About Us

Newtreatments.org helps people keep them updated with modern research about herbal treatments. We occasionally publish contents about how herbs can be efficiently used for mental and physical health. We aim to provide the content on our website about Kratom, CBD, Moringa and other herbs. Each piece of content on our website is well researched, measured and published after reliable editorial process. Our Authors are focussing on writing contents which simple and easy to read. However, if you find something explainable, don’t hesitate to ask us. 

We have not only researched and published guides about using these herbs; We have also tested providers of these herbal products and published reviews. This will make easier for our readers to take the right decision before buying Kratom or CBD products online. We have covered almost all the mainstream Kratom & CBD vendors and still testing and writing reviews about other providers.


Our Team

We are a team of health care researchers, researching herbal and ancient treatments which have fewer side effects than synthetic medicines. Our Team of health care experts has the following popular health care specialists.

Brent Trott


Dr. Trott founded newtreatments.org in 2018. His previous experience as health care expert led and facilitated thousands of people to recover from chronic  mental and physical disease.  He is quite popular for his organic treatment.

Sherman Mellon

Research Associate

Mellon joined NewTreatments research team in Jan, 2019. He works as research associate at NewTreatments. His past experience in medicinal research helped NewTreatments publish modern research on herbal treatments.

Alicia Neville

Nutrition Conslutant

Mrs. Neville is Doctor of Medicine, however she preferred a nutrition career. She was able to help lot of people control their diet and help the streghten their immune system.

NewTreatments's Take on Herbal Treatment

There are several herbs which can help people recover fast from health issues. No, we are not taking them back to the stone age, however, we publish research about herbs and health issues which are backed by proven and modern research.

At NewTreatments, our main focus is on the Kratom, CBD (Marijuana), SARMs, Peptides, Moringa and several other magically herbs. These herbs not only help people to get pain relief, but these also help them get relief from anxiety, depression, sleep apnea, constipation, stomach issues, joint issues, cancer, and several other disastrous diseases.

CBD is the one which is now totally legal in the US since 2018. While Kratom is legal in several parts of the US and people can use them in different ways.

What are Our Findings?

During our research, we found these herbal medicines work like a holy grail. Especially, Kratom and CBD are becoming more popular these days. 

1. Kratom

Kratom is super active alkaloid found in a natural and organic form. Kratom can be consumed in the form of powder/capsules or sometime in the form of liquids. It helps people cure, muscular pain, anxiety, depression, sleep apnea while keeping the side effects very lower. Taking right Kratom dosage can help you boost your energy, elevate your mood as well as do as pain reliever for you.

2. CBD (Cannabidiol) 

CBD is getting more popularity since 2018 when it was declared legal in the US. The researchers found CBD in the Marijuana. The downside of Marijuana has THC which was sedative in nature. Scientists were able to lower the THC level in Marijuana to 3%. Now, the CBD is the best curing properties while keeping the sedative effects remarkably lower. We have published a CBD dosage guide to let you adjust the right dosage for you according to your body.

Our Recommendations

We do recommend use of Kratom and CBD when you are able to take the right dosage. These miraculous herbs can help you achieve magical benefits when used the correct dosage. Otherwise, it can cause minor side effects like Nausea, Stomach Pain or Sedation.