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HealingCrow Bellyzapping Testimonial Anouncement

Saturday, May 18 2002 - Filed under: General

Hi all,

I just received a wonderful testimonial from Jon, who apparently has healed (in remission, symptomfree) his Crohn's using a zapper.
After starting with the SCDiet, autumn 2001, he felt a lot better and was healing swiftly, but then February 2002 he suddenly got into a flare with diarrhea and fevers, despite the fact he
was following SCD very strictly. I told him to restart the introduction diet again, but even that wouldn't help. For several weeks he felt really bad with constant diarrhea.
He also tried the DMSO treatment to no avail. He then tried the zapper and at first it didn't help at all.

Then he decided to try another zapping protocol: Putting the electrodes on the sore spot: The belly (instead of holding the electrodes in the hands). He also extended the zapping time
to 30 minutes instead of 7 minutes. The results are amazing. Since the first day he tried the ''bellyzapping'', he's virtually free of symptoms ! That's 16 days by now..

He allowed me to put his wonderful testimonial on my site and also our e-mail conversations since he started the bellyzapping..

Please give it a look:

We're still wondering which bacteria or viruses have been ''zapped away''. These bacteria must have been causing the flares.

For those unfamiliar with Hulda Clark's zapper: The zapper is a 9 volt device. It produces a positively offset square wave of 30kHz.
The exact mechanism that makes it work is yet unknown. The zapper seemingly only kills the small lifeforms and doesn't harm the large lifeforms.. I've experimented a lot with the
zapper, and I can confirm that it does work. When I feel like I am catching a cold, I do a zapping and it's completely gone.. I also got rid of my painful knuckles by using the zapper.

Ofcourse, this story needs some extra information to put things in perspective..
Like I wrote before, the first treatment to try when suffering from intestinal diseases is always the diet: The Specific Carbohydrate Diet.

If you encounter similar problems like Jon did after being on the diet for some time, you might want to consider the alternatives:
* Hulda Clark's zapper, using standard protocol
* Hulda Clark's zapper, using the bellyzapping protocol

Personally I would even stick to the SCDiet, even if one of the above treatments seem to have healed the disease. The SCDiet is one of the healthiest diets on this planet and it will
prevent you from getting future health problems. It's the food that God/Nature (take your pick) wanted us to eat to start with.. We're just uncapable of metabolizing and digesting all
refined carbohydrate-foods that we're eating the latest few thousands of years (humans are around a *lot* longer, millions of years)..

I just rediscovered this fine article on Mercola's website:

Thanks for reading,

The Netherlands

P.S. Perhaps someone could forward this to the SCD-List, as an off-topic post.. Perhaps people might benefit from the info..

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