CBD Water

CBD Water – The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

As recreational use of cannabis becomes more and more mainstream, gaining support after being legalized in several states, the many ways in which to consume it are expanding as well. While smoking may be the most well-known way to experience cannabis, people are now coming up with creative ways to eat, vape, and even drink it. That’s right, drinking cannabis is now a thing, and it’s all thanks to something called CBD water.

What is CBD Water?

To understand CBD infused water, you first have to understand cannabidiol. This substance is one of 113 substances known as cannabinoids that have been identified in the cannabis plant and is typically extracted into the form of an oil. This process has been refined in order to produce water that contains CBD, creating a new product for people to enjoy where it is legal.

Can CBD Infused Water Get You High?

Now for the million dollar question: Can you get high off of CBD. The answer is a surprising “no.” Despite making up 40% of the extract of the cannabis plant, CBD is not the chemical that gets a person high. That’s actually the chemical THC, which you’ve probably heard about. In fact, CBD is most often extracted from hemp rather than marijuana due to the higher CBD content, and lower THC content. This makes it easier to process for use in CBD infused water, and other products, including those with medicinal uses.

Drinking CBD Infused Water for Health Benefits

If water with CBD doesn’t get you high, then what’s the point? The answer is actually very simple and has to do with the health benefits associated with CBD. While the substance is known to have properties that can be used to treat certain kinds of epilepsy in childhood and can help with other neurological disorders, that typically isn’t why it is used for recreational purposes. Instead, recreational users are into CBD infused water for dealing with everyday issues such as:

  • Sleeplessness
  • Anxiety
  • Inflammation
  • Headaches
  • Stress

Other Uses for CBD Infused Water

In addition to helping with rather mundane issues like stress and anxiety, Water containing CBD has also been taken to help with symptoms of psychosis, PTSD, depression, and other neurological and psychological issues. In a way, this does make it similar to THC in effect, but not in how it is actually processed, and used by the body. This has led to confusion between the two, with many inaccurately stating that CBD and THC are practically the same things. Just to be clear, CBD does not possess the same psychoactive properties as TCH.

Does Water With CBD Really Work?

This would be a good time to mention that there have not been enough clinical trials to prove that CBD infused water, or any other form of CBD for that matter, is an actual substance that can help with psychosis, PTSD, and the other mentioned psychological disorders. However, CBD has been approved by the FDA as a treatment for two kinds of epileptic disorders. It should also be mentioned that supplements, in general, are not reviewed by the FDA, so it isn’t unusual that CBD infused water and related products aren’t approved as they haven’t been adequately studied.

What People Are Saying About CBD Infused Water

Despite the limited nature of the clinical trials and studies concerning the effectiveness of water containing CBD, many people still vouch for its medicinal properties with many claiming that it helps significantly with a variety of psychological issues such as stress and anxiety. As with any other supplement, a person’s experience may vary, depending on a variety of factors. In most cases taking it slow is a great way to see how your body reacts to the substance, and give you time to decide whether or not CBD infused water is for you.

How Often Should You Take Water With CBD?

Speaking of taking things slow, let’s go over how often, and how much, CBD infused water should be taken. If you’re drinking it without the intent to attempt to treat any kind of medical issues, psychological or otherwise, then drinking 10 to 25mg per day is a good bet. On the other hand, if you are taking water with CBD to try and treat a medical condition, then 2-10mg per kilogram of your body’s total weight is what’s recommended. Regardless, it is always best to consult with a doctor before taking any kind of supplement, just to be on the safe side.

Is CBD Infused Water Safe?

This leads us to another important question. Is it safe to drink water with CBD, or take CBD products in general? This question is relatively easy to answer, yet complex to explain due to the fact that relatively little research has been done on the matter. While CBD oil itself has been tested in actual labs, giving us a better understanding of the substance, and the effects on the human body, CBD infused waster hasn’t. The main issue here is that water with CBD is made using relatively new nanotechnology which hasn’t been fully explored just yet.

Made with Quantum Physics

As previously mentioned, water with CBD is made using state-of-the-art nanotechnology. Basically, the process comes down to using quantum physics to break down the CBD particles into super small nanoparticles which are able to integrate with water much easier. While this does have the beneficial effect of being able to be absorbed by the body much easier than larger particles made using older methods, there are a few issues that have caused some to question whether or not this is a good idea.

