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  1. Promotions  
Alanine production increases when muscles contract
Cereal box more nourishing than the cereal itself!
Diabetes info by Dr Rath: Importance of Vitamin C
DoctorYourself: Diabetes and vitamins
Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution (online)
Glutamine: Not as safe as thought
Glutathione: Oral supplements not an option
Information on L-Glutamine by the Life Extension Foundation
Licorice and Hypoglycemia.. How to do it correctly ?
Lipoic Acid, an extremely potent and important antioxidant
Nice background information on Hypoglycemia
Panc Tea for hypoglycemia
Some (commercial) info on glutamine
Survive Hypoglycemia (and Neurosis)
The Link between IBD and insulin Resistance: TNF-alpha !
The optimal Diet from Poland to cure Diabetes I !
The Sugar Paradox - How it wears out the adrenals and pancreas : Latest Scientific Research on Supplements

  2. Medical Studies  
Alanine and terbutaline in treatment of hypoglycemia in IDDM
Alanine to prevent nocturnal hypoglycemia (xt'd report)
Glutamine and alanine metabolism in NIDDM.
Glycemic index List
High glycemic index starch promotes hypersecretion of insulin and higher body fat in rats.
Hyperinsulinaemia slows gastric emptying
HypoGlycemia Survey Homepage
Insulin Resistance: Lifestyle and Nutritional Interventions
Intestinal ills more common in diabetics
L-alanine as remedy for hypoglycemia
Lipoic Acid + Exercise improve glucose sensitivity
Parenteral glutamine infusion alters insulin-mediated glucose metabolism.
Plasma alanine and lactate concentrations following glucose ingestion in normal and NIDDM subjects.
Rat small intestine is an insulin-sensitive gluconeogenic organ.
Summary of medical studies on Glutamine
This study shows that glutamin can be absorbed when taken orally
Very nice study on low-carb diet for diabetics !

  Background Studies  
Alanine production increases when muscles contract
Information on the Extended Glucose Tolerance Test
Insulin and Glucagon Homepage
Muscle Metabolic Adaptations to Exercise
Understanding the Ketogenic Diet
  Effectiveness for other illnesses  
Effect of glutamine or glucagon-insulin enriched total parenteral nutrition on liver and gut
High fat diet decrease Magnesium absorption

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