CBD Vs THC Review

CBD Vs THC Review with Proven Best Details for Users

After decades of marijuana probation in America, cannabis is making a big comeback with dozens of states legalizing it for medical or recreational purposes; while CBD healing products are legal in all 50 states, say federal government officials. In fact, there are many ways and means to use marijuana or cannabis; while THC and CBD affect people differently. As with other natural healing plants, pot effects people in many ways; including how it is taken, how potent it is and the individual’s experience with these dried leaves and flowers of the famed marijuana or cannabis plant.

Thus, there is now a CBD vs THC debate going on today with many fans of marijuana liking THC or CBD containing health products for various good reasons. For instance, CBD and THC concentrate, extracts and smoking oils for something dubbed as “dabbing.” “There is a lot to consider when choosing what type of the cannabis plant one needs for its health benefits,” explained a legal marijuana dispensary owner when sharing comments on a trending social networking platform. The pot shop owner asserted that “marijuana” is medicine and he divides the plant into THC “for head use,” and CBD “for mind, body and healing” purposes.

CBD vs THC Debate Explained

For those who wonder if CBD is safe, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) features a web page at https://www.cdc.gov/marijuana/faqs.htm that offers a user-friendly question and answer section that references the positive health effects of medical and non-medical cannabis use; while Cannabinoids are “known for its healing,” states the CDC fact sheet that also asserts how CBD products are “not mind-altering” as compounds like tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.

Doctors recommending CBD “medicine”

People have used the dried buds and leaves of the cannabis plant for centuries say health science experts at the famed Mayo Clinic; while it’s online website at https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/cbd/ details how CBD “has no THC in it, and you don’t get high,” while cannabis with THC is the stuff that gets you in that zone old Sixties “hippies talk about.” For instance, after trying all sorts of drugs, many old hippies turned “Baby Boomers” are back to using pot but with such things as sublingual CBD products created from the pot plant but with zero THC in it to alter one’s perception. “I use THC cannabis flower when I want to you know, ‘get high,’ but mostly I now use CBD because it reduces my painful muscles and it has a nice calming effect on me as an old man,” added the “hippie” sharing views online.

CBD vs THC for good results

The great thing about CBD products is being legal in all of America’s 50 states for direct retail purchase or via online shopping for a wide range of top-rated CBD-infused hemp oil products; while CBD made from cannabis buds and flower is restricted under the nation’s Controlled Substances Act. Legal CBD extracted from industrial hemp plants is legal because federal government officials explain how “THC contains cannabidiol that is not present in industrial hemp seed and cannot be extracted from cannabis leaves and flower as active THC.

According to the CDC’s overview about THC vs CBD, the main differences include:

  • Only the cannabis plant contains THC.
  • According to medical professionals and users, CBD products do not affect the human mind in the same ways as the so-called “high” in THC cannabis plants and any mind-altering products made cannabis THC buds or flower.
  • It is proven that CBD does not affect the human mind in the same way as THC; while CBD is still an essential chemical found in the cannabis plant. “The big difference is CBD from the cannabis plant will never get you high, while THC from that same cannabis plant does give a mind-altering ‘high’ that users claim,” said a longtime nurse commenting online. The nurse said CBD is found in both industrial hemp and cannabis plants; while THC only comes from pot plants.

In general, there are many good reasons to choose THC cannabis over CBD cannabis products if the intent is to “alter one’s mind,” while CBD is more a therapeutic choice for such things as easing stress or pain.

Tetrahydrocannabionol or THC trending in 2019

There is a lot of good hard health-related data on numerous health websites about “THC” being active in psychoactive cannabis plants where “CBD” is also taken but without the worry of getting high. Simply put there are two very big differences between THC and CBD that users should know and understand, say health professionals. “We know that cannabis contains THC that, from the medical point of view, is called 9-tetrahydrocannabinol or delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol,” states a CDC fact sheet; while also explaining how the main psychoactive ingredient in the pot plant, and why people smoke or use THC products, is to “alter consciousness along the same reasons why human beings use drugs and alcohol.” THC is known to stop the pain, drive appetite and even reduce nausea in cancer patients. THC is the most recognized “cannabinoid,” while CBD comes in second, say pot experts selling legal cannabis products here in Oregon, California and other states.

