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Pasteur was a plagiarist, and a bad one at that

Wednesday, November 20 2002 - Filed under: General


From: David Major
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Subject: Hypertext of book by Bechamp available
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Date: 1994-02-25 12:10:14 PST

A hypertext version of part of *The Third Element of the Blood*, the last
book written by Antoine Bechamp, is available.

Bechamp was the scientist whose work was plagiarised and distorted by
Louis Pasteur, who basically built his career on foundations that were
supplied by Bechamp's work. However, the conclusions that Pasteur arrived
at were very different from those of Bechamp. The most important
difference between them was the role of germs (sic) in the manifestation
of disease.

There are many researchers today who are looking seriously at Bechamp's
work, but there are many more who have never heard of him, so thoroughly
was he written out of history.

The fact that Pasteur was a plagiarist, and a bad one at that, has been
the subject of several extensive books, and last year even the Pasteur
Institute in Paris admitted for the first time that Pasteur falsified
many of his experimental results
. (A fact which has actually been well
established since the turn of the century.) The implications of this for
modern medical theory are probably best not considered until you have
acquainted yourself with at least the basics of Bechamp's theories.

The Third Element of the Blood is basically Bechamp defending his
position, and explaining in detail his experiments and the conclusions he
drew from them.

The hypertext is DOS-based, and in zip format. If that is a problem for
anyone, I can turn it into a self-extracting archive. The compressed file
is about 280k, uncompressed it requires about 615k disk space.

If you want a copy, email me and I'll send a message back with the file



The book, The Third Element of the Blood can be found here:

The book, Pasteur, Plagiarist, Imposter can be found here: and in PDF


A good overview of Pasteur's Germ Theory vs. Bechamps's Cellular Theory:

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