CBD Gummies effects and Usage

CBD Gummies – Everything You Want to Know

Now that pot is becoming more and more legal in various states we have a great chance to experience it. This goes for those who may not have ever smoked pot in their entire lives. The interesting thing is that pot can get into your system in many different ways. No longer do you have to opt to have a hit of a joint or smoke from a pipe. Many pot stores offer gourmet type of edibles that you can ingest just like candy. That said, a new market seems to be open in terms of pot where you can buy gummies, candy bars, cupcakes and more.

Who won’t want a tasty treat that could either help a medical condition or give you a nice calming high? Whatever the case may be for you personally, gummies have taken on the market and consumers are paying attention. These edible treats are not only satisfying but have increasingly become a popular go to for those suffering from specific aliments regarding their health. Here is everything you need to know about CBD gummies.

What are They Used for?

There can be many answers to this but it really depends on you. Some may want them to simply enjoy with friends on vacation. Others may have them discreet enough for them to ingest without being judged. Everyone is different and have different tastes. You might decide to use them as an alternative from taking prescription medicines. Gummies, chews, hard candy can be used for those who are stricken with serious anxiety or depression. They crave an all natural way to cure their problems and not find themselves pining for more prescription drugs from their doctor that may not even work. Gummies of course are chew-able so if you are not a good pill taker then these are the way to go if using for anxiety or depression. These gummies, chews or hard candy have been known to help people cope in their every day life.

If you decide to go the CBD edible route, you should always do as much research as you can on the subject. Remember, everyone is is not the same so our bodies can react differently. If you know people who ingest CBD chewables for health reasons, that doesn’t mean it will work the same for you. Use the internet to your advantage. Read all of the reviews about how the gummies, chews, or hard candy with CBD oil has changed one’s life and what they did. This can give you a huge insight on whether or not if these are for you. The worse thing you can do is just plop them in your mouth because a friend says they are great. Use a little caution and some common sense when putting anything new in your body.

What are the Benefits?

Most times when you find yourself moving to an alternative method of treatment is because of the benefits of the product. We live in a world now where new methods of treatment for illnesses are becoming more rare. Why not take advantage of something other than shoving a pill down you mouth? With so many people using these gummies or candies for specific aliments, it’s has become something seriously to consider for those still stuck taking their prescription meds. One thing is for sure is that a lot of people have commented on how good gummies, chews and hard candies with CDB oil tastes. https://www.newtreatments.org

The flavors are rich and gel with your tongue. You also don’t feel like you are taking any kind of medicine. That can be a huge came changer for those who dread taking their list of daily pills. Various users have reported that gummies or chews have soothed their chronic pain and helped with their schizophrenia symptoms. It’s also been known to help children suffering from epilepsy. Kids are going to respond a lot better sometimes when the medicine is in candy form. That’s not to say parents shouldn’t warn their kids who need these kind of gummies or hard candies are not the regular candy from the store.

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression is a very common issue in a lot people all around the world. Many suffer in silence and never can find a substance or pill, for that matter, that really can ease their symptoms. These gummies or chews have anti-anxiety ingredients known to improve one’s life substantially. Mental health is becoming a lot more acknowledged in the news and from hearing about violent outbreaks. One study revealed that 1 in 5 people take a psychiatric medication. This clearly shows that anxiety and depression is happening in big numbers opposed to just a small group of people. When someone takes a gummie, chew or hard candy for anxiety or depression it takes a hold of the brain area that is called the 5-HT1A neuro-receptor. It’s the area where we experience emotions. CBD has a relaxing method for our muscles and gets inside our blood even when we are stressed out. If you decide to treat your anxiety or depression with gummmies or chews, you should take them once or twice a day. They can also be used for sleep issues as well such as insomnia.

Effect of CBD Gummies on Body

This is probably one of the most important questions a lot of people will have. How will it affect me? Will I be able to function throughout the day? Will I walk around high as a kite? These sound like silly questions, but one does need to know. CBD gummies or chews look fun and great to just take and forget about it. If you are seeking for something new for your depression, then understand how CBD will react to your body.

First of all, CBD doesn’t get you high. It’s important to not look at them like that as well. Don’t get it in your head that these gummies, chews or candies are for a fun night out because you won’t get a high effect. There might be other gummies or chews you can take that does give you a fun high, but those infused with CBD will not. When deciding to take a gummy, hard candy or chews for the first time, you should share this information with your doctor. Let them give you overall opinions of what it could do to your health since they have all of your medical records. It can take about an hour for the gummies, chews or hard candies to get into your system and work. Some people are different where it may only take 20 minutes. Do keep in mind, if you have eaten a lot of food before taking a CBD edible, the longer it will take to run through your body and have an effect.

