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  1. Promotions  
Adrenal Gland
Captain David Williams testimonial
Chapter one of Chronic Fatigue Unmasked 2000
Chapter Two of Chronic Fatigue Unmasked 2000
Conversation of David Williams with the Italian inventor
Cordyceps sinensis increases corticosteroid production in adrenals
Core Level Adrenal product seems to boost adrenals
Core Level Adrenal product seems to boost adrenals (testimonial 2)
Gezondheid door Ontzuring bij Chronische Vermoeidheid
Ginkgo Biloba acts as nitric oxide synthasa inhibitor
Glucocorticoids - Cortisol
How to get immunity back from Th2 to Th1
Interesting studies and info on guaifenisin
Licorice ! How to use successfully for adrenal insufficiency
Licorice is somehow better absorbed when taken with milk
Licorice Promotion by David Williams
Licorice, information on from HealthWell
Marilyn J. Kerr's remission and How she did it
Melatonin and its precursors scavenge nitric oxide
Molybdenum used for treating candida
Quercetin, Coenzyme Q 10, and L -canavanine as protective agents against nitric oxide
Raw Paleodiet, cure for CFS and fibromyalgia
The effect of licorice on cortisol and aldosterone
The impact of low-cortisol / 21-hydroxylase on salt retaining and testosterone
Treating Fibromyalgia with gauifenesin
What causes stress ?
What happens to hemoglobin, hematocrit levels, etc

  2. Medical Studies  
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Decreased Exercise Capacity,
Ricardo Baschetti's article: What Causes Chronic Fatigue 1999

Testimonials of treating CFS with licorice

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