Hemp Oil vs Cbd Oil

Know How Hemp Oil And CBD Oil Are Different

Hemp oil vs CBD oil is not as much of an argument that people think. While they both can come from the same plant, they have different uses and value medicinally. Where they can be bought and how they are labeled will help in not mixing them up. The differences are quite monumental. A person just needs to get past the hype that they hear in the news and focus on the cold, hard facts.

One of the problems of researching the two oils is the lack of distinction. Many websites will use CBD oil information when the page says hemp oil. Knowledge is key to understanding when the writers have not done their research.

Another part of discussing these oils is the fact there are legality issues. None of that is part of this article past the pertinent facts. The article is about facts, nothing more. Any arguments about the legal issues are covered elsewhere. This article is exclusively about the two oils.

What Is Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is the oil extracted primarily from the stalk of the hemp plant, but it could be anywhere from the plant. The primary plant used is cannabis sativa, which is industrial hemp. There are different methods that can be used for getting oil. There are multiple uses for the oil. One of the main advantages of it is that it can be taken topically, orally, vaporized, or under the tongue. The levels are usually low in THC and CBD because of the plant used.

Cooking is one use of hemp oil. Because of the nutty flavor and the fact it is a good source of protein, it is seen as a good replacement for olive oil. The use of hemp oil in lotions is because of its ability to hydrate. The use as a moisturization also has soap makers using it. People believe it can be good for reversing the aging of the skin and help treat atopic dermatitis.

Hemp oil contains fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6. That means that it is a good way to lower cholesterol levels. Omega-3 can help fight depression and anxiety. Eyes can be helped. Pregnant women can help the health of their child’s brain with it. It can help with heart health. Omega-6 is good for fighting diabetes and obesity. It is good for fighting cancer. It can help with asthma. Both together make a good team for the body. They need to be balanced, as they are in hemp oil.

Another way that hemp oil is in use is for biofuels. The oil helps with making a greener and cleaner fuel source for vehicles. While it is not a way that is useful for the body, it is yet another of the varied ways that the oil is utilized in everyday life.

What Is CBD Oil

Cannabidiol, or CBD, oil is another oil that can be pulled from the hemp plant. It also does not usually have THC, the main way that marijuana users get high. Some products do, but it is usually low concentrations. There are already several uses, but it is still being tested scientifically. The CBD in hemp, the industrial plant, and marijuana, drug, and medicinal plant, are the same compound.

CBD has a few of the same benefits of hemp oil, as it comes from the same plant. It is also able to be used for anxiety, pain relief, loss of appetite, and Parkinson’s disease. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Epidiolex, which is made with a purified form of CBD oil. The drug is used for Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome. Both are forms of epilepsy. This is the first drug that has made it through the FDA that is derived from marijuana.

Canada approved the drug Nabiximols. It was approved to treat symptoms of multiple sclerosis in 2005. Those symptoms are neuropathic pain, spasticity, and overactive bladder. It was also approved for cancer-related pain in 2007.

There have been several studies that have shown the benefits of CBD oil being part of treatment for several issues. A study reviewed in the medical journal Substance Abuse showed where the oil has therapeutic effects to help those addicted to opioids, tobacco, and several other substances. A study in Neurotherapeutics showed where the oil helps with anxiety. A study in JCI Insight showed that the oil lowers blood pressure.

Issue on purity

A group of medical professionals bought different packages of products containing the oils in them in 2017. They did this because of the lack of regulation. They found that many of the claims of the percentage of the oils in the product were false. That means that consumers are buying products that are relying on the company only on the claims. Some groups are calling for government oversight or independent group oversight. This does need to be known before buying any product.

A Major Difference

A major difference between the two oils is that CBD oil is for therapeutic use, while hemp oil is for many uses. Hemp oil is being touted for the fact it can replace petroleum for many things. Plastic has been a huge area where people have been trying to find a petroleum replacement. That is an advantage of hemp oil. The plastics are biodegradable and not as harsh on the environment.