What’s in them?

You won’t just put something in your mouth if you didn’t know what’s in it would you? Well unfortunately many of us have and still do. That said, these gummies or chews are considered free of the nasty GMOs we find in some of our popular foods that eventually make us sick. Gummies, hard candies or chews are organic with hemp concentrates. Overall, they are just as safe as taking a vitamin over the counter. The ingredients are all natural and as of this writing no reports show they are harmful to the body. For those who don’t know, CBD is a short acronym for the full name of cannabidoil. This comes from the hemp plant and often called the cousin of the marijuana plant.

Gummie, chew hard candie edible or Smoke?

Clearly this is up to you and how you intend to ingest any kind of pot in your system. Most people who would rather not hurt their lungs will opt to just eat a edible. Again, with CBD not giving you a high, it can possibly be the better choice when looking for something to handle a condition. It is still possible to smoke and get your CBD as well. Not everyone wants to deal with finding the right pipe. It’s not hard to find one, but it’s also not as discreet if that is what you are going for. Though pot is legal, not everyone wants them in their business knowing that they engage in it at all.

There are very conservative people who would rather you didn’t know how they treat their conditions or take a load off after work. Gummies and edibles can be a great way to keep this cover. You can take your gummies, hard candies or chews anywhere and no one would even know what they are according to their appearance. This can be a highly important if you need to take your dosages at work. Though some places may allow you to whip out your pipe or smoke in the bathroom with a doctor’s note, it still putting yourself out there. Gummies, chews and hard candies allow for privacy when treating a medical condition that you might not want all of your co-workers talking about.

Here are some products that you can get:

  1. CBD Edible Chews in Strawberry flavor
  2. CBD Infused Gummy Bears
  3. CBD Sour Gummy Bears
  4. CBD Infused Rainbow bites
  5. CBD Infused Gummy Worms
  6. Candies and Lollipops

Believe it or not you can get a CBD Hard Candies as well. Many are infused and are not dipped in any kind of coating. Many are created with a choice of hemp oil extract. You can get the candies in 100 percent of just THC if you want. However, some businesses have the option of just getting all of your candies or chews in 99 percent CBD formula. Here are a few flavors, blend combinations and dosages to keep in mind.

True Full spectrum with less than 0.3 percent THC

  • Broad Spectrum with Zero THC
  • Available in 20mg and 10mg
  • Blue berry
  • Caramel Apple Pie
  • Cartoon Cereal Crunch
  • Pomegranate Lemonade

What’s in the Jar?

Once you have decided that these gummies, chews or hard candies are a way to go, you will quickly discover there are a lot of colors and flavors too choose from when taking them. You will also find a complete break down of the ingredients and how many dosages you should take. Pay attention especially to the dosages and any warnings on the bottle. Again, they may look like candy, but this is not a typical gummy jar sold in your local store. When you purchase, you need to make sure to put them in a safe place so kids don’t eat them. If using them for a medical condition and someone ingests them not realizing what they are, it can create a problem with their body. It’s important to stash the jar either in a medicine cabinet, a purse or in a hidden area.

Bottle Sizes

If you are just starting out and are a little on the caution side, then you may not want a large bottle. This gives you an awesome chance to see if gummies, hard candy or chews are right for you. Here are some standard size amounts of bottle sizes that you can choose from.

  • 30 Count Bottle
  • 60 Count Bottle


You want to also make sure the jar or bottle is properly labeled and tells you what you are getting. Here are some examples to look for on the jar.

  • 100% natural Hemp product
  • 100% THC option
  • Certified by the FDA
  • ISO amounts (ex. 9001, 22716)
  • Medicinal strains
  • Where it is packaged and Manufactured

Where Can I Get Them?

You can find gummies, chews and hard candies basically at any weed store that sells them. These are popping up every where it seems in states where pot is now legal. One place you will not find them at is your local neighborhood store. Though they have been offered for sale at some store pharmacies with a prescription. You can also look online where there are a plethora of websites that offer gummies, lollipops, hard candies and chews for sale. It’s really comes down to finding what store works for you. It’s best to at least find a place where you can ask an abundance of questions about the product. This is always a good sign you are at a reputable weed store in the first place.