Cannabidiol or CBD Trending in 2019

A medical school textbook lists cannabidiol or “CDC” as real medicine taken from both the hemp and cannabis plant. Because CBD is considered as a non-psychotropic, it is recommended for children and seniors suffering from conditions that could benefit from the healing benefits of CBD. However, this is not the case with THC that directly alters the human brain mood and consciousness. At the same time, CBD has proven medical benefits when it comes to easing anxiety, pain, inflammation, psychosis, nausea, seizure, muscle pains without the “high” or psychoactive effects of THC.

People like THC over CBD and CBD over THC

There is a growing trend among natural health fans about the benefits of THC over CBD when it comes to such things as stress, pain and mood altering. The camp that prefers THC cannabis “bud” and products say they enjoy the “high” of the THC and that’s part and parcel of why they use pot in the first place. They also say THC “pot” is better if you are “in deep mental distress” because THC has the ability or chemical properties to open “the doors of perception.” Still, there are many others who prefer CBD because they do not want to “open those mind doors” because getting THC high gets them nervous or even more stressed because THC causes the heart to beat a bit more and to even crave all sorts of foods via the THC “munchies.”

At the same time, there are now devote CBD users who claim they get a nice “walk in the park” kind of buzz that is not a high so much as peace of mind when taking CBD products as directed. “I found that a small amount of CBD oil in my smoothie helped with my aches and pains; while I also use CBD products for sleeping purposes because CBD has the power to help get me started in the morning and to bed and deep restful sleep in the evening,” explained a longtime CBD user online. The CBD fan also said she uses THC cannabis from time to time “to help get the edge off,” but prefers CBD because “I don’t like to get high 24/7 and CBD gives me the option of just getting healed and straight.

CBD and THC Used in Mental Health Treatment

The great thing about using both THC and CBD “benefits” from the cannabis plant is “one gives you nice natural healing and the other gives your brain a break. I say the nice natural feeling of CBD cannot be dismissed today in this time of stress in society,” explained a doctor sharing views online. The doctor then gave his opinion on THC as being “the other part of the cannabis plant that does a good job of giving your brain or mind a sort of time out via the buzz high that users report.” The doctor went on to say that more and more of his patients are opting for CBD and THC “medicine” instead of the usual “white meds” because, the doctor thinks, “the patient considers the white med as toxic and CBD and THC are both proven to be non-toxic and safe to use at any age.”

Getting the Best CBD and THC Medicine

At the end of the day, there are many types or brands or even “clever names” for CBD and THC products sold online and legally in selected states where cannabis is either legal for recreational use or for medical purposes. The “great thing about being alive in 2019 is this open door access online and in shops to purchase what I view as one of the natural health benefits of the famed cannabis plant,” said a longtime nurse sharing her views on why she now helps people decide if they should use THC cannabis or CBD cannabis. “I tell them there are many pros and cons to the use of either of this cannabis wonders, but it is up to them at the end of the day because I always thought it best to be your own doctor when it comes to things like choosing between THC and CBD because only you, the patient, know your own mind and body and both of these natural plant products for health impact the mind and body in a very real and powerful way.”

THC and CBD for Life

There are many seniors who say they will use their cannabis or hemp plant CBD products for life because it works wonders for them. However, there are different views about using THC in the same way as CBD because these seniors, sharing views and comments online, say they prefer CBD for day-to-day health maintenance and only THC for “those special times when the mind needs that bit extra THC medicine to help calm it.” Moreover, the seniors interviewed in various studies to determine if CBD or THC is better to say, “the verdict on if CBD or THC is better because each of these natural plant compounds turned into high-tech medicine and healing products today, are as different as the people who use them. “What I’m saying is I use THC differently than my buddy who prefers his daily dose of CBD.

It’s not bad or good because we each have different reasons for choosing THC today over CBD,” explains a senior named Frank who said he was concerned about using either THC or CBD at first because of the “high pot stigma,” and that hippies and others used pot to “escape from life.”

The old man said: “I don’t use THC or CBD cannabis products to escape from anything but my daily aches and pains; while my wife uses CBD for her stress.” He also said that many seniors welcome the use of cannabis legally because they recall back in the early 19th and 20th century when cannabis health products were legal; while now they are pleased that pot is legal again in some states for medical and recreational purposes. “Life is difficult enough already without hassling people who need this cannabis medicine for healing that doesn’t stop them as do the legal white meds that often cause more pain than good, and so CBD and THC cannabis is a good thing today.”

Overall, there has never been a better time to choose either the health benefits of THC or CBD because there are many practical options today in dozens of states that have made cannabis legal; while many other states allow THC use for medical purposes. At the same time, the good news is the healing benefits of CBD.