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Living on light, some thoughts

Tuesday, August 13 2002 - Filed under: General

Living on light, some thoughts

I understand this is really, extremely strange to read about.
Unless this guy was lieing about everything, he *was* living on light.
I have very strong reservations of believing that this guy was lieing
to me..
The signs were there: I was in the clinic for several hours and I
observed the man. I haven't seen him drink or eat anything or even rest
a minute for that matter.
He staid as energetic and vivid as I had never seen before in my life.

And yes, C. is right, several people have died, trying to replicate
it. One first needs to be on a spiritual level to be able to do this.
Interestingly there was a full-size article in the Dutch newspaper
about a Dutch familiy-doctor who was also able to live on light. He
started like every other doctor with the regular medicine. Then he
started to get interested in the alternative medicine, then more into
energetic and spiritual medicine. He talked about emotional blockades
and all that stuff I'm talking about. Keep open your eyes and you will
see more of this.. Perhaps not in the states, because I am afraid it
will be censored..

Technically, when you look at the research, it isn't all that strange..
You see, there is proof all around is:

Vegetables are able to increase in *weight* while there is no food
added at all.
They synthesize atoms right from the air they live in. This is
scientifically proven and no ''scientist'' can explain it.
The explanation is that vegetables are able to synthesize atoms from
the orgon (ch'i, life-energy) in the sky.

Another experiment with chickens:
One you stop giving them calcium, but you continue giving them silica,
they still make perfect eggs made from solid calcium.
You can continue this experiment for long periods of time, proving that
they are not using up their own bones..
There's a lot of calcium in each egg: This proves that a chicken is
able to transmute silica into calcium !
No ''scientist'' can explain this either.. My point is that scientist
aren't willing to research this. They are blocked somehow..

Yes, we are a physical being, but you are thinking way too mechanistic.
There is much more healing force in ourselves than you can imagine.
It's only very difficult to reach out to this inner energy, because
it's blocked by the many emotional blockades that are created by our
Once these blockades are removed, an one really feels who he really is,
like a little God, he is able to do many more things ..

I am now reading the books by Wilhelm Reich. He discovered and proved
that emotional blocks are created by society.
One of the worst emotional blocks is the sexual blockade which is there
in virtually all patriarchic societies. We should strive for
matriarchic society in which the children live with the parents but are
raised by the brothers of the mother. There is sexual freedom and no
forbids that clash with the human biological needs.

The more sexual blockades there are, the more the people *want* to have
a boss (read president), the more they want to be controlled, the more
insecure and dependent they are.. The more blockades there are, the
more difficult it is for people to see the truth. People are unable to
see the truth nowadays. This is the real reason why science is such a
nasty thing nowadays. They don't want to see the truth. They've created
blockades which defend them from seeing the (nasty) truth.

I told you before about how I'm able to see human aura's, etc. Most
people can't see it, because they have an emotional blockade of the
optical nerve. Once you aren't afraid anymore to see the truth, you
will also see this.. I'm still laden with blockades and I am working to
get rid of the other ones, so I can pursue the real truth and not the
supposed false truth that society has laid out for us..

Just four days ago, we've started a research group of 12-14 people
already. There are several ex-university doctors and PhD among those
and some students. We are going to pursue the truth, how odd the truth
may be. We are willing to see it and change our view of the world
accordingly.. This is a major step, because it *has* drastic effects on
how one perceives the world.. I believe more than ever that we live in
a really *sick* world and I already didn't have any bright ideas about
the world. But I've also gained a dream about how the world could be.

According to Reich, each person is a good person once it's born.
Because of the many trauma's (starting when they're a baby) and
biological repressions, they form blockades and these blockades are the
cause of agression, war, dictatorships, square people, the
unwillingness of the people to stand up to (or even doubt) their
superiors, etc, etc, etc..

Back to the real topic: Living on light..
I am going to pursue this. It would be great to be not dependent on
food. It would make me very independent (I eat for about 10,000 euro's
a year) and in case of war I wouldn't starve. I recently read that
Holland needs 7 times the surface of Holland to get its foods !
Amazing. Again: I really believe this is possible and you will over
time also..

Just think of this: Biologists aren't able to explain which force is
allowing us to walk from the computer to the door of the room. There is
no real explanation. Reich and others showed that we take the ch'i of
the foods we eat and use that as our biological lifeforce. Reich also
showed that the sky is full of this same energy, which is also inside
you and me. In one experiment, using special breathing techniques, I
saw (visually) the orgone build up in my body. This shows that humans
are capable of extracting the orgone energy from the sky without
problems. We only need the power/ability to direct this energy better
and to visualize (thought-power is vey strong) that we won't starve,
that we don't need food at all, and we are living on light. The
emotional blockades are disallowing us from seeing/doing this. The
blockades can be removed emotionally, but they can also be removed
physically by use of physical stimulation or by use of energy-medicine.
This explains why people have very powerful dreams after the
energy-treatments. In these dreams, the blockades are slowly removed.

The pracitican from Holland is working in the range of these energy
devices, each day, so his blockades must have been removed very
swiftly. Eventually he discovered his real self again and learned that
he doesn't need any food at all, amongst other things..

One other thing: We aren't actually physicial beings. In this dimension
and time we are represented by a physical being, but we really are
immortal souls. This is just one part of our ''adventure''. This is just
one incarnation. Once these blockades are removed, you will know that
you are an immortal soul for real and you will know there is much more
than the physical dimension we think we are in now.. But don't take my
word for it, you'll know I'm right someday..

The Netherlands

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