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Information and many links to information on DMSO

Thursday, January 17 2002 - Filed under: General

Hi Vivian and others interested in MSM,

MSM is converted in the body to DMSO and DMSO to MSM.
So it doesn't matter with which one you start.
Please read the following articles on it:

Treating Crohn's with DMSO (somehow MSM is less effective)

The Miracle of MSM (The entire book) by Stanley W. Jacob M.D

MSM : DMSO after 20 years

Detailed info on DMSO and MSM by David Gregg

DMSO helps reverse scleroderma:

DMSO in the treatment of cancer

MSM Promotion

When you take high doses of MSM (no toxic effects whatsoever), you can
consider to also supplement molybdenum:
According to Jonathan Wright, MD, editor of the newsletter, Dr.
Wright's Nutrition & Healing, an important addition that should be in
the MSM products is an essential trace element, molybdenum. He explains
it very well and it is a very enlightening piece of news. The point is
that MSM contains quite a bit of sulfur which is metabolized by the
enzyme sulfite oxidase to the sulfite form which is ''quite toxic''. It
is then metabolized to the safe sulfate form if enough molybdenum is

I use DMSO to transfer vitamins and minerals through the skin.
This can be done by dissolving vitamins/minerals in 99,9% / 100% pure
DMSO and rubbing it into the skin.
Depending on the solubility only 5ml of DMSO is needed to dissolve 2
grams of supplement.

Other side effects of DMSO and MSM:
* My skin feels a lot softer and better
* My nails get stronger and grow a bit faster

Side effect of DMSO and not of MSM:
* A garlic smell.. I can't smell it myself, but my room stinks of
garlic when I've used more than 5 ml of DMSO the day before..

Although many people say that DMSO and MSM are dangerous, I can say
they are maybe even less dangerous than aspirin.
The lethal dose of DMSO is almost as high as pure water. Alcohol or
sugar are much more toxic than DMSO.

With the DMSO you can make it as dangerous as you like. Everything
dissolves in it when you apply it to the skin.
So when you first handled some rat poison and forgot to wash your
hands, then there is a problem.
If you first wash your hands and the skin carefully, no problems will
I've used it more than 100 times now and no ill effects at all..
Some days I use more than 20 grams of DMSO + MSM.

I also use MSM with all my oral supplements, because it boosts

DMSO and MSM also act as a secondary oxygen transport system.
Remember this when someone has a problem to get oxygen to his/her
brains. Use DMSO to make sure the brain doesn't die (for example after
an accident)..

It's also used in combination with anitbiotics and antifungals.. For
example with toe-fungus. The antifungal alone can't cure it, but the
antifungal dissolved in DMSO cures it within days..

Be sure to also read the DMSO book, DMSO nature's healer by Dr. Morton
Walker. Read a review here:

I think that's about all I know about both substances..

Good luck,

The Netherlands

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