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07/12/2014Parkinsons Disease
27/03/2014New Summary of New Treatments
02/04/2012Update April 2012
18/07/2011Schizophrenia: Vitamin B3 Niacin cures it
31/10/2010Leukemia alternative treatments: mercury chelation and coral calcium
30/10/2010Update November 2010
18/07/2009De paradox: eet meer vetten en val af!
12/05/2009Handleiding kwikontgifting
23/01/2008Crohn's disease: iodine deficiency caused by mercury
11/04/2007Health and disease
24/11/2006Firewalking (warning)
20/07/2005Mercury heavy metal intoxication, diagnosis and treatment
19/07/2004Insomnia, some tips
07/07/2004Assemblage point View on Multiple Sclerosis
16/06/2004Allergies and electrosmog sensitivity: Can be overcome by reducing stress on the liver
31/05/2004Raw versus cooked meat
22/05/2004Factors for health
05/05/2004Migraine and magnesium
25/04/2004Psoriasis, treat with HCl and SCDiet
09/04/2004Gilles de Tourette Syndrome
05/04/2004Give Kwasniewski's Homo Optimus diet a try
24/03/2004The three most damaging foods to our health: Wheat, Cowmilk and Soy
14/02/2004Deutsche low-carb Verein
09/02/2004Ketosis, spiertrekkingen, kramp, electrosmog, hartkloppingen, droge of pijnlijke keel
05/02/2004Ketosis and the Reams Biological Theory of Ionization RBTI
05/02/2004Electrosmog sensitivty and ketosis
22/01/2004Het Bitje van Januari 2004: Alles over Electrosmog
17/01/2004Erytropoetische Protoporfyrie EPP
21/12/2003A 4-layer view on health
20/12/2003Difficulty of detecting and accepting food intolerances
10/12/2003Check the integrity of researchers (ties to pharma industry ?)
10/12/2003SP publiceert dossier over farmaceutische industrie
04/12/2003Beste dieet: Vlees en bladeren
16/11/2003Cancer treatment
01/11/2003The traditional cure for diabetes: Low-carb diet
27/10/2003Artikel uit het Utrechts Nieuwsblad van 24 oktober 2003
24/10/2003Reactie op artikel in het Utrechts Nieuwsblad: Onderbouwing ontbreekt
21/10/2003Tros Radar over het Atkins dieet
06/10/2003Sarcoidosis: Can be treated with Homo Optimus diet
06/10/2003Schizophrenia : Caused by grains !
27/09/2003Myasthenia Gravis
22/09/2003Sungazing to increase serotonin and heal migraines and depression
19/09/2003History, Intention and Summary of this site
26/08/2003Atkins diet promoted on the Dutch RTL4 news bulletin
10/08/2003Migraine and Headaches
10/08/2003Effective Body Building
08/08/2003Acne and Dandruf can be treated using raw Homo Optimus diet
06/08/2003Gallstones and Cholesterol
05/08/2003Book review: The Body Electric by Robert O. Becker, MD and Gary Selden
02/08/2003Vaccination a myth ?
01/08/2003How to build your own fermenting machine
06/07/2003A ketogenic diet to fight cancer
03/07/2003Een vette geest is een gezonde geest
01/07/2003How to boost the adrenals and thyroid
26/06/2003Some interesting resources on raw vegan diets
26/06/2003Homo Optimus diet to treat M.S.
20/06/2003Get a jumpstart to new health !
20/06/2003Zeg nee tegen DECT, WiFi, Digitenne en UMTS
16/06/2003Just4Weeks Dieet
16/06/2003GSM en DECT Straling en gezondheid.. Heftige feiten !
08/06/2003Stappenplan voor gezondheid
04/06/2003Kanker heeft zowel emotionele als fysieke oorzaak
24/04/2003Distilled water: Healthy or dangerous ? A list of studies and articles..
22/04/2003Reams, Distilled water, how powerful is the RBTI
19/04/2003Short introduction to Reams after receiving testing kit
10/04/2003Macular Degeneration and other eye problems
04/04/2003Wheat is the ultimate cancer-feeding food
03/04/2003Warning: CellPhones cause leaky Brain
27/03/2003Very interesting information I received recently on new metabolic treatments
09/03/2003DECT Phone
08/03/2003Sungazing, introduction and notes on
08/03/2003Zinc lozenges to treat Crohn's disease (and many other diseases)
06/03/2003Effective Micro Organisms (EM-1) causes remission of Crohn's disease !
20/01/2003Depressie, Sint-Janskruid en lichttherapie
20/01/2003Helminthic worms therapy for Crohn's disease by Dr. Weinstock
09/01/2003Another food down the drain: Cow milk
09/01/2003New Dietary Protocol to heal most disease
13/12/2002The protein-power diet and the potential dangers of all high-protein diets
06/12/2002More on Reams, Dr. Martin and the Reams Biological Th. of Ioniz. Newsgroup
05/12/2002The QuackWatch interesting opinion on Dr. Carey Reams
03/12/2002The Reams view on Crohn’s Disease
03/12/2002The Reams view on Ulcerative Colitis
01/12/2002More on lemon drink from a Reams practicioner
21/11/2002There's More to Vaccination than the Shot

