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  1. Promotions  
1. The DMSO Story by Ed
2. Medical Studies proof the DMSO theory (updated !)
An article about DMSO.
David Gregg's Page about Crohn and DMSO
DMSO Healthnotes
Evaluating the antioxidant potential of new treatments
Information on DMSO by the Edelson Center
Information on Unconventional Therapies
MSM : DMSO After 20 years
Read all posts in the newsgroups
Solvents with Low Toxic Potential (by the EMEA)
What is all the DMSO controversy about ?
What’s the true story behind these compounds? Can they help - or hurt?

  2. Medical Studies  
A double blind medical study : Crohn+DMS
A double blind medical study : Crohn+DMSO (PubMed)
Studies performed with DMSO
Table of Studies on MSM & DMSO
Transferrin receptors+iron utiliz. in DMSO-inducible and -uninducible Friend erythroleukemia cells.

  Background Studies  
A study confirming the B12 deficiency in
A study of B12 (in Dutch)
Antioxidants are used by physicians but not prescribed
Antioxidants inhibit the production of inflammatory cytokines in Crohn's disease and UC.
Arthritis: De nieuwste behandelingen
Chemiluminescence assay of mucosal reactive oxygen metabolites in inflammatory bowel disease.
Hydroxyl radical scavengers inhibit TNF-alpha production in mononuclear cells
Inducibility of transferrin receptors on friend erythroleukemic cells.
Inflammation Mechanism and Iron
Iron supplementation may aggrevate inflammatory status of Colitis.
Lack of B12 slows down generation of red and WHITE BLOOD CELLS !
Nice Background Information on Crohn's Disease
Possible mechanism in inflammation diseases.
relationship of disease type and severity to clinical findings at the time of diagnosis in 166 cases
Rice, Wheat, and Green Tea is linked to UC
Severe chronic iron deficiency in a 17-year-old student
The Illnesses of Increasing Oxidative Stress
Ulcerative Colitis sufferers have 81% Iron deficiency vs. 39% with Crohns
  Effectiveness for other illnesses  
DMSO helps reversing Scleroderma
DMSO is also used for Lyme Disease
DMSO is also used for treating Interstitial Cystitis
Transdermal Secreting for treating Autism
  Similar Treatments  
Allopurinol for maintenance of Ulcerative Colitiis.
Antioxidants + Proflavanol !
Chelators for Iron Overload
Copper/Zinc Superoxide Dismutase also scavenges hydrogen peroxide
Deferiprone, For Thalassemia, Safer Than Previously Thought
Desferrioxamine: Effects of iron and iron chelation in vitro on mucosal oxidant activity in UC.
desferrioxamine: Oxygen free radicals and inflammatory diseases of intestines
Drug for Iron Overload Passes Major Safety Hurdle;
Flavanoids (found in green tea) play a role in intestinal repair
How does allopurinol prevent radical damage
Phase II trial of copper zinc superoxide dismutase (CuZnSOD) in treatment of Crohn's disease.
Role of copper zinc superoxide dismutase in the short-term treatment of colitis in rats.
Steroids inhibit secretion of free radicals !
Too Much of a Good Thing (Iron, that is)
Testimonials on David Gregg's Site
Don't Waste Your Money On These
Impossible Reactions, mass Hysteria and More
Liver function decreases when using DMSO
The Real Story of the DMSO Death !
Warning : DMSO
Warning: Do not use Oxygen mask when using DMSO
What can you tell me about the alternative treatment MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane) for allergies?

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