There are arguments against replacing all petroleum-based plastics. One of the necessary arguments is that many of the plastics in use have to be tested for specific uses. The biodegradability of the hemp-based plastics causes there to be issues if it was used for electrical or medical purposes. That does not mean it can’t replace many plastics. The start needs to be with items that are primarily thrown away after use.

Another petroleum replacement is for biodiesel. While there would have to be major amounts of hemp grown to be a replacement product, it can help with some use. The seed yield per acre is normally only 700 to 1,200 pounds per acre. Out of that, the oil yield is only at 33 percent. That means that there would have to a lot more land for use.

The biggest problem for hemp oil is getting enough to make a difference. There are so many uses, that it could change the ecology of many areas just to grow enough. That is why there have to be new advances in farming and management. That science could make many changes to how plants are grown, not just cannabis sativa. It is a winning situation in several ways.

New Studies

There is a need for new studies, new drugs from research, and regulation. The problem in the United States is because of the conflict between the FDA and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). Many places are getting in research, but they have to be aware of the conflict between the two government agencies. Some companies are relying on studies in other countries that have either legalized cannabis or have a more lenient legal situation. Companies in the industry are having to deal with this currently in trying to find new uses for either oil.

Another hindrance comes from growing the plant for study. The primary plant used is industrial. That means that the THC is so low, people cannot get high. The plant still falls under the same regulations as the cannabis plants that do have THC. Growers have started to put up signs, but they have worries about any legal ramifications. Next to that, as previously stated, is getting enough oil for what they are used for and for new studies. CBD oil use is primarily for therapeutic reasons, so there is some ability to have enough for new studies. Hemp oil is used for so many things, that use outstrips supply. Hemp, without taking the oil out, is in high demand for many things for commercial and industrial.

On top of the fact that scientists want to keep studying hemp and the oil from it, the plant makes money now. The plant has been in use for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. The plant is in high demand. That is the battle for those who make hemp oil and CBD oil. The seeds, which is the main source of hemp oil, still needs to be used for planting. The rest of the plant is used for a variety of purposes, so the CBD oil has a disadvantage. That is the second major reason why studies are hindered.

Labeling And Misconceptions

There are several problems when it comes to buying the two oils. Aside from any legal issues, there is a definite knowledge problem. When looking for products online, many places list their products as hemp oil but say that they have the properties of CBD. That is another headache of there not being regulation for the industry.

CBD oil is hemp oil, but only from the fact that it is from the hemp plant. The oil is made specifically for the therapeutic effect. Mislabeling hurts the chances of finding the right medicinal product. With the purity issues, that means that it also hurts people thinking they are getting the right product for their needs. That is the problem the industry is running into.

Hemp oil has other issues if it is mislabeled. People use hemp oil for cooking. It is made not to have much if any THC in it. CBD is also made from cannabis that is used for marijuana, not just the sativa version. People who are cooking with hemp oil are not expecting to have any THC content. People have expectations and have to trust the labeling and the company they buy from.

Getting High

People who believe they will get high off these products may get a surprise. As mentioned, hemp oil is made to have little if any THC. There is virtually no way to get high from properly made hemp oil. Buying it for that will be a disappointment.

CBD oil is made from any cannabis plant. That means that it can contain THC. The difference in it, though, is that CBD naturally counteracts THC. Yes, a person could conceivably get a buzz, but it is not even an uncommon occurrence. A person should not be looking at the oil for that reason. There are other sources for that. CBD has valid medical uses, so it should be treated as such a product.

As talked about here, hemp oil and CBD oil has different and distinct uses. At the same time, the consumer must know what they are buying. Research on the product and the company will help at every step. Hemp oil will help around the house in many ways. CBD oil has many good therapeutic treatments. There is no argument in the hemp oil vs CBD oil. The two are good, but a simple bit of research shows that they are different even coming from the same plant.