CBD Vape Juice - Best methord to take

CBD Vape Juice, The Best Method for Taking CBD?

So, you’ve heard a smattering of information about CBD, you know a little about it or you have a friend or co-worker who uses it and swears by it, and you’re both skeptical but also curious. Well, cheer up bunky, you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ll discuss all you’ve ever wanted to know about CBD, and in particular, CBD vape juice, but you were afraid to ask.

What is CBD

Step one is knowing and understanding what is CBD.

CBD is one of 113 chemicals found in the cannabis plant that affects cannabinoid neurotransmitters found naturally in the body. These neurotransmitters are termed CB1, primarily affecting the brain, and CB2, primarily affecting the rest of the body. And while it is generally a good idea to have an idea of how CBD affects the body, the main thing to keep in mind is that CB1 and CB2 neurotransmitters are naturally occurring neurotransmitters in your body, whether you ever activate them with CBD or not? All this according to Wikipedia article .

CBD Vape Liquid Comes From Hemp Sources. Isn’t that Illegal?

The story of hemp goes back hundreds of years in the United States.

Like other countries, hemp production for making paper, shoes, rope, and clothing among many other products was very common in the early United States. Then, around 1937, the United States made a fervent effort to stamp out illegal drugs, including marijuana, and the government passed the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937. Unfortunately, this tax act lumped hemp with marijuana, and the production of hemp drastically shrunk in the United States. (https://ministryofhemp.com/hemp/history)

What’s The Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana

The major difference between hemp and marijuana or cannabis is that marijuana contains a high level of THC, the technical name for tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is the chemical responsible for the perceived “high” that a cannabis smoker experiences. Depending upon its source and breeding, a marijuana cigarette may contain as much as 15 to a staggering 40 percent of its content to THC, while in the United States, legal hemp sources must contain three 10ths of one percent (0.3%) or less to be classified as an industrial hemp product. It is literally impossible to get high smoking or ingesting hemp and in point of fact the CB1 and CB2 chemicals in hemp, significantly reduce the effect of THC on the body.

In 1970, the Supreme Court declared the Marijuana Tax Act unconstitutional, but Congress then turned around and passed the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970, which essentially recodified the original act of 1937, although moderate liberalizations did occur.

It took later Supreme Court rulings and a 2016 clarification by the Drug Enforcement Agency to bring hemp and CBD products out into the open, but as of now, there is still a cat and mouse effect between the federal government and its citizens regarding hemp. In 2018, President Trump signed a farm billing making hemp products for industrial use, completely legal for the first time, but much like the famous “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” policy regarding homosexuality in the military, the bottom line is that as long as the product contains almost no THC, the federal government allows it to be sold and used, but only in states that specifically legalize hemp and hemp products. If you live in a state that is still ultra-conservative, chances are hemp oil, CBD oil, and its products may still be illegal.

What Good is CBD Vaping If It Doesn’t Get You High?

To the uninformed, that’s the million-dollar question to be answered. CBD oil, what is it good for?

And to answer the question directly requires you to do your research, scattered high and low. The reason is that the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Drug Administration specifically outlaw making medical claims about CBD oil and its derivatives. The government treats all CBD related products as similar to vitamins and minerals: a supplemental product you can take which may or may not affect your health, and all boxes are clearly labeled that the claims of the manufacturer have not been specifically proven.

Medical claims, if given, are almost exclusively from other countries rather than the United States. Here, we’ll try to give you the best anecdotal evidence of the benefits of CBD oil, and in particular, CBD vape juice but keep in mind, everyone is different and no one can guarantee the effects for you.

 Effects of CBD

The first effect commented on it by users is a sense of calm focus. When you drink a cup of coffee, have a cola, or an energy drink such as Monster, people say the caffeine gives them a lift and an increased ability to focus. On the other hand, a caffeine lift has a tendency to make you feel jittery. People who take CBD report a simultaneous ability to focus, together with a warm, comfortable sensation of inner peace.

1. How CBD Effects Your Sleep

You spend an average of 1/3 of your life going to sleep, And roughly 60 million Americans have a sleeping disorder, preventing them from getting a sound 8-hours of sleep per night. And millions of dollars are spent on sleeping medicine, new beds, special pillows and hypnosis, and relaxation courses when perhaps all you need is a little CBD. People who take CBD often report easily turning off their overactive mind, or waking up feeling refreshed or clear rather than groggy or tired.

2. Heart Health and Lower Blood Pressure

Although the studies are limited, there have been preliminary studies that indicate the use of CBD can be an effective tool in helping people lower their blood pressure, and the same studies reveal that taking CBD oil can eliminate or contravene the impact of environmental stressors on the heart such as loud noises, the effect of bumper to bumper traffic, or a sudden deadline at work.

