. I started two weeks ago with 10 seconds gazing at the sun, half an hour before sundown. Each day I would increase the sungazing by 10 seconds.. That way, after 9 months (270 days) I would reach 2700 seconds a day, which equals 45 minutes.

In The Netherlands it's quite hard to find a day where there *is* a visible sun in the evening, but I had some luck the first week: A very clear sky.

Dangerous ? I don't think so.. Gazing the sun in the last half hour of the sun, virtually leaves no spot on your eye. Watching a 60 watt lamp for one second leaves a bigger spot on the eye. Also, it doesn't hurt the eye or makes it tear. Doing it more than an hour before sundown, even 1 second of gazing will make your eyes tear.. I see it like this: When a baby is left alone without any knowledge that gazing the sun is dangerous he won't watch the sun during the day, because it hurts. On the other hand, the baby won't have any problem looking at the sun just before sundown. There isn't a single signal from his sophisticated senses that it might be bad.. So, a conclusion is: If sungazing the last hour of the day would be very dangerous, than all babies would be blind   

Insane ? No, I don't think so. I've been studying some more books of the Rosicrucians and sites of Breatharians, and I'm 100% certain that people are able to live in perfect health without any food. Even more, living without food allows one to achiveve 100% immunity to disease. No more life-energy is spilled for ''reformatting'' the energy signatures in the foods and no more energy is spilled for digesting and metabolising the food. That way all the remaining energy can be used to uphold the immunity and also the senses aren't disturbed by the energy signatures in the foods. What exactly do I mean by the energy signatures ? I mean that the thoughts and thrives of an animal remain in the flesh and especially in the blood. When you eat it, your body needs to remove these energy signatures to make it compatible with your body. That way it can assimilate the food.. Without this reformatting the food would be useless.

Details: The pineal gland
The pineal gland is a very important organ in this process. It gets charged by the sun-energy and when fully charged, it allows you to live without negative emotions (which in fact are the *cause* of many disease and ailments) and eventually without food.

Much more information on this can be found by searching the internet on Manekji. I propose you take a look using Google...

Results so far:
Ofcourse, it's very difficult to assess the results after only two weeks of sungazing, but I think I had some dreams that I never had before. I also think I have a more positive attitude and I feel more energetic. But I'm ofcourse not sure if that's because of this or something else. As you know I'm experimenting with almost everything at hand..

What next
In a few months time I will come back to this issue and tell you what I've gained (or lost) by sungazing for 90 days (3 months).. If you want to try it yourself, you're free to do it, but remember it's your own risk..

Read some further interesting threads on this topic here

Sungazing to improve your vision

Galileo didn't go blind because of sungazing
Summary: Impossible to go blind because of sungazing, but one might loose the ability to read and see fine detail when gazing during a solar eclipse (pupil small because of darkness)

The Netherlands
March 19th, 2003

Update April 12th 2003
Doing great and have increased the sungazing time up to 8 minutes now.. No eye damage whatsoever.. Health has improved in that period, but am not sure if it's because of the sungazing.... Will keep on gazing.. I even gaze during the day sometimes with no damage at all.. Sometimes a green/purple spot remains in the vision for one or more hours, but it always disappears when the eyes have absorbed the solar energy..

Update, August 16th 2003
Although the sungazing seemed to improve my mental stability (primarily increased ability to let go of materialism) and also some improvement in health, I got lazy in the end and didn't do it regularly anymore..
I still believe it's very powerful, but it's really important to do it right and truly believe it's helping.. I just received this note from a fellow sungazer:

-- Dear Ed,
-- When you gaze in the Sun you have to have a ''sankalpa'' in your mind - the
-- short sentence that defines your wish. Also, think how is the Sun ray
-- entering your subchakra called ''kalpa vriksha'' (''wish fullfilling tree'')
-- right beneath Anahata chakra.

Update, August 29th 2003
This was posted on the Live-Food newsgroup today, by Vinny Pinto, the moderator:
>Hi folks:
>As many of your already know, sungazing (along with sunbathing) has a long
>history and association with raw diets of all kinds, both raw vegan diets
>and (particularly) RVAF diets and their proponents, and I have mentioned it
>before on this list. I prefer not to go into details, but many are aware
>that a number of well-known RVAF folks and RVAF diet consultants engage in
>both practices, as do some well-known raw vegans and other raw
>advocates. I now have an update for you.....
>I have just received a private note from Hira Mantek, the engineer from
>India who lives largely on sunlight and sungazing, and whom I have
>mentioned on the sungazing page on my Raw Paleo Diet website ( at
> .)
>Hira is now located in Florida (USA), and has a new website, per the note
>dear respected friend
>I am the person about whom you have made mention in your website from times
>of india. I am now in usa at orlando.please visit
> and look forward
>eagerly for your response.I am now interviewed by BBc world services a
>russian magazine having 4 crore readers and an australian magazine in the
>recent past and i have more than 600 references on internet.thanks and with
>kind regards hrm
>with care,
>Vinny Pinto


And yet another site on sungazing:


Update October 18th
I decided to pick up the sungazing again in August. Yesterday I gazed 15 minutes. I now notice a great improvement in health, sleep quality and decreased emotional tensions. Due to the decreased emotional tensions, I notice my intuition is starting to get stronger.

A few days ago I drove off with my car and my intuition gave a strong signal to turn back. I decided to follow my intuition and turned the car. On the way back, it started to stall and I was just able to reach my house again. I now get a better sense of how to distinguish between the intuition and the rational mind and emotional tensions.

I also notice that when I don't gaze for a few days, some emotional tensions seem to return and then I notice the great contrast: It's great to live without much emotional tensions. In my cases the emotional tensions are excessively thinking about what can go wrong. These thoughts almost completely disappear when I've sungazed in the last 2-3 days. After about 4 days without sungazing, the emotional tensions are slowly reintroduced, but not to the extent I used to have these tensions before I started sungazing.

My brother is also gazing together with me and he's now reached 5 minutes and 20 seconds. He doesn't notice much difference yet.

Update October 19th
Yesterday, Vinny Pinto visited Hira Manekji and they had a two-hour conversation. A report of this meeting can be found in the live-food dicussion group at:

Vinny also started a new sungazing YahooGroup at

His website is updated also with the latest information at:

Please also check the new links on Vinny's website. More and more information on sungazing is becoming available on the net.

Further updates will be made in my health journal, which can be found at . I've also made a list of sungazing links at .

Check out the many other interesting articles on my website

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