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My first (positive!) experience with an energy-medicine clinic

Tuesday, August 13 2002 - Filed under: General

Hi (Thursday, 8th of August 2002),

Today, at 1 PM I picked up my mother and a bit later we drove the 100
kilometers to the NGC-Energy Healing Clinic in Veldhoven, The
Our appointment was at 3 PM, but we were 20 minutes early. Luckily we
could get started right away.

A very friendly, energetic-looking man opens the door and guides us to
the main room where there are several patients already.
Some of them are holding electrodes in their hands and also put their
feet on electrodes on the floor.

After a few minutes, the man tells us to sit at the bench in the corner
of the room, where there already are several people holding electrodes
and feet-electrodes.
When I sit down, I look at the machine and it says: MORI: Molecular
Oscillation Resonance Instrument. It has several dials, an LCD-display
and two connectors in which the 4 electrodes are plugged in. The man
hands over the electrodes and tells me to hold the red one in my right
hand and the black one in my left hand. I notice my feet are arranged
the same way on the foot-pads (red right, black left). He then turns on
the machine and I feel a rush of energy go through my body. He
increases the micro-amperage of the MORI by turn the dial to the right.
He asks me where to stop. I act cool, and say he can move it all the
way to power-10. The LEDs now display there is a flow of 10
micro-amperes (or was it mini-ampere, I am not certain now), which is
the maximum.. I feel the electricity flow through my body. If I lower
the pressure of my hand-grip, I feel more power flow through my feet
and vice versa. The power is so high that several of my muscles in my
arms start to ''think for them selves''.

After 5 minutes I feel even more powerful shocks, just when I started
to get used to the old ones. I check the LCD-display and it see it's
now running on another frequency.. About every 5 minutes another
frequency is running and each time I can feel it really well when it
changes... After an hour it's over..

The man guides us to the next session. We may sit down on chairs. On
the back of the chair there is an antenna and the machine is on the
desk next to the chair. We need to hold a electrode in our hands. It's
made from plastic and it has a fluorescent-light-type-of-thing in it.
We are told to follow a specific program. We need to set the dial of
the machine ourselves according to the program. 3 times program 7, 2
times program 9, 2 times program 10, 3 times program 1. Each program
corresponds to a specific batch of frequencies. I have different
programs than my mother, because we have different illnesses.. This
takes about 30-40 minutes.

Next, we are guided to another room in which we can sit down in nice
chairs. There are large antenna's on both sides of the chairs. I
immediately recognize the antenna's as the distinct
Multi-Wave-Oscillator (MWO) antenna's. There is also a purple-like
light in front of us. We need to look at it constantly. It unblocks the
mind in some way (mind/body connection). It also heals the human aura.
The MWO emits several frequencies. The body cells find their own
resonating frequency in these range of frequencies and adapt to it,
going back to the same frequencies you once had before you got ill.
Bacteria make you ill because they also emit frequencies that interfere
with your own body frequencies.. One they get out of sync it's very
difficult to get them back to the healthy frequency. The MWO fits in

This lasts another 30-40 minutes..

After that, I can sit down in yet another chair. I am given a special
lamp, which also emits a purplish light and it's very high voltage. I
can hear the oxygen scorch around the lamp. I can smell the ozone. I am
told to put it on my face on the places where I have acne. he first
time I try to put it on, I retract it, because the sparks started to
jump on my skin once I put the lamp in 1-2 inch range of my face. The
2nd try, I put the lamp directly on my face, without hesitating.. It's
a nice warm feeling and I don't feel it's high-voltage, although I can
hear the sparks. This lasts another 20-30 minutes.. Then we are

We pay the 47.50 euro per person (a bargain if you'd ask me for a 3
hour treatment) and we also buy a bottle of coloidal silver and
colloidal gold. In total we spent about 160 euro's..

We are the only 2 patients left, and I tell him I have an
alternative-medicine website and that I'd like to write a report on my
first treatment in his clinic. He likes this and he gives me details
about all the machines we have been attached to. I also notice the Rife
Bar in the room. It has been constantly on during our visit. He tells
me it's radiating at different frequencies, 3 minutes per frequency.
That way, all the persons in the clinic are sterilized from the
bacteria and viri that respond to that frequency. Because of the many
frequencies virtually all bacteria/viri are killed during the 2-3 hour
stay in the clinic.

Then it got really interesting. I asked him, that I thought he would
never be ill, because he was in the clinc daily, so he would be
sterilized on a daily basis. He told me I was right.. I also told me he
was very energetic, something I had already notices before. His energy
seems endless. He can treat 40 patients on a day, without a rest and
still feel as energetic as he felt that morning. Amazing ! I think this
man was the healthiest-looking 40-something-year old I had ever seen.
It was just like he emitted sparkling energy.. When I think of it, I
haven't seen him rest for a single second. He is always working during
my 4.5 hours stay. Picking up the phones himself, running the machines
himself, talking, interviewing, etc.. Truly Amazing.

