How CBD Oil Effects Patients with ADHD

Medicinal properties of CBD hemp oil are very expressive, since it contains the greatest amount of active ingredients of all vegetable oils. Thus, the beneficial properties to health can not be overstated.

Due to the presence of essential amino acids the product is universally applicable, has a number of positive effects on the body as a medicine, preventive and support means, and even promotes healthy weight loss.

Composition of CBD Oil (Cannabidiol)

Nutritional value and chemical composition of hemp oil are worth special attention. These factors provide fertile properties and used in folk medicine.

1. Energy Value (100 g):

  • KJ – 2373;
  • kcal – 565.

2. Nutritional Value (g / 100g):

  • protein – 36;
  • carbohydrates – 8.5;
  • fat – 45.5;
  • fiber – 5.

3. Minerals (mg / 100 g):

  • iron – 12;
  • Zinc – 11;
  • calcium – 135;
  • Sodium – 13.5;
  • Magnesium – 490;
  • omega-3 – 9;
  • omega-6 – 30;
  • omega-9 – 7;
  • phosphorus – 100;
  • potassium – 840;
  • manganese – 10.

4. Vitamins (mg / 100 g):

  • E – 70;
  • A – 6 MU;
  • B6 – 0.3;
  • B1 – 1,8;
  • C – 2.

With respect to the therapeutic properties and the content of important substances, it has much in common with linseed. But what is better – hempseed oil or linseed? Both of them have a truly miraculous effect on the body. One of the main uses main reasons for the application of either of them is depends on personal preference is the ADHD.

What is ADD / ADHD?

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), a neurological disorder, may greatly complicate the daily lives of those affected if left untreated.Those affected usually experience the disorder during early childhood, and the risk of ADHD in 6 to 12-year – old boys is 66 percent higher than girls.

Some ADHD behavior is best described as unusual, restless and impulsive. It is usually difficult for a person with ADHD to focus and recognize their behavior in social settings. Although poor education was originally considered a major component of this behavior, psychologists now recognize that the disease can combine environmental, genetic and potentially viral causes.

Symptoms of ADHD

ADHD symptoms usually resolve out before the age of 6 years and can persist into adulthood. The symptoms can impact in different ways on those affected.

ADHD treatment uses both psycho- and behavioral solutions, which usually include some form of drug. Ritalin (methylphenidate) is the most commonly used medicine, mainly to boost patient norepinephrine and dopamine levels.

Ritalin is mostly a stimulant that can greatly improve the ability to focus. It is normal for those who take Ritalin to express increased “vitality,” but also insomnia.

1. Difficulty Paying Attention :

  • a short attention span
  • Difficulty concentrating during long tasks
  • Difficulties in receiving instructions
  • forgetfulness

2. Hyperactivity and Impulsivity :

  • Constant “fidgeting”
  • Strong urge to speak
  • Difficulty concentrating

Treatment of ADHD with Cannabinoids

Although there are many different types of prescription drugs and behavioral therapies for people with ADHD, research has found that one of the best ways of treating the disease is to target the endocannabinoid system.

One study, which was carried out in rats, has shown that those who showed symptoms of impulsivity, had a low density in their CB1 receptors. This suggests that an increase in the consumption of cannabinoids, actually reduce the intensity of the outbreak of impulsivity in ADHD patients could.

The Endocannabinoid System and ADD / ADHD

The role of endocannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors is used for the developmental of children’s cognitive and psychomotor skills.

The role of the endocannabinoid anandamide is important for the development of the fetal brain and central nervous system and it is therefore suspected that prenatal damage is one of the main factors for the increase of ADHD symptoms in children.

The endocannabinoid system is instrumental in balancing curiosity and behavior against inhibition, allowing people to take unfavorable risks without thinking. This balancing disorder is often seen as a key indicator of ADHD.

Most studies of ADHD have been conducted in children, which is why the effects of the disorder in adults are still somewhat unknown. This means that it is difficult in therapy to find suitable means for treatment.

However, last year, a study was conducted, which aimed to test the effects of cannabinoids in adults with ADHD. The participants (a group of adults with ADHD who were not treated medically) were randomized. One half of the patients received Sativex (a cannabinoid treatment) and the other half got a placebo. The aim of the research was to examine the cognitive performance, the activity, the behavior level and the emotional instability of the participants. The results of this study showed that there was a significant difference in hyperactivity and inattention, and emotional lability in the active group.

In addition, the researchers found that Sativex had no negative effects on the cognitive abilities of the patient. This has many people, due to the frequently established connection between cannabis and cognitive decline, surprised. The researchers speculated that the improvements in impulsivity could be due to the anxiolytic effects of CBD and THC, In addition, the relaxing effects that are caused by the cannabinoids could have been the reason for the decline typical of the attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder behaviors.

There are other psychological conditions that can occur in addition to ADHD. These include depression, anxiety and sleep disorders. It is believed that the use of cannabinoids in the treatment of these conditions may be helpful.

For conditions of this nature, prescription drugs seemed to be the only option currently. However, through use of these prescription drugs unpleasant side effects may occur. In contrast, while using cannabinoids there are no side effects. Cannabinoids are taken as a natural substance from the plant and they are able to help people around the world.

How Can You Use CBD Oil For ADHD?

In the previous sections, it was noted that the endocannabinoid system is instrumental in the development of ADHD. Cannabinoids can help to stabilize the system, as they can address all weaknesses with the help of substances such as CBD oil for ADHD.

