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Lyme disease: very complex disease, but it can be healed

Thursday, October 19 2017 - Filed under: General

I just finished watching an interesting documentary on lyme disease and how doctors worldwide are unable to treat it correctly. Regular medicine uses an antibody tests which produces lots of false negatives because the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria suppress the imune system and often no antibodies can be found at all.

A lot of alternative doctors use a darkfield microscope to find the bacteria and then confirm that your disease is indeed lyme disease. They forget to mention that up to 90% of the human population has this bacteria in their blood and tissues. Lots of false positives. These people do have Borrelia burgdorferi in their blood, but in many people it's not causing any symptoms, or only superficial symptoms.

Dr. Mercola wrote an amazingly detailed article on how to really treat Lyme's disease. It's very complex. An important part is getting rid of mercury in your body and reducing the toxic load. Only then it's effective to start fighting the bacteria.

Check it out here:

Another great article is this one:

It describes how you can use a normal microscope to find the live bacteria. A blood smear test which is normally used will never show the bacteria, but using their special technique you can even see the bacteria move around and transform from one shape to another.

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