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  1. Promotions  
Breaking The Vicious Cycle - Chapter 1
Clostridium difficile - Pathogen or pest?
Clostridium Difficile and Older Adults: What Primary Care Providers Should Know
Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis ( R. Hoffman, M.D.)
Darmontsteking en darmvergiftiging veroorzaakt door antibiotica.
Does milk really look good on you?
Elemental diet is the preferred treatment in Japan ! : Mike's Flog :what does he eat day by day (SCD)
How Strange Our Diet Is !
Melk veroorzaakt allerlei ernstige ziekten
More Bowel Bacteria Found in Digestive Diseases
Neanderdun worden ? (BodyVitaal NL)
Order Breaking the Vicious Cycle
PH Balance and health
SCD Friends - The photo's of people who regained their health - Many, many recipes
The Goods, The Bads and the Uglies in our diet
The Healing Crow

  2. Medical Studies  
4 cases of ulcerative colitis treated successfully with an elemental diet.
Elemental diet also effective for Ulcerative colitis
Elemental diet in the management of Crohn's disease during pregnancy.
Errornous study: High-Fat Diets Trigger Changes in Brain Chemistry
In Vitro Utilization of *Starch* by Human Colonic Bacteria
Initial response of Crohn's disease treated with elemental diet or prednisolone.
LOTS of studies confirming the efficacy of the elemental diet for Crohn's
Medical Proof for efficacy of SCDiet (and comparable diets)
Remission following an elemental diet or prednisolone in Crohn's disease.
Ten years' experience with an elemental diet in the management of Crohn's disease.
The effect of elemental diet on intestinal permeability and inflammation in Crohn's disease.
Voedselovergevoeligheid en Crohn/Coltiis (bevestigt SCDiet)

  Background Studies  
Botanical List of Food Families
Crohn's disease gene identified
Detailed information on carbohydrates
Detailed information on digestive system
Dietary carbohydrate composition
Don't Drink Your Milk
Don't Drink your Milk (english)
Elisa Alergy Testing not accurate when on SCDiet
Hypoglycemia linked to IBD !
Prof. Kerkuts Scientific Pages
Stachyase and Raffinose in foods
The principle of evolutionary discordance.
  Effectiveness for other illnesses  
Hypoglycemia linked to IBD ! (correlation shown)
  Similar Treatments  
Low Carbohydrate Diet
An SCDiet testimonial in a US (print) Newspaper
SCD Testimonals on

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