But then it got even more amazing.. I tell him about my theories on
cancer, about the low-carb diet, etc. He tells me that diet suppresses the joy of life in some patients, and then it does more harm then good. I agree, because the emotions/psyche are very important for the healing. Then he tells me that he thinks that diet, food, minerals aren't that important anymore once one gets to a certain level. He explains that he
doesn't take any vitamins and minerals and he virtually eats *no food
at all*. In the morning he eats one piece of fruit and in the evening a
little piece of cheese.. He looks well-built, not fat, not thin, just
perfect.. He tells me he lives on the ''light''. I think he means the
orgone in the air, the free energy everywhere around us. I also notice
a bottle of orgone-water on one of the tables. Interesting. He makes it
himself with an orgon-beamer. I am not sure yet what exactly this is,
as I've only heard of (and used) the orgone accumulator and orgone
generator.. He also uses it to heal by distance by putting a photo of
the patient on the orgone beamer..

I believe him, because I know this is possible.. As I already told you some time before: I can see aura's. But I can also see aura's on
photographs ! Somehow a photograph is a structural link to the actual
thing.. Again: Amazing..

Also check for some more info on living on light.

He continues to tell me there are about 5000 people worldwide who don't
eat anything. They live on the light, Ed: I guess this is the same as the free orgone energy abundant in the sky.

I also interviewed some of the other patients. One of them was a
40-something year old man who had had cancer of the intestines. He had been to the clinic several times before and he had just come back from a hospital checkup: The cancer had totally disappeared: No single trace was left !
Another woman had had a liver cancer and was more dead than alive when she first visitied the clinic. Now, she was going for a cruise and
enjoying her painless, healthful life !

Like I had already concluded, chemo-therapy and radiation therapy do
more harm than good. He thinks exactly the same. He has seen so many
people die after the regular cancer treatments.. Really sickening.. He
also thinks badly about the vaccinations.. There seems to be some classified documentation with info on the ''real statitstics'' of medicine.
They are really shocking.. Nobody would ever want to vaccinate anymore
once he would have read these stats.. These stats are possibly in the process of being made public soon in The Netherlands.. That would be that day for sure !

After we left, he told me he would visit my website. He's very
openminded also.. I told him about Dr. Hamer that all cancer are caused
by emotions and he confirmed that and asked several questions about the details. Well, this was the nicest pracitician I had ever spoken to.

My mother and I decided to have diner at the restaurant on the other side of the street and later drove home.. It was an amazing day indeed and it was even more revolutionary than I had imagined.. He's doing really good
business, primarily due to mouth-to-mouth advertising. His clientelle
has doubled in just a few months.. If I had called him a month later,
it would have been difficult to arrange an appointment I think..

In conclusion, I am very satisfied as I've seen enough proof to confirm
my thoughts about energy-medicine.. This is really the way to go..
Regular medicine, but also alternative medicine with all the diets,
minerals and vitamins will become obsolete when energy-medicine hits
the road.. Alas, it's forbidden in virtually every country, except The
Netherlands.. Lucky me ! If I were an American and I suffered from a
difficult-to-heal-disease I would definitely make a trip to Holland to
give this a try.. It's really amazing..

Right now, I feel really clear, no brain fog whatsoever.. I will keep
you updated of my progress the next few days.. I've made another
appointment for next week.. The 2nd appointment and all next ones only
cost 37.50 euro.. Very fair prices I think..

Well, that's about it...
Ohh, just a short list of diseases he also had good success with:
Cancer (all types), AIDS (HIV completely disappeared), Parkinson,
depression, Crohn's, CFS, virtually all ''auto-immune-diseases'', etc,
etc... He will soon get a new device which uses resonation frequencies
to instruct the body to *completely regenerate itself*, cell by cell,
muscle by muscle ! Once he has this device, the success-rates will go
sky-high and surpass every other form of medicine.. Interestingly, many
people have very lucid dreams once they are treated. It somehow has a
big effect on the mind.. Remember: The body-mind connection is there !

I hope you enjoyed reading my short review,

Greetings from The Netherlands,


Some links: The clinic I went to Producer of a Multi Wave Harmonizer (Oscillator) An overview of Energy Healing Clinics

P.S. Some notes written later on:
I think the energy healing is very powerful, but with some diseases are much stronger than with other diseases. The devices are becoming more and more advanced and powerful, but as of yet I still think diet, minerals, vitamins, intestinal health, etc are still very important factors in health, so we should see energy medicine as a complementary medicine, next to a healthy diet and lifestyle.
I think it's important to just give it a try and then let your intuition/senses tell you if it's the way to go for you. There are several more energy healing clinics in the Netherlands. Check the list above.

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