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A Healing Tao view on electrosmog sensitivity

Monday, May 16 2005 - Filed under: General

I've been following a Healing Tao course for some time and I find it very fascinating.

I recently asked the teacher what he thinks electrosmog sensitivity is. He says that when someone is very sensitive to radiations, the golden egg, the energetic defense shell around the body is too weak to stop (most of) the radiation.

The Golden Egg's strength depends on a strong energy source in the Tantien, in which the Ching energy resides. It can be found behind the navel. When you have a lot of Ching, you're very vital and healthy. If you have only little Ching you're unvital, unhealthy and the Golden Egg is very weak and permeable.

As a result the aura will try to form the defense line instead of the golden egg. But the aura isn't meant to be used as a defense and gets damaged because of radiation. Please note that also people, and in fact, each and every living thing emits some kind of radiation. People sensitive to electrosmog are often also sensitive to people's energies.

In other words, the human aura will the become the new ''shield'', getting damaged in the process. Changes in the human aura (an energetic copy/template of the physical body) will over time affect the physical body, that's why EMF effects take some time to become visible in the physical body.

The aura is ment to be used for intimacy with other people, for emotions and hence damage to the aura can have large negative effects on your well-being and your spontanity. Without a working Golden Egg you sort of become intimate with every person nearby. Imagine walking through a shopping mall, becoming intimate with each and every person. This further lowers your energy to the point that there is no energy left to be intimiate with the people who really mean something to you.

In nature, in hostile situations (which electrosmog is only one example of), the aura is always protected by the golden egg, except when you're in a healthy environment, like in forests. Then the aura will extend beyond the golden egg, even up to 14 (females) or 18 (males) meters away from the physicial body.

Below is a picture of a person with the Tantien and the golden egg. Electrosmog-sensitive people either keep their aura outside the golden egg or their golden egg is just too permeable.

Please note, this is a theory, nobody knows anything with 100% accuracy, but I feel this is the best theory I've seen so far.

Please also note that I don't think that a strong Golden Egg can prevent all negative effects of radiation. I think that the high intensitiy electromagnetic waves used all around us are damaging even to very vital and strong people. Studies with animals show that they get damaged also, even when they're healthy and vital.

A possible solution
If this is correct, there is a solution and that is rebuilding vitality and hence the Ching store in the Tantien inside the body. The best way (but very difficult) to do this is by transforming sexual energy and storing it in the Tantien. These techniques aren't easy and you will need quite some experience, patience and exercising before you can do this. If done uncorrectly, it might even damage your energetic and physical body.

I asked if sungazing could refill the Ching in the Tantien. Alas, that's not possible. The energy from the sun is too dense to be used directly by humans. Sungazing works like a Chi Kung, an exercise which cleanses the body of toxins and blockades. That way, the energy will flow easier through the body and hence you will feel more energetic and less energy will be spilled on negative emotions/thoughts, etc.

The Ching energy in the Tantien can only be filled by eating good quality foods or by transforming sexual energy. Alas, eating good foods alone won't be sufficient for most people who already have lost most of their vitality, because it takes energy to consume/digest foods. The less vitality you have the less energy you can get out of foods.

Another important thing to note is that it's important to train the muscles of the anus, the perineum and the bladder. In Asia people constantly train these muscles, whereas in the Western world these muscles are constantly relaxed. When these muscles are constantly relaxed, the Ching energy in the Tantien can easily flow out.

Please note this is not a quick solution: Healing Tao relearns you how to really feel your body and how to feel the energy flows inside your body. Most Western people don't have any idea what their body really feels like and have a hard time relearning it. I think it will take at least 1-2 years before you will start to feel more and be able to improve your vitality substantially (it takes almost a year to reach the point where you can learn to transform sexual energy).

It's not adviced to only learn Healing Tao from a book. I strongly advice to find a course in your neighbourhood so you can practice with a teacher and a groupd of student, such that you can be shown how to do the techniques the right way.

Healing Tao is not a simple ''treatment'', but a very broad system which learns you how to feel your body, emotions and energies and how to become more balanced in life and eventually, after decades of training, reach (a form of) enlightedness. It's thousands of years old. More on Healing Tao can be found several websites. Just type in Healing Tao in your Google search engine for references.

An interesting article which might be related to hypersensitivity to electromagnetic fields can be found here: .

Quote: ''I became sensitized to electric fields and discovered I couldn't be in the vicinity of operating electrical appliances (even a gently humming computer) without feeling electric shocks and disturbances in my aura. When meditating or asleep, this sensitivity was more exaggerated. My psychic and physical energy were so fragile and tenuously balanced at this time that the slightest stimulus would throw me into turmoil.''

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