3. Reduction in Acne

Acne is a very common problem, experienced by nearly 10 percent of the population. Although influenced by genetics, bacteria, and inflammation, one of the main causes is the production of sebum, an oily secretion supplied to the skin by the sebaceous glands. One study indicated that CBD oil can prevent oversecretion of sebum, and also lead to antibacterial as well as causing the body to secrete pro-acne substances.

4. CBD Can Reduce Pain

A common reason that people use CBD oil is to reduce pain, and indeed, numerous studies have shown that CBD oil’s effect on the neurotransmitters in the brain does tend to have a positive effect, including reducing inflammation.

5. Reduction of Depression in Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are the number one cause of mental illness in the U.S., affecting nearly 40 million people or around 18 percent of the population. Depression is not far off the list. The diagnosis and treatment of anxiety and depression is literally a multi-billion dollar industry for pharmaceutical companies, psychiatrists, and psychologists. Sadly. many of the medications prescribed have serious side effects such as nausea, interruption in sleep patterns, gaining weight, and loss of sexual desire, and some of the medications are out-an-out addictive.

There are many reports from users of CBD oil that they have a significant reduction of depression or anxiety, and that CBD oil has led them to return to a more productive and depression or anxiety-free lifestyle.

How do You Use CBD?

There are essentially four ways to use CBD oil. The first way is to take it orally either in pill form, on your food, or if the taste doesn’t throw you, straight out of the bottle and down the hatch. And while this method is perfect, particularly for beginners to CBD, the problem is it may take one or two hours for the effect to be noticed by taking it orally or with food.

1. Topical Application

If you are taking CBD to alleviate pain, there are topical lotions and creams loaded with CBD. If you get your CBD this way, make sure though, that the lotion fully dries after applying it before you take a bath or shower. Otherwise, you are simply washing the good stuff away. Since there are so many receptors in the skin, it shouldn’t take long for the CBD lotion or cream to become absorbed.

2. Under the Tongue

The next method of taking CBD is sublingual, meaning you place the oil under your tongue to be mixed with saliva. Here absorption into the bloodstream is fairly rapid providing you hold the liquid or tincture under your tongue for 90 seconds or longer. The idea is to have the CBD enter directly into the bloodstream.

3. Vaping

The final method and perhaps the most effective is to vape it. Here you use a specialized vaporizer to distribute CBD e-liquid within the lungs. And while vaping is the most effective method of distributing CBD within the body, before you begin, it’s a good idea to become familiar with vaping as a whole, otherwise, store employees will take advantage of your lack of knowledge and sell you expensive vaping equipment you don’t really need.

If possible, besides doing your research, get a person who already vapes CBD oil to go with you at the store, or look over your potential online purchase.

Understand that there is a fundamental difference between ordinary CBD oil and CBD juice. CBD juice for vaping is a lighter product, specifically designed to be vaporized with an e-pen or tank-style vaporizer. Trying to vape the wrong product is like putting the wrong gasoline in your engine. Vape juice is specifically and exclusively designed to be taken into the longs via a vaporizer, and therefore its purity and manufacturing control is essential. For a complete understanding of the difference, a highly informative article is found at https://www.marijuanabreak.com/cbd-oil-vs-cbd-vape-liquid-know-the-difference.

Essentially, vaping comes in a more disposal and relatively cheap e-pen, or in more sustainable tank-style vaporizers. A minor problem with e-pen type vaporizers is the coils for the vaporizer sometimes burn out, so look for a high-quality vaporizer. And as the CBD market as a whole is still has a sort of “wild west” reputation, you want to be an informed consumer. Therefore, go with the best tank style or e-pen vaporizer you can find.

4. Read the Labels Carefully

Before buying any CBD vape liquid, read the labels carefully. Be sure the label explains exactly the amount of CBD it takes to get a particular dose, and if the label is confusing, go to another source. You may be surprised that a smaller bottle of CBD contains a significantly greater percentage of CBD than a larger bottle. Some manufacturers of CBD list the amount of concentrate per bottle, via milligrams, while others list the percentage of CBD’s to the overall bottle, say 5 percent, 10 percent, or 20 percent.

Pay also attention to costs per dose. A more concentrated solution may cost more initially, but deliver three to five times the dose of a cheaper bottle.

Full Spectrum or CBD Isolate?

Until recently, CBD Isolates were considered the gold standard for non-psychoactive cannabis therapy. However more recent data indicates that CBD Full Spectrum oil contains added benefits in the way of additional cannabinoids besides CB1 and CB2.

 Just be cautious that your CBD vape juice is of the finest quality, and is manufactured with hemp that is not full of chemicals or is manufactured under other than sterile conditions.  

Remember again, it’s still essentially the wide, wild west out there, so buyer beware. But once you’re on solid ground with vaping, feel free to join the many thousands of others who claim solid benefits and relief from CBD vaping.