What You Should Know About Nanoparticles

So the big concern with CBD infused water is the fact that it contains Nanoparticles. What’s the big deal? You see, the thing about nanoparticles is that they are capable of bypassing some of the body’s cellular defenses. This is because they are so small, they just slip right through the molecules. Is this a problem? Probably not, at least according to our current understanding of how CBD works, and its effects on the body.

The World Health Organization Weighs In

While CBD infused water hasn’t been studied by the WHO, CBD in general has. In fact, it has been described by the World Health Organization as “generally well tolerated with a good safety profile,” and also stating that CBD causes “no public health problems.” What we can take from this is that even in the form of nanoparticles, CBD infused water is unlikely to cause harm.

Other Opinions

In addition to the almighty WHO, others have expressed their opinions on the water with CBD, including well-known publisher Forbes. In one such article, it describes CBD infused water as “capitalism at its phoniest,” taking issue with the fact that CBD can become unstable in bright sunlight, and the fact that many bottles would have to be consumed to gain benefits capable of attempting to treat health issues. However, it was also suggested that simply selling the product in dark bottles, or keeping it in the dark could help preserve its potency.

The Complex Legality Of CBD Infused Water

Let’s be clear about one thing, it is unlikely for a cop to roll up and bust you if you’re drinking a bottle of CBD infused water, but even so, it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the laws concerning substances such as this. Unfortunately, answering this question is not a simple matter. While CBD was legalized on a national level in 2018, some states still have laws concerning its possession and use. This, of course, applies to water containing CBD. Your best bet is to read up on the laws concerning CBD in your state to be on the safe side.

CBD Infused Water And Drug Tests

While being busted for possession is one thing, there is another issue with CBD infused water that you should be thinking about as well: failing a drug test. While drug tests are the bane of any marijuana user’s existence, they are not an issue for CBD, and this includes CBD infused water. This is because the levels of THC, if any, will be so low that they are practically nonexistent, and won’t show up on drug tests. Let’s be clear though, this certainty only applies to store-bought CBD infused the water. If you’re purchasing bootleg made-at-home water with CBD, there is no telling how high the THC content might be, so keep that in mind.

Store Bought vs Bootleg CBD Infused Water

The general consensus about water with CBD is that it is safe to consume, even with the nanotechnology. However, this does not apply to homemade CBD infused the water. Unless you’re making it yourself, it can be hard, if not impossible to know what was put in it. It could contain higher levels of THC, it could even contain trace amounts of other drugs and/or illegal substances. It is for this reason that we can only recommend purchasing water with CBD from reputable companies. And if you decide to try making it yourself, be very careful, and make sure you know what you’re doing first. Using yourself, or your friends and family, as lab rats for your own CBD infused water experiments is obviously a bad idea.

Buying CBD Infused Water Stocks

Since commercialized water containing CBD is the way to go, you may be thinking of purchasing stocks in this industry. Is it a good idea? As of right now, there are two major stocks to watch according to MarketWatch.

The main thing to take into consideration when thinking about purchasing stocks based off of CBD infused water are the fact that it is rapidly growing in popularity, and the fact that there are some who still try and present it as “dangerous” due to it’s semi-untested nature. Which of these forces will have a greater impact on the market is unclear at this time, but if you feel confident that water with CBD will continue to grow in popularity, now is as good a time as any to get in on it.

The Future of CBD Infused Water

Though it is a relatively new phenomenon, water containing CBD is gaining in popularity as we just mentioned. What this means is that it should be expected for it to be sold in a greater variety of locations in the future, allowing people to have easier access to it. This, of course, includes states who currently regulate it more strictly than others. As more becomes known about CBD infused water, and how the nanoparticles work, it is likely that these restrictions will be eased, if not abolished completely. This is especially true if lawmakers fall under the sway of those who have a lot to gain by selling CBD infused the water.

How to Get CBD Infused Water

If you’re looking to try CBD infused water to see if it’s for you, you have several options available to you. If you live in a state that has little to no restrictions on it, there are likely stores that sell it in your area. But even if this isn’t the case, it can be easier and more convenient to just get it online. There are many online retailers that can provide you with CBD water provided you live in an area where it is legal.