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  1. Promotions  
Are We Overlooking the Obvious in Cancer Prevention ?
Coral Calcium to cure Cancer by neutralizing pH to 7.4 ?
David Gregg's Page about Cancer
Does a vegetarian diet contributed to cancer? Certainly the evidence points
Impact of low-carb and high-carb diet on cancer
In the News: High-starch diet causes cancer (in Dutch)
Interesting Hypothesis on Cancer and Ketosis
Ketogenic Diet for Cancer
Ketogenic Treatment of Cancer
One Answer to Cancer
The Cure for All Cancers, written by Hulda Clark
The Zone Cancer Diet (low-carb, pH control, organic raw meat)
Tumor Growth inhibited with ketogenic diet

  2. Medical Studies  
An extensive study of the results of Dr. Kelley
Glutaminase reduces tumor burden !
Glutamine is food for cancer.. Lowering Glutamine will decrease tumor volume
High rate of glutamine use is a characteristic of tumor cell

An Assessment of Orthodox Treatments of Cancer

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