Get the Facts. Know Your Rights

21/11/2002An interesting discussion on pleomorphic microbes, bechamp, rife, pasteur, etc
21/11/2002Book Review of: Pasteur Exposed: The False Foundations of Modern Medicine
21/11/2002Vaccination, The Pasteur false Germ-Theory vs Bechampe Cellular Theory
20/11/2002Keep raising the bar - A Low Carb Parody starring Charlie Brown !
20/11/2002Pasteur was a plagiarist, and a bad one at that
11/11/2002Osteoporosis, Say no to Fosamax, say yes to SCDiet !
29/10/2002Interesting set of health links using natural means
03/09/2002My up-to-date view on diet
02/09/2002My experiences with electrosmog
31/08/2002How much protein and calcium do I really need ?
13/08/2002Living on light, some thoughts
01/06/2002Study shows that SCD-comparable diet is more helpful than antibiotics
30/05/2002Found source for Monolaurin
26/05/2002The poisons of our life
22/04/2002New theory shows how adrenal weakness can cause blood acidity and calcium problems
24/03/2002Cashews, very powerful mineral supplements
24/03/2002How paracetamol might cause a flare of ulcerative colitis
24/03/2002Putting DMSO, antioxidants and SCDiet in perspective
17/03/2002Cancer, what have we gained since 1950 ?
13/03/2002The ''Truth'' about Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids
08/03/2002How DMSO only relieves symptoms, whereas copper deficiency might be the primary cause
02/03/2002How arabinose can cause hypoglycemia and glutathione deficiency !
02/03/2002Simple flowcharts of the effects of arabinose
28/02/2002Arabinose-producing yeasts ? The primary cause of my symptoms ?
27/02/2002How to interpret urine organic acid and urine amino acid test results ?
11/02/2002Large list of all factors that affect calcium metabolism
09/02/2002How Vitamin K is related to calcium metabolism
09/02/2002How sulphur deficiency affects health and detoxification and hormone metabolism
29/01/2002Candida, overzicht behandelingen (Dutch)
26/01/2002List of Interesting links
24/01/2002Glutamine and Aspartame are excitotoxins: They kill neurons !
23/01/2002Thoughts on treating cancer with the newest info available
22/01/2002What differentiates us from bacteria ? How the ketogenic diet can be used to treat CFS !
19/01/2002Interesting info on fructose, insulin and malabsorption
17/01/2002How to promote the SCDiet in newsgroups ? And more important, how not do it !
17/01/2002MSM, DMSO and Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis
17/01/2002Macadamia's - Very cool and tasty nuts
17/01/2002Another FREE and ONLINE low-carb book
17/01/2002Information and many links to information on DMSO
17/01/2002Hypoglycemia, Low-carbohydrate diet impossible: Brain needs 200 grams of glucose ? Not !
17/01/2002Very nice study that shows that low-carb, high saturated fat diet, decreases triglycerides and cholesterol !
17/01/2002XTC and Parkinson's disease
17/01/2002COOL: SCDiet Computer Game
17/01/2002A Very COOL Low-Carb (Atkins-like) book from 1860 !
17/01/2002The quest for REAL BUTTER. 99% of the butters found in groseries aren't the real original.
17/01/2002Information on the vicious cycle in hypoglycemia caused by eating carbohydrates
17/01/2002Even more info on DMSO

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