Nationally, ADHD patients can attest to cannabis – related products that effectively reduce internal unrest and other symptoms associated with the disorder. In fact, sources at Cannabis News confirm, Dr. Edward M. Hallowell, a psychiatrist who wrote many books on disorder, says that Marijuana is “a godsend” for people suffering with A.D.H.D.

 Dopamine deficiency, which is often linked with ADD / ADHD, may also be negated by CBD oil for ADHD. Many studies suggest that dopamine production in the brain can be influenced by cannabinoids.

CBD can help to reduce the negative side effects of Ritalin and Adderral, stimulants often prescribed for ADHD patients. CBD can also stop patients from relaxing during bedtime, instead of feeling too full of energy before sleep.

Low blood concentrations of Omega-3 fatty acid is evident in ADHD patient studies which leads to impulsive behavour. Also, long – term use of the Omega-3 fatty acids has demonstrated its ability minimize questionable behavior, effectively promoting conventional treatment of ADHD.

Medicinal Properties

Set below shows the most popular medical uses of CBD Oil

  1. The green color is due to the content of a large amount of chlorophyll, known for its anti-cancer, anti-bacterial and anti-edema effects.
  2. We are talking about a powerful and effective natural aids for the prevention or treatment of many diseases of civilization – of this property should be due to the unique composition and a balanced ratio of polyunsaturated fatty acids.
  3. Strong anti-inflammatory effect.
  4. Antifungal qualities.
  5. Help in the treatment of cardiovascular disease and arrhythmias.
  6. Prevention of atherosclerosis.
  7. The high efficiency in the treatment of atopic eczema, psoriasis and acne.
  8. Support for the treatment of inflammatory, allergic and mycotic skin diseases or inflammatory and fungal diseases of the digestive tract.
  9. Significant help in reducing weight – the use of “green gold” is to promote the proper regulation of fat storage and degradation of unwanted fat.
  10. Stimulation of the nervous system and preventing neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer or Parkinson.
  11. Promoting hormonal balance, especially during menopause.
  12. Regenerative effects.
  13. Strengthening the immune system.
  14. Blocking allergic and autoimmune reactions.
  15. Lowering Cholesterol – this effect is caused by the presence of phytosterols in the oil of hemp seeds, which have an active effect on cholesterol levels and may adjust the parameters.
  16. Improving the condition of diabetes.

You may experience some Cosmetic benefits of CBD In addition to using seed / hemp oil for ADHD.  

Help with weight loss:The list of what hemp oil can do for everyday care includes weight loss. Thanks to the beneficial effects of hemp oil, the body becomes healthier, the metabolism is also accelerated. As a result, it stabilizes the transportation and preventing the formation of internal fat. However, its application must be combined with a balanced diet, and a sufficient amount of exercise.

Skin Care: Polyunsaturated fatty acids are essential for the health and flexibility of cell membranes, they protect against viruses, fungi and bacteria. Clinical studies have shown their effectiveness in the treatment of many chronic inflammatory and allergic skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, lupus erythematosus, acne, and athlete’s foot.

CBD oil plays a key role in the treatment of skin diseases and getting rid of acne due to an exceptional combination of unsaturated GLA and ALA fatty acids. The effects of CBD oil can replace conventional products for the treatment of mild to severe skin conditions, but unlike the pharmaceutical solution to the problem, it can be used long-term without side effects.

For the treatment of skin problems (face and body) it is recommended to apply several drops of natural CBD oil on problematic areas. It’s also good to combine external use with an internal dosage of up to 1 spoon daily.

Hair Health:  Hair products containing Cannabidiol CBD, are ideal for dry hair, especially if its curly. For split ends use the following procedure each time after washing, apply a few drops on the ends and do not rinse.

Due to the effect of the anti-inflammatory healing liquid it can be also used in shampoos and tinctures that reduce symptoms of psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis in the scalp. Choose only pure product or cosmetic products that do not contain dyes, preservatives or fragrances.

Because CBD is ideal for sensitive skin, Using it as a hair mask will help to improve the condition of locks and scalp. You can use 100 ml of oil mixed with 1 tsp of lemon juice, apply it on the scalp and hair for 20 minutes, then wash as usual. Also do the mask at least 1 time per week.

A Variety of Benefits Come from Using CBD Oil

 Unlike other plant products, a CBD hemp oil cold press can be used for a long time, both externally and internally. It can be of great assistance to patients with ADD / ADHD. However, since most experiments were conducted on rodents, the effects are not yet clear. Despite this, the potential of CBD use in ADD / ADHD patients is still very impressive.

Indications also include prevention of degenerative diseases. CBD is proven to counteract bacteria, slow the effects of aging and regenerate the body, support heart function and blood circulation, speed up the healing of wounds and burns, reduce swelling, reduce the irritation of the skin, and also cures eczema and allergies. According to The New York Times, even Olivia Wilde praised CBD oil for recently helping to alleviate her aches and pains during her Broadway performances. You’re probably wondering where you can buy this miracle product. To answer your question, CBD purchases can be made in specialized online stores and conventional pharmacies across the Nation.

DISCLAIMER: Although many websites contain reports from patients who treat their symptoms with cannabis products, excessive use of CBD oil and other products is not recommended for specific diseases without a doctor’s instruction.