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Weight and Condition Chart
Once I started the alternative treatments (as of October 2000), I decided to keep track of my weight and condition. This way, I could check later on how I was progressing. Also, it's good to track the way you feel, because once you're healed you forget how bad you felt. I did it by writing down my weight (Kilo's) on a daily basis. I also rated my general feeling as a grade between 1 and 10. A rating of 1 means I'm more dead than alife, and 10 means I'm in superb health.
> Weight Chart
> Condition Chart

Blood Works
When I discovered the SCDiet was completely curing my intestinal inflammations, I got very interested in how this improved health is reflected in my blood works. I asked my physician to send me a copy of all blood works results. I entered all data in the online MySQL Database and built an application to present the data in a chart.
> Blood Works

Your Blood Works online too ?
You can also ask your physician to forward the blood works figures. You can send the figures to me. I will publish them online without refering to your real name or email address. That way you can help convince people.


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