How CBD Oil reduces Autism

CBD Oil For Autism Shines The Light & Eliminates Darkness

1 in 59 children are diagnosed with Autism, causing a growing need for reliable treatment options to be discovered and implemented. It comes as no surprise that CBD Oil has stepped onto the scene helping autistic children win their battle with this growing condition. One question remains for many parents though, with it being so new, how deep has it been investigated? This is one of the many questions that will be answered here today to shed some much-needed light on the subject.

One of the best demonstrations of its need within the Autistic community is none other than the group formed by mothers of autistic children who saw positive results from using it. They’re working day in and day out to change the laws nationwide to where parents can legally use CBD Oil for their children who have autism. We’re talking about none other than the renowned MAMMA Group who aims to reform Autism treatment as we know it. So far, it has helped many mothers navigate legal complexities.

One of the biggest concerns today is the fact that a limited amount of studies have been done on it in order to prove its effectiveness. Sure, you’ve got this commentary published in Global Pediatric Health that highlights its potential, but it also mentions that there needs to be further studies done to scientifically prove it. Of course, these are the speed bumps we always see with new treatments.

What is CBD Oil?

What started off as a natural painkiller, and the black sheep of the world, is now proving to be helpful in alleviating issues seen with disorders such as ADHD, Autism, and Depression. As it becomes more widely used, it’s becoming clearer that a natural solution to life’s most common problems has been under our nose the whole time. Often being a fragrance at your local rock concert but ignored by the government.

We’re still in the early days of CBD Oil, so it’s not completely up to the standards of the world just yet. However, it is quickly making progress in lengths that come off as surprising to many. It has attracted its naysayers just as it has for many years, but they’re starting to have no other choice but to sit down and be quite as they continue to be proven wrong day in and day out.

How CBD Oil Works

Cannabidiol works by entering the blood stream and hitting your brain directly. What this does is it interacts with your Cannabinoid Receptors, which in turn produces a positive effect to pain, mental state, and one’soverall mood. Hence why it’s commonly targeting those who need an effective mental treatment that comes without the harmful side effects found in many prescription medications.

There’s a reason to not rule CBD Oil out completely and many legislative authorities already understand this fully, hence why it’s forthcoming and not put on hold. According to BAS Research and other sources (which are listed below in their respective category) it has been proven that CBD Oil works as:

1. Antiemetic

A previous study shows promising results that CBD Oil can be used to alleviate nausea and vomiting. The only holdback here seems to be further studies to reveal whether any significant side effects come from this form of treatment. However, it does to be safer than other options.

2. Anticonvulsant

It has been discovered that with Phenobarbital it acts as a potent anticonvulsant. This was discovered during a series of audiogenic and electroshock tests. It would be safe to say that this will be a continue point of interest among professionals in this field.

3. Antipsychotic

What encouraged research into whether CBD Oil can work as an antipsychotic, was the fact that it has similar traits as other antipsychotics on the market. For those who are curious, this was based off its pharmacological profile. Since it’s still in the early stages of research, direct evidence hasn’t been compiled but it’s going to be produced sooner than later.

4. Anti-Inflammatory

CBD Oil has proven itself to work as an anti-inflammatory as well as reduce the effects of certain disease, especially when used for pain management. Further research into chronic inflammatory has been spawn thanks to this research as well.

5. Ant-Oxidant

When oxidation occurs, it could harm the human body greatly which is why anti-oxidants have become an important staple of the world. One of the most common conditions it is known to lead to is Parkinson’s Disease which is also where CBD has gained a lot of attention as well when it comes to the diseases that it can help with. Many studies, including one done by the International Brain Research Organization have supported CBD Oil as an Anti-Oxidant.

6. Anti-Tumoral/Anti-Cancer

This is actually one of the most talked about subjects in the world of CBD Oil. This is because in the earliest days, it provided a solid foundation for the argument that it should be legal to help further medical treatments. As you can see via the research studies listed here on Project CBD, it is also one of the main focuses of researching CBD Oil for medical usage.

7. Anxiolytic/Anti-Depressant

As it has been seen in human CBD Oil studies, it is effective for treating Anxiety. It couldn’t come at a better time, as we have seen many harmful anxiety medications taken off the market due to the harm that they have been known to cause patients.

Using CBD Oil For Autism and ADHD

The best way for you to clearly see the state of CBD Oil research is by comparing its progress with Autism with its progress for ADHD. In a study, it is shown that 80% of children with Autism saw relief when using CBD Oil. However, with ADHD it continues to only be claims that it can help, simply because research hasn’t been done in its entirety to prove whether or not the claims are true.