Are They Harmful?

As of this writing these gummies are not consider harmful and no reports have said otherwise. However, as stressed before, if you are a newcomer to taking in any kind of pot substance you should at least consult with your doctor. Don’t put yourself in harms way if you know your body can’t handle CBD at all. As mentioned also, CBD will not get you high, but it will still have some kind of effect on your body. So it’s best to be prepared and do a lot of research so you don’t find yourself at the emergency room. If are seriously scared of ingesting any kind of CBD, then it may not be for you at all.

Maybe talk to friends who have used it. Doctors can have a good idea of what will happen, however, there is a bit of caution there. With marijuana possibly becoming a new choice for many to pick instead of pills, it can put some doctors at a disadvantage. They may not be up to speed about using CBD gummies, chews or hard candies. They might even be totally against it. It’s up to you to educate yourself and find the right kind of doctor that is knowledgeable about the products of CBD and how it will work inside your system.

Side Effects

One of the biggest things about taking any kind of medicine is the ugly side effects. It’s not about, how it will effect my body when I ingest this medicine opposed to, is this product going to alter my life? That said, we all are familiar with nasty side effects when we take a treatment for a medical condition. While you’re popping daily pills to treat your anxiety, the next thing you know your stomach is having cramps for days. CBD oil or gummies can have some side effects you may want to take note of. This again is why you need to do a lot of research before taking them. You might already be taking some medication that could react bad when ingesting gummies, chews or hard candies all together.

This is so important to understand so you don’t cause harm to your body and can’t function on a daily basis. No one wants to get excited about a new treatment only to find out you can possibly suffer a seizure if you mix it with another dosage of something else. This can be a common problem with people who have a list of medications and are not being responsible when adding something else to the list. Here are a few side effects that you could create for your body when you ingest these gummies, chews, or hard candies.

  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Changes in your appetite
  • Dizziness
  • Dry Mouth
  • Drowsiness
  • Mood Changes

What about Drug Tests?

There is no guarantee that these gummies, chews or hard candies will not be detected in a drug test. The best thing you should do is be upfront with your potential employer and let them know you are taking these to begin with. Honesty is the best policy when it comes to drug tests. You don’t want to waste their time and money and you certainly don’t want to put yourself in a bad light. It has been noted that traces of THC can often be detectable in a drug test, but not always. Some people have failed a drug test with CBD oil in their system along with other stuff in their system. Most have not failed when its’ just CBD oil alone. However, like everything, there are exceptions to that as well.

Are They Addictive?

When a person abuses a dosage of any kind of medicine it means that they have some kind of addiction to it. Deciding to take gummies, chews or hard candies for a condition should be done in a responsible manner. It’s not hard to understand how gummies could get abused though. For one, they do look like candy and taste good. It’s almost like you need to either put them in a more prescription looking type bottle so it reminds you that its not candy. Whatever you come up with, you don’t want to get in the bad habit of just popping them every 10 minutes. People who are candy lovers should take serious note of this and have discipline when ingesting these. Like any medication, it’s possible we can develop an addiction. However, you can combat those urges if you put these gummies, chews or hard candies into a perspective in your mind.

Is This for Me?

Gummies, chews or hard candies may simply not be for you at all. Again, just because your friend loves them doesn’t mean you will too. Further, not all dosages are the same when you decide to take them. Some people may require a stronger dose to even begin to feel a change. People who are highly stressed out should still seek medical advice. One because you are so eager to find a fix to your problem you might find yourself overindulging. The gummies, chew or hard candy may even be a short term experience. One may take the acquired dosage and only feel relief for a short period of time. You might ingest gummies and are convinced they are working when they really aren’t. Learn about the different brands that are out there. Take the time to do comparisons. The goal is to find the ones that are using the entire plant and have gone through a round of lab tests. It begins with a dosage of ten milligrams, but again, everyone is different and may need more.


Overall, when deciding to take gummies, hard candy or chews that have CBD oil, consult a doctor before ingesting. Find the right medical professional that has the adequate knowledge to lead you on the right path. Don’t just blindly take the CBD edibles without knowing what you are getting into. Research the brands on the market. Use the internet and read all reviews. This can bring you up to speed on what other people are experiencing when ingesting gummies. Nowadays people seem to want to share their entire life experiences online, so you may get lucky to read someone’s blog about their personal journey in taking gum.