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Depression: A promising treatment: Energy Medicine !

Wednesday, October 02 2002 - Filed under: General


Some time ago I stumbled upon a really nice site by George Eby.
He manages to stay depression-free as long as he continues to use
A Dutch guy also tried the treatment and it worked miraceously well..
Within a few days the depression was gone, whereas the prozac and other
medication was much less effective.

The strange part is that the depression never gets cured: When the
person supplements too less magnesium-glycinate the depression
The dosage needed is quite high, about 600-1200mg elemental magnesium
per day, depending on the person..

I already thought about a reason why the magnesium keeps leaking out of
the body. It could be caused by a low magnesium diet or a high
carbohydrate diet or a diet high in antinutrients.. But that
explanation wasn't good enough..

Yesterday, I went to the NGC Energy Healing Clinic again and this time
I spoke to a woman who told that her son was now having an affair for
the 1st time in his life.. He had been severely depressed since he was
5 yours old.. She had tried every possible treatment with her son but
nothing helped. Until she stumbled on the energy clinic at her
neighbour's place. After three treatments the depression had completely
disappeared and her son is now studying full-time, 6 days a week and
has fallen in love with a girl.. That's an amazing contrast with how he
was before: He would be in his bed all day, feeling very, very
depressed, not able to go to school or whatever place..

Even after the 1st treatment, there was a remarkable difference..

And then there is Don Croft, who also suffered from a severe
depression. He ended (put in remission) his depression by using a zapper.. That's how ho
got into the business and over time he developed the Terminator , which
is a very advanced version of the original Clark zapper..

Now to get back to the hypothesis:
I believe there is a certain parasite that houses in people with
depressions. This parasite eats the magnesium or somehow causes the
magnesium levels in the body to stay low. I've also read something
about parasites eating the energy out of minerals. The mineral is still
there, but there is no energy in it anymore.. Quite controversial, but
So, the parasite causes the low magnesium levels and these in turn
cause the problems in the brains: Depression..
This also explains why you need to continue with the supplementation:
The parasites keep eating the magnesium !

So: Supplementing magnesium is a very effective workaround to stay
healthy, but the real remission can only be obtained by killing the
parasites. This can be done quite easily with a good zapper, with a
Rife device or a MORI (very advanced zapper), as used in the NGC
clinic.. I think a depression is really a physiological problem and not
a psychological problem. In most cases, going to a psychotherapist or a
shrink is of no use at all..

Also read the introduction to energy medicine:

In most cases the long-lasting depression will leave marks on the
psyche and this can be treated very well with the Lakhovsky Multi Wave
Oscillator. Each time I sit behind the MWO, I feel so much more
relaxed. All stress disappears and you feel really well.. Some deeply
armored people (who show no emotions in life) start to laugh or cry
when they sit behind the MWO.. I think this is a very powerful device.
I really believe most cancers have an emotional cause and the MWO is
very effective in treating cancer that way. The MWO also triggers your
body to regenerate lost tissue.

The Energy Clinic in Veldhoven will also get a new device soon, that sends out an amazing amount of frequencies in a short time, 500 different ones in a minute. This will probably show even more remarkable results.. Possibly even regeneration of lost tissues, rendering handicapped people mobile again.. Let's hope the Dutch government will allow us to keep using these techniques.. In most other countries in the world all these energy medicine treatments are forbidden by law..

I think energy-medicine might be a very promising way to treat depression and also many other diseases.

I will keep you updated.. I hope to get my own MWO and possibly also a
MORI and Rife-Bare device some time later. Perhaps I'll also start
a clinic in which I will incorporate energy medicine and alternative
medicine (diet, supplements, etc).

Thanks for reading,

The Netherlands

The magnesium theory for depression can be found on my site
It will soon be updated with the energy-medicine part

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