Will CBD Oil Be Used Regularly For Treatment?

This is something that is open for debate, and it is the subject among many today. It’s seeing an increase in usage for medical use regardless, and many laws have already been reformed thanks to that. If it wasn’t for the wonderful advocates out there fighting for this, it wouldn’t even be possible.

Thankfully we have united for what we believe to be good for everyone. And the current results of studies have inspired further research. We’re even seeing CBD Oil experience some groundbreaking moments in recent days, and it shall continue for days to come as well. Many want to prove the black sheep of the family did no wrong, and they’re not stopping until it’s all out on the table.

When it comes down to the point of the matter, it will be advised by medical professionals cautiously, as many don’t want to risk any liability until the clarity finally comes to light officially. The growth will be smaller in comparison to what it could be, but it will be consistent.

Finding The Best CBD For Autism

When you go out to find the best CBD oil, it’s important that you take your time and verify whether it’s a reliable product. One way to do this is to check its track record via consumer reviews as well as reviews by experts within the industry. Once you’ve done that, it’s wise to look over the lab reports and other clinical research that backs the claims.

If you’re unable to find any valid medical or scientific studies on the CBD oil you’re considering, the best route to take would be to seek out another product. There are too many out there for you to take the risk on CBD oil that hasn’t proven its worth within the industry. Both documented results and its history among those who have used it in the past will tell you everything that you need to know.

The Legal State Of CBD Oil

It’s one of the most controversial subjects in America today. Whether cannabis, CBD oil, and hemp is good for society or not. It’s a battle that has led to many journeys and research studies to help answer this question and validate the claims that have been put out there over the years. Moments in time that will be in the history books of schools for generations to come.

Child Protective Services Do More Harm Than Good

Both advocates and parents try to shine light on agencies like California Child Protective Services when events occur that seems to violate the rights of both children and parents. One of the touchiest subjects is whether it’s legally feasible to treat kids with CBD oil. This led to one of the biggest controversies of the day, which we’ll cover in the next section.

It seemed just like any other day in Orange County, California. The family was sitting around enjoying The Emoji Movie when they were alerted to a loud bang on the door. It was the local police, and soon a father would be in handcuffs while his daughter was taken to a local hospital. However, she was fine, and there was nothing medically wrong with her except the Epilepsy her parents treated with CBD oil.

This was the result of professionals in the world of child welfare not agreeing with the fact that CBD oil was a safe form of treatment for Epilepsy and other disorders. Mainly because of the legal controversy surrounding it, with federal regulations not embracing it while local regulations said that it was perfectly find and has been for many medical conditions for over 20 years. People will only understand what they allow themselves to, and they’ll do anything to put a fork in the tires of progress. This was proof.

Since this event where local authorities were out of line, a $1,000,000 claim against Costa Mesa has been filed by the parents. Their daughter has returned home to bring back together a family broken by the force of the government. And a lesson is learned when it comes to how we’re treated as citizens.

However, This doesn’t Mean That Eyes Haven’t Been Opened.

Thankfully, the event like the one that was just covered is becoming more uncommon as each day passes. In fact, at the end of last year, the Hemp Bill is opening up even more doors of legalization. A way that the federal government can touch on an issue of national importance ignored for too long.

Since its passage, we have seen different government agencies come together to devise a plan to use both THC and CBD Oil as forms of treatment for certain conditions. This is the first and biggest hurdle one must overcome. It seems after this comes legalization for medical usage, with recreational usage falling into place shortly thereafter. This is because it has no problem showing its abilities.

A Growing Footprint, CBD Oil is Growing Where It’s Legally Welcome.

When it comes to using CBD oil for autism specifically, it’s only a couple of states that have listed it in their laws specifically. However, with the recommendation of a physician, CBD oil with low THC content can be used in states such as California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Washington regardless of whether the condition is listed within the state’s guidelines.

We’re starting to see rapid growth when it comes to cannabis-derived cannabinoid oil, and the legality of hemp-derived CBD oil is seeing even more places where it has become legally accepted. We’re living days that are going to be looked at as some of the most memorable ones in history. Days that are redefining laws across the country as we’re finally allowed to evolve once and for all.

The Future Of CBD Oil For Medical Use

Taking the current state into consideration and evaluating the current progress, it’s safe to say the future is far from dark when it comes to using CBD oil for autism and other conditions found among children today. We’re more about safer alternatives to harmful pharmaceuticals and it’s showing.